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the bil customer contact centre efficiently coping with an ever-increasing workload monitoring and displaying call-handling information our customer contact centre calne uk bil group internal sales department bil call centre wall board with the continued growth of bil comes the need for more staff… works have now been completed on the conversion of our downstairs office and reception to form a new sales manager’s office and an extended sales department with additional workstations to keep pace with growing demand we now have eight sales desks and a further two sales managers’ desks on the ground floor of our calne headquarters this is an integral part of our overall expansion plan the further enlargement of this department has ensured that our customers keep receiving the most efficient user experience each and every call 4 as part of bil’s ongoing commitment to continually improve business processes and efficiencies a new digital call centre system has

as used by professionals lift and shift simple and safe moving systems for heavy and bulky loads of any size or shape in fact the best keeps getting better and better our skoots sk2000 models and above feature new solid heavy duty cast nylon wheels the face sides and bore are machined to tight tolerances to ensure a consistent quality product quality semi-precision ball bearings ensure that the wheels roll well under heavy loads with low starting and rolling resistance they represent a marked improvement in durability and usability precision engineering many design and material improvements have been made across the whole skoots range – including the use of high-grade smooth-bore tube combined with new specialist piston seals plus ‘back-up’ seals and wiper rings to improve the hydraulic system also the addition of a self-lubricating piston bush serves to support the piston rod when extended and helps make the unit even more rigid finally the introduction of a

skoots safe manoeuvrable simple to operate and require minimal training ® skoots moving equipment is a vital part of many industries’ health and safety measures sk1400 load capacity height width toe plate size hydraulic jack castors weight pair strap length pair 10 sk2000 1400kg 1160mm 510mm 380mm × 120mm max lift 400mm 125mm twin poly-tyre nylon wheels 108kg 3.8m each load capacity height width toe plate size hydraulic jack castors weight pair strap length pair tel 01249 822 222 five year frame warranty free uk on-site demo on all skoots 2000kg 1160mm 510mm 380mm × 120mm max lift 400mm 125mm single solid nylon wheels 102kg 3.8m

in-house capability from cad design to full-scale production our technical department operates the latest cad systems at bil all our skoots systems jacks and other materials handling equipment have been carefully designed to exacting standards that meet the precise requirements of each and every application our in-house technical capability ensures that all our products are matched with exacting specified manufacturing tolerances quality innovation and service precisely machined skoots components

independent load testing certification extensive field and lab testing to ensure product quality and safety the skoots brand stamp is our guarantee high quality innovative products which are built to last bil regularly test our skoots range products both in the field and in test facilities as part of a continuing process of refining and improving their reliability and lifespan bil adheres to strict qms 9001:2008 procedures to achieve the best quality output our systems are maintained and audited by third party consultants on a regular basis our technical control files have been audited by third party consultants for ce compliancy 16 tel 01249 822 222

skates standard range steerable skates our standard range of skates are rugged and designed to be used whenever heavy objects need to be moved 3 to 12 tonne capacity skstsk series wlwl • large diameter rollers for good even weight distribution offering maximum floor protection the platform swivels on this for steering around tight bends • quality thrust bearing • one metre draw bar included for even easier manoeuvring fixed on the platform to reduce risk of load slippage available in a convenient range of up to 12 tonnes • rubber non-slip pad • range of capacities 18 h model skstsk3 skstsk6 skstsk12 capacity 3 tonne 6 tonne 12 tonne type of roller nylon nylon steel number of rollers 4 8 8 roller size dia × w 85 × 90mm 85 × 90mm 83 × 85mm load plate area l × w 145 × 180mm 395 × 210mm 390 × 215mm dimensions l × w × h 230 × 280 × 105mm 530 × 630 × 115mm 670 × 640

