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biocontrol network 1-800-441-bugs liquid fish and seaweed fertilizer balanced nutrient product designed for use in foliar applications to crops or for adding to liquid fertilizer system in conjunction with the marine ingredients contains the trace minerals recognized as being essential for plant growth 3332 3332.12 3333 3333.4 $8.90 $16.90 $26.90 fertrell fertrell fertrell fertrell 4/cs #3 #3 #3 #3 liquid fish seaweed 2-1-1 qt liquid fish seaweed qt 12/cs liquid fish seaweed gal liquid fish seaweed 2-1-1 gal $7.95 $75.00 $18.95 $75.00 soil care fertilizers alfalfa meal a reasonable alternative to blood meal as a source of nitrogen and is nicely balanced with phosphorus and potassium it s carbohydrates protein make it an excellent soil conditioner by encouraging microbial activity in the soil 3158 3159 3160 alfalfa meal 5 lbs alfalfa meal 25 lbs alfalfa meal 50 lbs maxicrop fish made from fresh fish from the atlantic ocean with no chemical additives it contains naturally

biocontrol network metanaturals organic nutrient formula 3-3-3 excellent source of organically derived macro and micro-nutrients and natural humates use as a base nutritional program for your vegetable garden flowers perennials and house plants for use in soil and hydroponics concentrated 30201 30211 30214 30216 metanaturals pt metanaturals qt metanaturals gal metanaturals gal 4/cs organic organic organic organic nutrient nutrient nutrient nutrient formula formula formula formula 3-3-3 3-3-3 3-3-3 3-3-3 $13.95 $17.95 $49.95 $166.50 1-800-441-bugs pro-start 2-3-3 designed as a winterizing blend for lawns grass hay fields also excellent choice for root crops legume vegetables perennials flowering shrubs mature fruit trees legume hays as a starter fertilizer for any kind of seed 29992 2999 pro-start 2-3-3 25 lb pro-start 2-3-3 50 lb $13.00 $21.00 pro-gro 5-3-4 high nutrient blend of natural ingredients that plants and trees respond to with rapid and sustained growth making it the most

biocontrol network maxicrop seaweed derived from ascophyllum nodosum seaweed provides more than 70 minerals growth hormones cytokinin auxins vitamins and enzymes available as either as a powder or liquid 3130 3131 3132 3132.2 3132.4 3133 3134 313425 3135 3136 3137 3138 maxicrop soluble seaweed powder 10.7 oz maxicrop soluble seaweed powder 27 oz maxicrop soluble seaweed powder 10 lbs 5 acres maxicrop soluble seaweed powder 22 lbs 11 acres maxicrop soluble seaweed powder 44 lbs 22 acres maxicrop plus iron 2 1 qt maxicrop plus iron 2 1 gal maxicrop plus iron 2 2.5 gal maxicrop liquid seaweed 500 ml maxicrop liquid seaweed 1 qt maxicrop liquid seaweed 1 gal maxicrop liquid seaweed 2.5 gal $15.95 $37.95 $144.90 $245.00 $411.00 $9.95 $21.95 $49.95 $5.95 $8.95 $19.95 $46.95 1-800-441-bugs organica plant growth activator this unique natural product contain beneficial soil microorganisms and natural plant extracts that function synergistically to improve soil biology and promote healthy

biocontrol network humic acid ore 45 soil additive useful in lawn applications improves depleted soil conditions by replacing compensating for carbon mineral loss encourages microbiological activity in soil 100 natural 3283 3283.6 3283.50 humic acid ore 45 6 lbs humic acid ore 45 6 lbs 6/cs humic acid ore 45 50 lbs 4 bag min $8.50 $41.25 $21.50 1-800-441-bugs mycorrhizal root growth enhancer this root growth enhancer dramatically increasing root growth this root growth allows superior water and nutrient uptake survival and plant growth it also minimizes hot weather dry will stresses and winter desiccation 4539 4540 4537 4538 45385 granular root growth enhancer endo only 2 oz granular root growth enhancer 8 oz root growth enhancer soluble mycorrhizae 4 oz growth enhancer soluble root mycorrhizae,12 oz root growth enhancer soluble mycorrhizae 5 lbs $3.20 $10.50 $10.50 $21.90 $98.00 thermx 70 natural wetting agent natures way to higher yields protects crops against heat and water

biocontrol network soil moist flower garden plus this hydrogel formulation contains a diverse blend of endomycorrhizal fungi that are adapted to a wide range of plants and conditions to inoculate planting areas such as flower beds trees shrubs and containers prior to planting 3898 3898.6 3899 3899.6 soil soil soil soil moist flower garden plus 1 lb moist flower garden plus 1 lb 6/cs moist flower garden plus 2 lb moist flower garden plus 2 lb 6/cs $12.95 $64.00 $21.25 $105.00 1-800-441-bugs soil moist injectable formulated to inoculate existing trees shrubs using injection equipment with a blend of ectomycorrhizal and endomycorrhizal fungi to colonize on the trees and shrubs in a wide variety of growing conditions 3890 3890.6 soil moist injectable 9 oz soil moist injectable 9 oz 6/cs $39.00 $193.00 soil moist root dip-endo/ecto formulated to inoculate bare-root stock with ectomycorrhizal and endomycorrhizal fungi adapted to a wide range of plants and habitat conditions to