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the bidvest butchery manufactures small goods and processes all cuts of meat required in the foodservice industry product is purchased direct from approved suppliers processed and delivered to customers through bidvest distribution centres quality is monitored all the way – paddock to plate there are two bidvest butchery sites one in christchurch and one in auckland opened in 2011 the south island butchery is located in harewood christchurch and opened in 2013 bidvest’s north island butchery is located in mt wellington auckland the butcheries are housed in purpose built food manufacturing premises they specialise in the portion cutting and packing of top quality primal beef while also manufacturing/processing minced and diced beef lamb and pork products they ensure a wide range of consistent high quality meat products are constantly available through bidvest foodservice branches fresh product is carefully selected to ensure it meets strict criteria and will deliver a

most popular beef cuts eye fillet or tenderloin generally the tenderest cut with very little exterior fat tapering from thick end to thin tail end a “mignon” is a flattish steak that is small in diameter while a larger piece cut from the middle of the fillet is called a “tournedo” a “chateaubriand” is a large piece cut from the thickest part of the fillet best cooked rare or medium rare scotch fillet rib-eye or cube roll larger than a fillet with a round or oval shape it has some marbling and usually has a strip of fat that runs through the length of the cube roll best cooked medium or medium rare striploin sirloin or porterhouse this is a tender close grained cut with exterior fat along one side there is some gristle under the fat which may be trimmed before cooking best cooked medium rare or until the fat is cooked topside lean medium tender with a coarse grain best cooked medium rare and will be dry if cooked to well done also used to make good

why does portion control cost more than the whole steak primals as can be seen there is a lot of residual waste with little or no value typical yield for sirloin is 75 loss is about 25 and 65 for the op rib and flintstone portioning loss is about 35 the following table shows indicative results from some yield tests yields will vary according to weight range size fat cover age of cuts used and quality of the finished product required these cuts were trimmed to a high level what this table shows is that a whole primal or muscle of meat converts into significantly smaller quantity of portion controlled meat with the difference being made up of trimmings offcuts and waste fat silverskin etc portion cut eye fillet sirloin scotch rump flintstone portion yield 76 76 90 74 65 downgraded wastage 24 24 10 26 35 includes trimmingsthat could go to mince and diced products and waste fat silverskin purge putting this into practice if a piece of eye fillet for example costing $23/kg is portion

most popular lamb cuts frenched rack lamb fillet full rack of usually eight ribs well-trimmed with the a small lean strip of meat the equivalent of the eye fillet backbone removed chined the meat is tender lean in beef has a covering of silverskin that can be removed and best served pink after a brief oven roast frenched before cooking this is not essential as the silverskin is means that the rib bones have been scraped bare to a very thin and not tough great for lamb salads a lovely prescribed measurement from the eye muscle this may tender piece of meat extend to the eye muscle as in a gourmet rack lamb rump boneless loin or backstrap from the top end of the leg this cut is now very a flat log shaped tender piece of meat with a fine popular on the menu it is an ideal single serve size texture and very little fat best seared and then roasted portion to pink great in lamb salads as well can be cap off leaving the ‘heart of the rump’ or cap on lamb legs with a covering of

pork cuts most tender least tender 2 loin b oneless loin sirloin 4 shoulder b oned rolled loin chops middle bacon 3 rack f renched rack middle bacon medium tender 1 leg ham w hole leg shoulder bacon 5 forequarter c uts 6 belly s pare ribs streaky bacon 7 hock boned rolled tied leg diced stir fry schnitzel cob ham 20 meat poultry solutions products may not be available at all branches images are serving suggestions

