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biocontrol network turnbuckle use galvanized for dry salt-free climates use with galvanized hog rings and net cable use stainless steel in wet or salty climates use with stainless steel cable and hog rings 6529 6530 6531 6532 6533 6534 turnbuckle small galvanized 10 pack turnbuckle small stainless steel 10 pack turnbuckle medium galvanized 10 pack turnbuckle medium stainless steel 10 pack turnbuckle large galvanized 10 pack turnbuckle large stainless steel 10 pack $19.25 $103.25 $21.50 $111.25 $26.00 $137.25 1-800-441-bugs songbird magnet purple martin and song bird caller reproduces the charming songs of beautiful and melodious eastern bluebirds baltimore orioles house wrens house finches american goldfinches and indigo buntings 417901 songbird magnet for purple martins songbirds $49.00 7 prices are subject to change