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even more about beef on your menu ageing the tenderness of any cut of meat can be improved through ageing – a process whereby the meat is held at controlled temperatures to allow naturally occurring enzymes to break down the muscle tissue increasing tenderness and enhancing flavour it takes between 14 and 21 days for this breakdown to occur depending on the age and texture of the meat meat that has not been aged is not as tender and has less flavour meat can be aged on the bone or as whole cuts for your best creations in a controlled chilled temperature and humidity environment dry ageing or in a vacuum bag wet ageing the best result is thus achieved after about 3 to 4 weeks it goes without saying that this ageing process needs to take place in the appropriate temperature and storage environment vacuum packing get creating at when the vacuum bag is first opened there is a sour smell this is a normal occurrence sometimes called “confinement smell” and should disappear within 20 minutes the older the meat is the longer it usually takes for the odour to dissipate if the sff1035 bidvest beef 87.5x151mm p1.indd 1 odour is still present after 40 minutes or so the meat is probably off vacuum packaged beef is also a little pale when first opened this is caused by a lack of oxygen 12/10/12 4:03 pm angus or black angus renowned worldwide for its succulent rich flavour and natural marbling angus is also increasingly used in manufacturing cuts/meats for mincing as soon as the meat is exposed to the air for about and dicing 15 minutes it will “bloom’’ into a cherry red colour remember that the colour of the meat is not an hereford indicator of tenderness characterised by fine marbling and rich flavour – colour is a reflection on the ph level of the meat this is a relatively new program compared to the age sex and breed of the animal and the level angus of exposure to oxygen order online 24/7 bidvest butchery south island 4