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biocontrol network 1-800-441-bugs rat zapper classic the result of years of engineering and customer feedback the rat zapper is designed to be effective clean easy to use and humane compact 10 x 4 x 4 10 rodent kills or lasts 30 days with one set of 4 alkaline aa batterie 2557 2557.2 2558 2559 $26.90 $24.90 $7.50 $11.90 $23.90 $59.90 $55.90 $53.90 $32.50 $59.90 $149.00 rat zapper classic rat zapper classic 2 zapper rat tail light w 12 cord zapper rat pack battery pack $46.95 $44.95 $15.95 $17.95 traps lures animal traps cahaba snake trap the only reusable snake trap currently in production place trap along walls in the house basements drop ceilings outside in flowerbeds patios carports great way to protect a vacation home replaceable inserts small cahaba snake trap small cahaba snake trap 2 small glue boards for cahaba trap 4 insertsglue boards for cahaba trap 8 small insertsglue boards for cahaba trap 24 small insertsglue boards for cahaba trap case of small 72 large cahaba

biocontrol network havahart extra-large live animal trap great alternative for capturing raccoons cats skunks groundhogs woodchucks opossum porcupines nutrias and similar-sized nuisance animals without poisons or other trapping devices 2 doors 36 l x 10 w x 12 havahart extra-large live trap #1045 due to theraccoon shape ships separately size and/or 15 restocking fee on this product 2554 $62.40 1-800-441-bugs springstar aphid trap aphids thrips spider mites fungus gnats scale insects whiteflies and other small flying insects works by imitating a very healthy plant leaf insects attracted to the trap are captured and killed in the powerful sticky glue 2544 2544.12 biocare yellow sticky traps 3.75 x 6.25 4/pkg yellow sticky traps 4/pk 12/cs biocare $4.25 $42.95 seabright blue thrips/leaf miner traps this 4 x 6 double-sided blue sticky traps catch thrips leafhoppers hang at plant level with supplied twist tie from branch or stake lasts all season even in rain or until completely

biocontrol network tanglefoot paper tree wrap tangle guard tree banding material is used in conjunction with tree tanglefoot pest barrier as an effective way to rid trees of crawling insects who must reach the tops of trees in order to feed mate or deposit eggs 2588 2589 258601 258615 tanglefoot paper tree tanglefoot paper tree tree care combo kit wrap tree care combo kit wrap wrap 3 in x 50 ft wrap 3 in x 150 ft 15 oz tub 50 ft paper 5 lb tub 150 ft paper $3.75 $8.50 $11.90 $38.95 1-800-441-bugs tanglefoot codling moth trap includes everything you need to successfully monitor codling moths ready to use each kit contains two sticky traps specially formulated lures hangers even a special tool for removing trapped insects so the trap can be reused 2401 2401.12 tanglefoot codling moth trap 2/pkg tanglefoot codling moth trap 12/cs $10.95 $110.00 safer japanese beetle traps be prepared for the arrival of japanese beetles in early summer with this dual-scented lure trap the floral lure

biocontrol network multi-pest insect trap attracts and captures a variety of insects that commonly invade kitchens including moths beetles and weevils the trap uses the same chemical messengers pheromones that insects use to attract mates 2310 2310.12 multi-pest insect trap 2/pkg multi-pest insect trap 2/pkg 12/cs $6.95 $69.95 1-800-441-bugs springstar window fly trap attracts and captures all types of flies in homes without the use of toxic chemicals flies are attracted to the light and heat from widows traps have blue clovers on a transparent background 8 1/8 in by 2 3/4 in 2381 2381.12 biocare window fly trap 4/pkg biocare window fly trap 4/pkg 12/cs $3.50 $35.95 biocare asian ladybug trap the trap uses a special wavelenght uv fluoresent light and a pheromone lure to attract ladybugs indoors the ladybugs fall through the funnel and are trapped in the jar so you can safely dispose of them or release them outdoors 2309 2309.2 2309.3 23091 2602.1 biocare asian ladybug trap biocare

