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biocontrol network 1-800-441-bugs bioganic crawling insect killer unique patented herbal oil based insecticide provides quick knockdown action formulated for use on a broad range of crawling insects leaves no toxic chemical residue and does not contain cfc s 2418 2418.12 bioganic crawling insect killer 12 oz bioganic crawling insect killer 12/cs $5.50 $55.00 botanicals liquids safer bioneem botanical insecticide that offers broad range insect control controls more than 30 common pests including aphids whiteflies caterpillars spider mites and mealybugs on ornamentals flowers trees shrubs and food crops 4504 4504.6 safer bioneem 16 oz safer bioneem 16 oz 6/cs $14.95 $68.00 bioganic flying insect killer unique patented herbal oil based contact insecticide formulated for use on flies gnats mosquitoes moths wasps and other flying insect pests it leaves no visible residue and does not contain cfc s 2419 2419.12 bioganic flying insect killer 12 oz bioganic flying insect killer 12 oz 12/cs

biocontrol network garlic barrier discourage pest insects from dining on your fruits and vegetables with garlic barrier just apply garlic barrier before pests appear and watch them make an about-face when they smell that garlic but after an hour you won t 4526 4527 4528 4528.4 garlic garlic garlic garlic barrier barrier barrier barrier 1 pt 1 qt 1 gal 1 gal 10 10 100 mix 100/1 4/cs $5.70 $9.50 $84.95 $315.00 1-800-441-bugs hot pepper wax animal made from a concentrate of cayenne peppers assorted repelling herbs and food grade paraffin wax hot pepper wax animal repellent is recommended for rabbits and tree squirrels stays on the plant up to three weeks 4520.1 4534 4533 4532 4523.1 4523.44 hot hot hot hot hot hot pepper pepper pepper pepper pepper pepper wax animal 22 oz rtu wax animal 40 oz rts wax animal 16 oz conc wax animal 32 oz conc wax animal gal conc wax animal 1 gal conc 4/cs $9.95 $29.95 $10.95 $19.95 $49.95 $190.00 mosquito barrier kills and repels mosquitoes ticks and

biocontrol network phyta-guard ec organic insecticide/fungicide made from naturally occurring rosemary and clove oil repels insects such as aphid scale mealy bug thrips and more controls/suppresses powdery mildew bacterial spot/speck and others 9995 9995.12 phyta-guard ec pt phyta-guard ec pt 12/cs $16.95 $178.50 1-800-441-bugs thermx 70 !natural wetting agent natures way to higher yields protects crops against heat and water stress soil compaction poor water penetration salinity and alkali this natural compound is found in certain desert plants like yucca 3837 3838 3839 thermx 70 qt thermx 70 gal thermx 70 5 gal $17.50 $70.00 $350.00 bonide rotenone pyrethrin spray an extremely potent blend of natural botanical insecticides dissolved in petroleum distillates controls a long list of insects on vegetables fruits flowers and trees may be used as a flea tick and lice spray for pets and to kill fire ants 4544 4545 4546 4547 bonide conc bonide conc bonide conc bonide rotenone

biocontrol network bioganic dust insecticide made from plant oils helps control ants aphids bedbugs caterpillars centipedes cockroaches crickets earwigs firebrats/silverfish millipedes mites sowbugs/pillbugs spiders and other pests 2417 bioganic dust insecticide 12 oz $5.50 not registered for sale in the state of nc 1-800-441-bugs perma-guard garden d-21 for control of aphids whitefly beetles loopers mites leaf hoppers and others for use in the greenhouse or outdoors on fruits vegetables flowers grains and grass up to and including day of harvest 2196 2196.1 perma-guard garden plant d-21 2 lbs perma-guard garden plant d-21 30 lbs $12.95 $130.00 not registered for sale in the state of ca granules ecoexempttm g insecticide granular insecticide for use in landscape areas and perimeters around residential industrial public commercial and industrial buildings excellent for use a round schools governmental buildings etc 384801 ecoexempt g granule 22 lbs $49.90 dr.t s mosquito repellent