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biocontrol network 1-800-441-bugs perma-guard fire ant d-20 w pyrethrum mix perma guard fire ant insecticide with water stir the fire ant mound with a rake or other tool to agitate the fire ants drench each individual fire ant mound with a gallon of the mixture repeat treatment as needed 2191 2191.3 perma-guard fire ant d-20 2 lbs perma-guard fire ant d-20 30 lbs $16.95 $166.00 crawling insect control powders bioganic dust insecticide made from plant oils helps control ants aphids bedbugs caterpillars centipedes cockroaches crickets earwigs firebrats/silverfish millipedes mites sowbugs/pillbugs spiders and other pests 2417 bioganic dust insecticide 12 oz $5.50 not registered for sale in the state of nc not registered for sale in the state of ca perma-guard household d-20 w pyrethrum odorless and nontoxic d-20 is composed of diatomaceous earth with pyrethrum the sharp edges desiccate the insects exoskeleton upon contact the pests dehydrate and die within hours 2199.1 2199.5 2199.6

biocontrol network pic ant killing gel ants are attracted to and will feed on pic ant killing gel until they die the ants will return to their nests after consuming the bait and will feed their young and the queen thus destroying the colony 2626 pic ant killing gel 1 syringe/pk $5.25 not registered for sale in the state of ca 1-800-441-bugs bora-care total wood protection boracare® termiticide insecticide and fungicide is a highly effective pesticide which offers an innovative approach for the control and elimination of termites 0010 0010.4 boracare 1 gal boracare 1 gal 4/cs $98.00 $360.00 terro ant killer ii consists of a mixture of boric acid and sugar in a liquid solution that attracts sweet eating ants when ants carry the bait back to their nest terro will eliminate the entire colony 2574 2575 2573 2575.8 257301 terro terro terro terro terro ii ant killer 1 oz ii ant killer 2 oz ii ant bait stations 6/pkg ii ant killer 1 gal ii outdoor ant bait stations 3/pkg $2.95 $4.25 $6.95

biocontrol network victor poison-free ant roach killer poison-free brand formula which kills bugs yet can be used around children and pets victor aerosols have a fresh mint scent plus they do not stain carpets or floors it s a breath of fresh air 2192 2192.6 poison free ant roach insect killer 17.5 oz poison free ant roach insect killer 17.5 oz 6/cs $4.90 $29.90 1-800-441-bugs horticultural dormant spray oil superior type petroleum oil based product spray to control overwintering eggs of red spiders scale insects aphids bud moths leaf rollers red bugs codling moths blister mites galls whiteflies mealy bugs and other insects 2740 2740.12 2742 2742.12 2741 2741.6 2743 2743.4 hort hort hort hort hort hort hort hort dormant spray oil 1 qt dormant spray oil 1 qt 12/cs dormant spray oil 1 qt rts dormant spray oil 1 qt rts 12/cs dormant spray oil 1/2 gal dormant spray oil 1/2 gal 6/cs dormant spray oil 1 gal dormant spray oil 1 gal 4/cs $10.95 $118.45 $11.90 $130.25 $18.40

biocontrol network dipel 150 dust dust intended for use against chewing larvae caterpillars of cabbage looper cabbageworm grape leaf folder hornworm cutworm sod webworm and others treated vegetables may consumed anytime after spraying dipel 150 bt dipel 150 bt dipel 150 bt 12/cs not registered for sale 2070 2072 2072.12 var.kurstaki 1 lb dust var kurstaki 4 lbs dust var kurstaki 4 lbs dust in the state of ca $5.10 $8.90 $88.00 1-800-441-bugs transonic pro ultrasonic sonic repeller intense variable pitch ultrasonic and sonic sound waves repel pests this noisy hostile dynamic sound environment is intolerable to pests yet friendly to pets humans and the environment 4102 transonic pro commercial pest repeller $48.90 15 restocking fee on electronic products webspinner webspinner will de-web anywhere in minutes without smearing extends up to 30 inches spinning 2700 rpms attach the web-xtender included to any broom or mop handle to extend the webspinner to 15 feet 3990 webspinner $12.95

biocontrol network traps springstar earwig trap an all purpose set of four 4 reusable traps which attract earwigs ants and other small crawling insects contains no pesticides or poisons safe around pets children edible fruits and vegetables 2622 2622.12 springstar earwig trap 4/pkg springstar earwig trap 4/pkg 12/cs $7.95 $79.50 1-800-441-bugs the pit slug and snail trap includes 3 trap tops and 3 traps bodies choose three areas throughout your garden and flower beds and dig holes about the size of the trap body place it into the ground fermented yeast in non-alcoholic beer is a great attractant 2713 257001 the pit slug snail trap 3/pkg fly trap bait $6.50 $6.25 sluggo a unique blend of an iron phosphate active ingredient with bait additives after eating the bait slugs and snails will stop feeding become less mobile and begin to die within three to six days bait that is not ingested will biodegrade flea trap excellent flea control no toxic chemicals 6 x 5 capture pad holds up to