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biocontrol network 1-800-441-bugs manure composter a problem many barns face is how to dispose of unsightly manure piles this natural product expedites the biodegradation cycle of animal waste inhibits the volatilization of nitrogen thus providing a nutrient rich humus 3302 3302.4 330225 organica manure composter 5 lbs organica manure composter 5 lbs 4/cs organica manure composter 25 lbs ยท $81.95 $280.00 $310.00 composting earthworms nature s soil aerators earthworms redworms improve and condition the soil as they burrow in search of food earthworms excrete a highly nitrous fertilizer called castings use 2 to 3 worms per square foot 3080 3082 3083 3084 3085 3086 3087 earthworms apprx 400 1/2 lb earthworms apprx 800 1 lb earthworms apprx 1600 2 lbs earthworms 4 lbs earthworms 6 lbs earthworms,10 lbs earthworms 20 lbs $12.50 $22.50 $40.90 $77.00 $108.00 $180.00 $340.00 compost tea catalyst powder a premium blend of seaweed extract humic acids rock powder and numerous botanical

biocontrol network reotemp compost moisture meter now it is possible for you to determine the relative moisture condition of your compost without having to remove any mulch or soil and dig just insert the probe directly into the compost 4049 reotemp moisture meter $125.90 15 restocking fee for this product 1-800-441-bugs f-68 plus high energy soil conditioner for all indoor and outdoor soils plants promotes activity of earthworms reduces soil alkalinity alleviates toxic effects of salt in the soil promotes decomposition of plant residues 3921 3921.12 f-68 plus soil conditioner qt f-68 plus soil conditioner qt 12/cs $29.95 $350.00 2 prices are subject to