biocontrol network tred-not deerfly patches deerfly patches are 2 by 6 colored patches which attach to the back of the cap or hat and are completely non-toxic and odorless deerflies flying around you are attracted to the patch and land on them when they do they stay 2549 2549.1 2549.2 2549.4 tred-not tred-not tred-not tred-not deerfly deerfly deerfly deerfly patches 4/pkg patches 10 packs patches 20 packs patches 40 packs $2.95 $21.95 $35.90 $59.90 1-800-441-bugs biocare clothes moth trap attracts captures adult male webbing clothes moth this trap signals when a damaging infestation is present it does not control larvae with feed on clothing catches webbing cloths moth during their mating season 151401 151412 biocare clothes moth trap 2/pkg biocare clothes moth trap 12/cs $7.95 $79.50 clothes moth alert protect your clothes and furnishings from costly moth damage this trap is designed to alert you to a potential problem and is designed to trap adult moths not the larvae which do

biocontrol network arbico solar fly trap resembles a large aluminum hat box the inside of which is an inverted cone flies are attracted by the bait at the bottom and move up the cone where they re trapped in the chamber and dehydrated by the sun 256001 256004 256020 257001 257004 arbico solar fly trap arbico solar fly trap 4 arbico solar fly trap 20 fly trap bait fly trap bait 4 $76.90 $74.50 $71.42 $6.25 $6.00 1-800-441-bugs lentek mini e-trap similar to the e-traptm but this model is smaller and portable the flying insects are lured in the trap by ultraviolet light as the insect enters it experiences a low voltage pulse which disables the insect that drops into a collection drawer 40092 40151 lentek mini e-trap ac power adaptor 6v 800ma bark free $29.95 $9.90 oak stump mosquito trap uses a mosquito egg pheromone which mosquitoes use to mark special egg-laying places mosquitoes are drawn into the trap to lay eggs and can not find the exit and will eventually tire and drown in the

biocontrol network paraclipse terminator durable and easy to clean two uv lamps and two booster reflectors increase the attraction to unit by more than 50 can be suspended from ceiling or positioned on a shelf/counter top auto advancing 60 day cartridge system 251350 250351 273891 273892 272917 paraclipse terminator paraclipse terminator 220v terminator replacement cartridge set of 4 terminator replacement cartridge case of 12 terminator replacement uv bulb 2 of 23 bulbs $324.00 $324.50 $71.10 $176.00 $33.00 1-800-441-bugs soldier bug attractor patented pheromone brings soldier bugs to your garden and keep pest insects under control once attracted the spined soldier bug reproduces to increase the protection and natural pest control in the garden 2671 the soldier bug attractor $7.50 arbico solar fly trap see fly control page 04 paraclipse fly patrol lightweight decorative and sanitary flying insect-attracting uv light device keeps your home safe and free from disease carrying flies

biocontrol network purple martin house starling resistant entry hole the new starling resistant entry hole opening commonly known as sreh is a great tool to use when helping the martins it s crescent shaped design allows easy access for the martin while being 99 effective in eliminating the starling 1441 1442 1443 1444 14601 1461 14620 14621 14622 14630 14631 14640 14641 1465 1466 1467 1468 sreh purple martin housex 8 unit condo sreh purple martin house 12 unit condo sreh purple martin house 16 unit condo sreh purple martin house 28 unit condo coates purple martin house add-a-floor -sreh universal base plate coates coates sreh doors 8 pack coates door plugs 12 pack original only coates porch dividers 6 pack coates telescoping pole 12 coates telescoping pole 12 hardware coates heavy duty pole 12 coates heavy duty pole 12 hardware coates heavy duty pole 12 w ground socket sparrow trap coates coates predator guard 12 unit coates predator guard 16 unit 1-800-441-bugs