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biocontrol network 1-800-441-bugs la motte garden soil test kits do-it-yourself soil test kits accurate analysis for ph the 3 basic macronutrients graduated plastic test tubes for measurement of the soil sample reagent solutions all results are compared to standard color charts laminated 2760 2761 2762 2763 2764 lamotte the garden soil test kit model el 5679 garden reagent refill kit model el lamotte r-5679 lamotte deluxe soil test kit model em 5934 deluxe reagent refill model em lamotte lamotte soil ph test kit model st-t $52.50 $50.05 $88.70 $70.00 $14.00 soil testing rapitest ph soil tester designed for simplicity of use with accurate results you ll appreciate the unique easy fast specially designed color comparator and capsule system that make quick work of testing color comparator 10 ph capsules instructions 2770 rapitest ph soil tester $5.50 soil ph test kits accurate ph testing is essential to determine lime requirements to insure that a mineral-rich soil is also

biocontrol network agricultural outfits model sth based on morgan soil test methods reagent systems have been updated with advancements in modern chemistry rapid accurate tests use standardized reagents to produce reactions measured against laminated color charts 5029 5029.5 5007 5007.5 5061 5061.5 5010 5010.5 model sth-4 macronutrients ph model sth-4 reagent refill model sth-5 macronutrients ph humus model sth-5 reagent refill model sth-7 macronutrients ph humus calcium model sth-7 reagent refill model sth-14 macronutrients micronutrients ph sth-14 reagent refill model $310.95 $138.35 $327.95 $131.40 $362.95 $165.52 $514.50 $303.85 1-800-441-bugs ph hydroponics test kit simply add ph indicator reagent to the sample solution in a test tube for a color reaction the resulting color is read in an octet comparator with permanent color standards for ph values the kit has sufficient reagent for 50 tests 5074 5074.5 model hph ph hydroponics test kit ph hydroponics refill model hph $50.65

biocontrol network 10 inch galvanized steel soil sampler the galvanized steel sampler has a saw-toothed cutting edge tapered for easy core removal the cutaway side of the tube permits inspection of soil core takes a 1 inch core sample to a depth of 10 inches 25 cm 1055 soil sampling tube model ep 1 x 10 galvanized steel ships separately from other items ordered 20 restocking fee on this product $29.20 1-800-441-bugs ph buffer tablets economical and convenient ph buffer tablets for use in calibration of ph meters add one tablet to 20 ml of deionized water to produce buffers 3983 3984 3985 ph 4.0 mini buffer tablets 50/box ph 7.0 mini buffer tablets 50/box ph 10.0 mini buffer tablets 50/box $26.20 $26.20 $26.20 lamotte 6 inch brass soil sampler rugged brass auger designed for sampling turfgrass soil greenhouse soils or wherever a small core size is desirable 3/8 inch diameter 6 inch depth 1 x 15 cm brass handle doubles as a plunger for core removal 1159 soil sampling tube model gc-1