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biocontrol network koolatron bark free pro series advanced dual-speaker design for effective indoor dog training dog s bark automatically triggers corrective ultrasonic bursts to help correct boredom or annoyance barking habits switch for ultrasonic or audible settings 40140 koolatron bark free pro $49.95 1-800-441-bugs contech squirrelstop squirrelstop protects your hanging bird feeder from squirrels when a squirrel climbs on your feeder the increased weight starts the squirrelstop motor spinning the feeder and causing the squirrel to jump off contech squirrelstop birdfeeder squirrel deterrent 15 restocking fee on electronic products 413003 $48.99 koolatron super bark free pro most effective automatic solution for training a dog to stop barking selector switch chooses ultrasonic frequencies heard by dogs or lower frequencies audible to humans both proven effective in training most dogs to stop barking 40160 koolatron super bark pro outdoor use only $74.95 cat stop keeps cats and dogs out of your flower gardens yard place the unit facing the area you want to protect the built-in motion sensor detects the animal entering the area and emits a piercing high decibel alarm ultrasonic sound 4129 contech cat stop $59.50 15 restocking fee on electronic products contech scat mat place a scat mat in a restricted area such as on a doorway table top window sill sofa or car when an animal steps on the mat it is startled by a harmless but unpleasant static type sensation and quickly learns to stay away 4411 4311 4421 4321 4441 4341 4327 scat mat lg 48 x 20 411 scat mat lg extension 48 x 20 411e scat mat med 30 x 16 421 scat mat med extension 30 x 16 421e scat strip 46 x 3 scat strip extension 46 x 3 scat mat power adaptor for battery operated models 15 restocking fee on electronic products $84.90 $39.90 $74.90 $31.90 $68.90 $21.90 $14.50 contech scarecrow finally a way to keep unwanted animals out of the garden cats dogs deer rabbits herons raccoons large birds and many others when it sees an intruder it instantly releases full garden hose water pressure towards the trespasser contech scarecrow motion activated sprinkler contech scarecrow motion activated sprinkler 2 contech scarecrow sprinkler 12/cs remailer box 15 restocking fee on electronic products 413001 413002 413011 $84.00 $79.00 $850.00 mini scarecrow the mini scarecrow safely and humanely protects your covered porch or patio potted plants or countertops a motion sensor activates a warning sound and a brief harmless spray of compressed air to keep your pet away 413004 413005 contech mini scarecrow contech mini scarecrow refill can $47.95 $13.95 15 restocking fee on electronic products 7 prices are subject to change