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biocontrol network 1-800-441-bugs storox broad spectrum bactericide/fungicide storox is a post-harvest treatment ideal for use in the sanitization of fruits and vegetables equipment vehicles storages and wash waters storox is non-toxic non-residual and biodegradable 2223 $9.90 $14.70 $133.50 storox 5 gal omri listed $240.00 not registered for sale in the state of ca disease control liqui-cop liquid copper fungicide spray for disease prevention on fruit trees nut crops citrus vegetables and ornamentals very economical replacement for bordeaux mixture with an expanded label a replacement for lime sulfur 227011 227021 227022 liqui cop pt conc liqui cop qt liqui cop qt 12/cs 70 neem oil broad spectrum insecticide fungicide miticide controls numerous diseases fungal diseases including black spot rust mildew and scab as well as insects and mites whitefly aphid spidermites and scale 4496 4496.12 70 neem oil pt conc 70 neem oil pt conc 12/cs $14.95 $164.90 copper dust organic

biocontrol network zerotol zerotol is a nontoxic fungicide bactericide viricide it does not coat plant tissues with chemical toxins zerotol oxidizes fungi including spores bacteria and viruses on contact preventing infection leaves no residue 2224 2224.1 2226 2229 zerotol 2.5 gal zerotol 2.5 gal ca label zerotol 30 gal zerotol test kit $130.75 $130.75 $1125.00 $58.50 1-800-441-bugs terracyte uniquely formulated broad spectrum granular algaecide/fungicide to control moss liverwort algae and slimes on walkways benches and planters for ornamental plants grown in greenhouses nurseries and landscapes 2231 2231.4 2230 223001 terracyte terracyte terracyte terracyte 13 13 50 50 lbs lbs 4/cs lbs lbs ca label $19.75 $70.00 $99.00 $99.00 garlic gp vegetable garden garlic gp controls powdery mildew rust and downey mildew without harming children pets birds wildlife or beneficial insects garlic gp treated plants become odorless in hours and leave no after-flavors or tastes 452601 452621