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biocontrol network 1-800-441-bugs ecopco jet an aerosol insecticide providing immediate knockdown and kill of stinging insects including wasps and yellow jackets it reaches up to 15 feet kills wasps yellow jackets hornets and spiders ecopco jet wasp discontinued ecopco jet-x wasp/yellowjacket aerosol 14 oz this product can only ship by ups ground service not registered for sale in the state of ca 408001 408601 $5.95 $5.95 flying insect control insecticides bioganic flying insect killer unique patented herbal oil based contact insecticide formulated for use on flies gnats mosquitoes moths wasps and other flying insect pests it leaves no visible residue and does not contain cfc s 2419 2419.12 bioganic flying insect killer 12 oz bioganic flying insect killer 12 oz 12/cs $5.50 $55.00 ecoexempttm g insecticide granular insecticide for use in landscape areas and perimeters around residential industrial public commercial and industrial buildings excellent for use a round schools governmental

biocontrol network pyrethrum total release pyrethrum tr is a ready-to-use ultra low volume insecticide fogger it effectively controls aphids fungus gnats mites and whiteflies along with numerous other secondary insect pests 4549 4549.12 pyrethrum total release fogger 2 oz pyrethrum total release fogger 12/cs $23.90 $262.00 1-800-441-bugs mosquito barrier kills and repels mosquitoes ticks and fleas from your yard and away from your house immediately upon spraying and keeps them out for 2 to 4 weeks sometimes longer often effective though 2 to 3 rain storms 453001 453101 453104 mosquito barrier 1 qt mix 50/1 mosquito barrier 1 gal mix 50/1 mosquito barrier 1 gal 4/cs $17.90 $69.90 $250.90 can only ship by ups ground service grasshopper pathogen nosema locustae the spores must be applied against the small grasshoppers by 3rd to 4th instar near the hatching areas for maximum efficacy hoppers stop feeding become lethargic and die after feeding on nosema-laced wheat bran bait 2150 2152

biocontrol network bug stix insect trap a long lasting non-toxic solution to fungus gnats those nasty little flies that breed in the damp soil of potted plants the simple sticky trap assembles in seconds the glue stays sticky for months simple and economical 2542 2542.12 biocare bug stix 6/pk biocare bug stix 12/cs $5.50 $55.95 1-800-441-bugs blue catch-it insect traps uses a special blue color to capture and kill thrips and stop them from damaging flowers no pesticides long lasting and effective the glue stays sticky for months even after being rained on come with glue on both sides 3406 seabright yellow aphid/whitefly traps this 4 x 6 double-sided yellow and blue sticky traps catch whitefly as well as aphids thrips leafhoppers and moths use in the greenhouse or outside place one trap per 25 to 50 square feet 2540 2540.1 seabright yellow sticky traps 5/pkg seabright yellow sticky traps 10 pkgs $4.50 $41.95 springstar fruit fly trap giant blue catch-it 12.6 x 7.5 two sided 18/pkg

biocontrol network safer japanese beetle traps be prepared for the arrival of japanese beetles in early summer with this dual-scented lure trap the floral lure attracts the females while the pheromone lure brings in the males place one trap for every 50 ft of linear growing area 2404 2405 2406 2407 safer safer safer 3/pk safer 1/pk japanese japanese japanese japanese beetle trap beetle trap stand beetle replacement bags beetle replacement lure $5.95 $4.50 $3.95 $4.00 1-800-441-bugs pic yellowjacket wasp trap 6 entry tunnels attract from all directions special design lures insects once-in never out works all day-everyday makes being outdoors safer no chemicals-no poisons durable-use it again and again 5702 5702.4 5702.6 pic yellowjacket wasp trap pic yellowjacket wasp trap 4 pic yellowjacket wasp trap 6/cs $7.10 $6.50 $36.00 tanglefoot japanese beetle trap this trap is highly efficient because of its four finned omni directional shape smooth polypropylene surface scientifically

biocontrol network tanglefoot pantry trap system the tanglefoot pantry trap has a pheromone that attracts the male moths they are captured in the trap and this interrupts the life cycle of this insect easy to use no pesticides and the traps are ready to use 2420 2420.12 tanglefoot pantry trap system 2/pkg tanglefoot pantry trap 2/pkg 12/cs $6.95 $69.50 1-800-441-bugs barn stable fly trap the barn stable fly trap has pictures of flies bright pink lines and boxes and red lines some of the boxes and lines are shadowed to make it look three dimensional to the flies the barn stable fly trap is 8 by 13 2567 2567.12 victor barn stable fly trap 8 x 13 victor barn stable fly trap 12/cs $6.95 $69.50 surefire pantry pest trap bothered by grain meal flour and seed moths capture them with the pantry pest trap these nontoxic lure traps have a wood-grained finish and can be placed safely wherever food is stored 2603 2603.12 safer pantry pest trap 2/bx safer pantry pest trap 2/pk 12/cs

biocontrol network victor indoor fly trap long lasting glue formulation contains a natural fly attractant 3d designs and colors attract more flies no-goo glue won t stick to your fingers trap measures 10 inches tall by 2.5 inches wide by 2.5 inches deep 2566 2566.12 victor indoor fly trap victor indoor fly trap 12/cs $3.95 $39.50 1-800-441-bugs mosquito dunks bits bt israeliensis highly effective against mosquito and black fly larvae can be used wherever mosquitoes breed does not harm people pets fish or plants use 1 dunk/100 sq ft of infested water disperse bits at 2.5-20 lbs per acre 2111 2111.12 2112 2112.1 2112.2 2116 2113 2114 2115 mosquito dunks 6/pk bti rapi mosquito dunks 20/pk bti mosquito dunks 5 x 20/pk bti 1 cs mosquito dunks 5 x 20/pk bti 2 cs mosquito combopak 2 dunks 8 oz granular mosquito bits bti 8 oz granular mosquito bits bti 30 oz granular mosquito bits bti 20 lbs granular $9.95 $118.00 $19.95 $96.50 $89.90 $14.95 $8.95 $12.95 $99.90 springstar window fly

biocontrol network oak stump mosquito trap uses a mosquito egg pheromone which mosquitoes use to mark special egg-laying places mosquitoes are drawn into the trap to lay eggs and can not find the exit and will eventually tire and drown in the liquid 2306 2306.4 2306.12 2307 oak stump mosquito trap oak stump mosquito trap 4 oak stump mosquito trap 12/cs oak stump mosquito flying insect bait pack $10.95 $9.95 $109.50 $5.50 1-800-441-bugs paraclipse fly patrol lightweight decorative and sanitary flying insect-attracting uv light device keeps your home safe and free from disease carrying flies auto advancing 30 day cartridge trapping system easy to maintain easy to clean 250707 250702 272315 272320 272489 paraclipse fly patrol paraclipse fly patrol 220 v fly patrol replacement cartridge 2/pack fly patrol replacement cartridge case of 12 fly patrol replacement uv bulb $108.00 $135.90 $13.00 $74.50 $9.10 lentek mk-05 champion mosquito trap operates by capturing egg laying females thus