adjustable skates these are designed to be used with our skstskhd series steerable skates 9 to 20 tonne capacity skadskhd series a professional range of very robust laterallyadjustable skates which are designed for use in conjuction with the skstskhd steerable skates series use one steerable skate in conjunction with one adjustable skate of the same load rating e.g skstsk9hd skadsk9hd 18 tonne capacity model skadsk9hd skadsk12hd skadsk20hd capacity 9 tonne 12 tonne 20 tonne load height 110mm 110mm 180mm roller size diameter × w 85 × 85mm 85 × 85mm 140 × 85mm number of rollers 16 16 load bearing area size 180 × 170mm 200 × 220mm 280 × 220mm length of adjustable connecting bar 1240mm 1240mm 1490mm net weight 34kg 45kg 95kg skate size l × w × h 290 × 265 × 110mm 380 × 285 × 110mm 370 × 400 × 180mm 12 nb finish colour supplied may differ from that illustrated 1380mm 1430mm 1635mm h l w phone 01249 822 222 to place your order

corner movers economy range low-level corner bogies specially designed to move awkward rectangular loads gives mobility in locations where normal equipment for such handling cannot be used robust construction • load platform covered with ribbed rubber for load protection cast aluminium steel corner mover using a transport jack and slide in corners then repeat for other side • sk100a and sk100b are made of • sk150 frame is made of pressed • 3pcs ball bearing castors on each • easy to position – lift one side of load • sold in sets of four only up to 150kg load capacity sk150 sk100b sk100a 24 model dimensions castor frame l × w × h mm diameter material net load weight height sk100a 305 × 165 × 85 50 × 20 aluminium 5.6kg 15mm 100kg sk100b 195 × 165 × 85 50 × 20 aluminium 4.8kg 15mm 100kg sk150 366 × 204 × 85 50 × 20 steel 15mm 150kg 8kg tel 01249 822 222 load capacity per

rotational jacks these toe jacks can be used vertically or horizontally and offer the additional versatility of a 360° rotating toe 100 272 100 840272 840840 840 100 —91 115 220 296 296240 296 58-273mm 368-573mm 420-650mm 505-720mm 38kg 40kg 25kg 35kg 25t 25t 25t 25t 40kg 102kg 920 840 —155 220 420 420420 420 459 459459 459 25t 175 215 190 283 210 283 210 175 283 175 210 283 175210 505 720 98 98 190 494 190 98 10t 190 98 280 108 142.5 220 90 205 280280 230 108 170 108 420 650 170 170 170 108 190 98 438 98 98 190 190 98 740740 30-260mm 920 840 215 494 494 494 494 420 650 205205 275 25-230mm 220220 275 275275 25 tonne —155 142.5 —155 —155 —155 142.5 142.5 142.5 90 90 90 90 205 280 93 93 140 93 205 140 125 74.5 213 5t 10 tonne 125 —76 140 368 573 140 93 230 438 438 438 205 205 213213 5 tonne 520 125125 213 190 77 115 10t10t 10t 520 115 115115 net weight 10t 230 438 368 573 —76—76 —76 420 650 420 650 230

many other materials handling requirements can be answered as the preferred supplier to many blue-chip companies throughout the uk and as an exporter to the wider eu area bil understand what hand trucks are all about our tried-and-tested range of aluminium hand platform and specialist trucks offer you many tangible benefits and lasting quality at an affordable price direct from the manufacturer phone us on 01249 822 222 or browse our website our sales team are here to help with years of experience they’ll give you a personal and efficient service – that’s guaranteed stay one step ahead of the competition by specifying bil castors and wheels get the catalogue now phone us to request a catalogue on 01249 822 222 or browse our website where you can either view it online and order a copy from there or simply view and buy our wheels and castors online wheels castors much more from 30 tel 01249 822 222

skoots ® and materials handling equipment with our comprehensive range of materials handling products plus plant and machinery handling equipment and over 10,000 different product lines of castors wheels and rollers manufactured by our parent company we are confident that we can supply you with a product to match your specific requirements promptly at a competitive price bil materials handling a division of bil group porte marsh road calne wiltshire sn11 9bw united kingdom our current group stock holding of components and finished goods at our european storage assembly and distribution facility based in calne uk is valued at over £2 million tried and tested you can rely on the bil brand for quality innovation and service tel +44 01249 822222 fax +44 01249 822300 call our sales team today to find out more materials handling ® skoots® alutruk® bil® are registered trademarks of bil group