terms and information bacon – cured pork usually smoked boiling bacon – usually a shoulder cut champagne ham – ham with only shank bone remaining flavoured ham – honey or other flavouring agents are used in the curing process ham on the bone – ham with leg bones intact traditionally glazed and carved on a ham stand kaiser fleisch – smoked pork bellies cooked to 72˚c middle/side bacon – eye of the loin usually with a tail from the belly pancetta – air-dried smoked pork bellies pressed parma coppa – cured dried smoked scotch fillet pickled/corned pork – fresh pork cured in brine usually with sugar added prosciutto – pork leg cured and dried also known as parma ham shoulder bacon – sliced from the shoulder streaky bacon – the tail of the middle bacon and cut from the belly freshpork nz is a fully integrated business including the operation of a feed mill pig farm a dedicated pig processing

chicken on your menu waitoa free range chicken chicken is widely recognised as being the most popular waitoa free range stems from the lush green valleys new zealand protein this is due to the product’s versatility of the waikato region raised under accredited free taste and excellent nutritional value range standards by free range egg and poultry new 100 new zealand grown poultry comes in a broad range zealand frepnz with access to open spaces ensures of primal cuts whether bone in or out skin on or off the wide range of fresh or frozen cuts enable ease of preparation and handling while offering an endless array of menu options our products are sourced from new zealand’s leading manufacturers who are committed to product quality and stringent food safety standards this is achieved through the incorporation of food safety hazard analysis and critical control point haccp programs that meet new zealand and international standards certified by third party accreditation

venison cuts most tender least tender 2 saddle loin s hort loin 4 shoulder casserole tenderloin fillets 3 saddle rack frenched rack medium tender 1 leg denver 32 meat poultry solutions 5 neck 6 ribs 7 hind shank o sso bucco casserole 8 fore leg casserole products may not be available at all branches images are serving suggestions

halal islamic countries are a major export market for new zealand beef and lamb and most nz meat plants thus comply with the requirements of the halal process halal meat is also becoming increasingly important around the country on our menus as well our population is changing with many more diverse cultures now living and visiting new zealand halal slaughter is the method of slaughtering animals for meat in accordance with the shari’a of islam the ritual procedure can only be carried out by an accredited muslim halal slaughter man and the process is certified by halal-certifying authorities some key elements of halal slaughter are • the animal should be healthy and without injuries • the animal should be treated with respect and sympathy • no animal should see another animal die • the slaughter should be done by a practicing muslim • a blessing should be given before the cut • animals and slaughter men are faced towards mecca • a sharp

bacon bacon smart choice rindless manuka smoked streaky bacon 1kg pkt ● 172325 smart choice shoulder bacon 1kg pkt ● rind on 172326  rindless 172328 southern range pre-cooked manuka smoked streaky bacon 1kg pkt ● 2.5mm 172427  3.5mm 172454 manuka smoked streaky bacon quick to prepare and the perfect accompaniment for chicken dishes.  southern range shoulder bacon pre-cooked economy 1kg pkt ● 172329 manuka smoked honey cured bacon 100 nz pork a tasty and flavoursome solution for breakfasts and baking bacon southern range diced bacon ● 172457 1kg pkt add bacon bits to your pizza toppings muffin mixes and fillings smallgoods smart choice ham 1kg pkt ● shaved leg 172431  rbc sliced 172346 gas flushed shaved leg ham ideal for pizza toppings and sandwich fillings 40 meat poultry solutions bacon smart choice rindless middle bacon ● 172327 1kg pkt pre-cooked manuka smoked middle bacon ideal for light and main meals

bidvest is all about the food we ll always deliver quality so you can always serve it contact us today 0800 4 bidvest 424 383 auckland 09 573 7101 dunedin 03 470 1095 hawke’s bay 06 843 0555 new plymouth 06 751 2260 rotorua 07 345 9104 wanaka 03 443 4181 christchurch 03 384 4300 greymouth 03 768 6814 invercargill 03 214 9994 palmerston north 06 354 6164 tauranga 07 543 4016 wellington 04 237 2700 christchurch butchery 03 359 2770 hamilton 07 850 1150 nelson 03 547 5349 queenstown 03 450 9039 timaru 03 688 2123 whangarei 09 430 4925 visit us online whist we have made all attempts to ensure information is accurate bidvest accepts no liability for loss of sales from an error in the