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biocontrol network 1-800-441-bugs 8x magnifier identify both beneficial and pest insects with these magnifiers perfect for backyard gardeners and large growers the 8x magnifier loupe comes with lens cover 4092 8x magnifier loupe $5.95 tools equipment root-lowell 2.5 pint handheld sprayer/mister economy lightweight hand-held pressurized sprayer/mister pump to pressurize bottle and press thumb trigger to release spray the nozzle adjustable from a straight stream to a mist ideal for houseplants light-duty spraying 8020 rl 1/2 gal pressure sprayer $11.50 10x magnifier the 10x magnifier has a 15 mm diameter glass lens and comes with a carrying case root-lowell 3 pint handheld sprayer the premium lightweight hand held sprayer pump to pressurize and press thumb trigger to release spray the nozzle adjustable from a straight stream to a mist embossed markings for easy mixing and measuring 8021 rl 3 pt pressure sprayer $19.50 4090 10x pocket magnifier $9.90 16x magnifier the 16x magnifier has

biocontrol network compost crank turning your compost pile was never easier than with the new compost crank no pushing no prying no strain on your back or your bin the compost crank easily penetrates densely packed or rough and viney compost 4031 corkscrew compost crank $34.95 it will ship separately from other items ups charge extra $5.00 1-800-441-bugs bugzooka the fast simple way to rid bugs from your home the innovative and light weight new bugzooka lets you keep your distance and avoid bug squish and splatter and it does it without expensive batteries or toxic chemicals 4022 bugzooka $22.95 15 restocking fee on electronic products compost thermometers monitor the interior temperature in your compost pile with one of these stainless steel thermometers the temperature reading tells you when to add water turn the pile and when it is ready to use 4041 4043 4045 4046 4047 4048 4043.1 compost compost windrow c windrow c windrow c windrow c compost thermometer 20 1/4 dia only f

biocontrol network harvest-guard ultra lightweight floating row cover traps heat and moisture to produce bigger better and earlier crop yields prevents light frost damage allowing for a longer growing season stops insect bird and animal damage 2662 2662.12 2663 2663.6 harvest-guard harvest-guard harvest-guard harvest-guard row row row row cover cover cover cover 5 5 5 5 xxxx 25 25 12/cs 50 50 6/cs $10.90 $117.65 $19.50 $103.50 1-800-441-bugs 3 prices are subject to