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biocontrol network scarecrow snake this inflatable 6 foot snake scares away birds rabbits and other garden pests that are attracted to fruits berries grapes and vegetables keep relocating the snake so the birds will not get used to it 2661 2661.12 natural enemy scarecrow snake natural enemy scarecrow snake 12/cs $8.50 $89.90 1-800-441-bugs allsopp vigilante helikite allows bird control where none was possible before it is a bird control system that works well over a long time because birds find it extremely difficult to overcome the innate terror of predatory hawks that helikites create 2636 2636.4 2636.10 2636.20 2637 2637.4 2637.10 2637.20 2636.1 2637.1 2638.5 2638.1 2638.2 2639.1 2639.2 2639.3 vigilante helikite vx vigilante helikite vx 4 vigilante helikite vx 10 vigilante helikite vx 20 lightweight helikite lightweight helikite 4 lightweight helikite 10 lightweight helikite 20 ripstop vigilante helikite sail ripstop lightweight helikite sail 32 lightweight helikite balloons 5/pkg 32 lightweight helikite balloons 10/pkg 32 lightweight helikite balloons 20/pkg helikite tail kit incl clips swivels etc helikite flying line 200 ft with handle helikite carbon-fiber spar $249.00 $209.00 $199.00 $190.00 $199.00 $189.00 $179.00 $174.00 $127.00 $60.00 $58.50 $107.80 $200.00 $16.50 $29.00 $29.50 gator guard life-sized floating replica of an alligator head 25 threatening inches long scares geese ducks fish-eating birds and small animals from the water areas they love without spoiling the look of your property 2459 2459.2 gator guard gator guard 2 $65.00 $61.50 due to the size and/or shape ships separately bird-x scare-eye balloon frightens birds away hang the 12 diameter scare-eye from trees or long poles to scare away flocks of nuisance birds who are repelled by its bright color and the unusual design maximum effectiveness is obtained by rotating 2630b 2630w 2630y 2630.6b 2630.6w 2630.6y 2630.6m 2630.12b 2630.12w 2630.12y 2630.12m scare-eye balloon black scare-eye balloon white scare-eye balloon yellow scare-eye balloon 6 black scare-eye balloon 6 white scare-eye balloon 6 yellow scare-eye balloon 6 mixed scare-eye balloon 12 black scare-eye balloon 12 white scare-eye balloon 12 yellow scare-eye balloon 12 mixed $7.95 $7.95 $7.95 $7.50 $7.50 $7.50 $7.50 $7.00 $7.00 $7.00 $7.00 15 restocking fee for this product bird-x bird-lite the multi-color stroboscopic birdlite bird-x chases birds off your property keeps them away birdlite sends intimidating intense white red blue amber light at 75 flashes per minute 4190 4190.2 4190.5 from and out and $225.00 $250.00 $37.00 birdlite multi-color strobe birdlite multi-color strobe 220v birdlite multi-color flash tube strobe bulb 15 restocking fee on electronic products odor taste visual deterrents dr t s bat-a-way bat-a-way temporarily overloads the bats primary sense of smell and certain nervous functions most bats and birds will migrate quickly in response to this unpleasant assault on their senses guard-n-eyes balloon 13 diameter balloon has eyes that scare away pests and protect gardens used widely in commercial orchards and nurseries place balloon in a prominent position so birds can see it move balloon around garden every few 2624.1 2624.6 2624.22 guard-n-eyes balloon guard-n-eyes balloon 6 guard-n-eyes balloon 12/cs $6.95 $5.95 $79.90 0334 0332 0340 0328 dr.t s dr.t s dr.t s dr.t s bat-a-way bat-a-way bat-a-way bat-a-way 1.25 lb 4 lbs 24 lbs 264.5 lbs $9.95 $22.95 $119.90 $495.00 bird-x terror eyes balloon 24 inch inflatable moving eye visual scare device frightens birds away inexpensively scary 3d eyes move forward and sideways as birds fly by representing a constantly watchful predator to which birds do not acclimate 2631 2631.6 2632 terror eyes balloon terror eyes balloon 6 foot pump for terror eyes $49.00 $45.00 $10.50 not registered for sale in the states of al ca fl id in ky tx fruitshield starlings blackbirds robins crows jays and other birds are smart and stubborn safe effective food-grade taste aversion agent made from bitter smelly part of concord grapes renders fruit and foilage unpalatable to birds 2911 2912 2912.4 fruitshield 1 pt fruitshield 1 gal fruitshield 1 gal 4/cs $16.00 $93.00 $346.00 2 prices are subject to change