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b imbapackagingproductandsolutionsguide food and beverage material handling and labeling general packaging

food and beverage within the food and beverage industry bimba actuators have been used to create a number of solutions from shrink wrapping and container sealing to filling and weighing bimba actuators offer a cost effective stainless steel answer to many packaging applications bimba s focus on providing solutions is seen in our product breadth which is the most expansive in the industry for roundline nfpa and low profile actuators and also our ability and willingness to work together with you to develop and provide engineered solutions to solve problems and support your continuous improvement efforts container filling uses bimba cylinders to activate a valve nozzle bimba flat-1 and trd nfpa cylinders used for heat sealing original line all stainless manufactured with 303 stainless steel end caps 303 stainless piston rod and a 304 stainless steel body this new product has been engineered specifically for packaging applications that will require wash down as well as many other

material handling and labeling whether working with customers to increase processing speeds or helping them with their demands for improved accuracies and efficiencies from valves and actuators bimba has been there every step of the way to help boost productivity while controlling costs within the material handling and labeling industries for example bimba s position control technology and position feedback cylinders are used every day to provide increased accuracy and optional control of production processed bimba original line cylinder used in conveyor material handling solutions for material handling and labeling printing a bimba non-contact position feedback cylinder with a rod lock and a pcs controller is used by a printer manufacturer to keep print heads from drying during power outages the platen can be accurately kept within a fraction of an inch of the print head using closed loop control when power fails the rod lock clamps the rod in position holding up the platen to

general packaging bimba s automation products can be used together to provide controlled multi-axis motion bimba actuators sort and seal product containers solutions for general packaging mead isonic valves mead isonic 2-way 3-way and 4-way modular valves eliminate the need for tube fittings isonic mod-3 valves have fast response simultaneous electrical pneumatic connection to the manifold low power consumption high chemical resistance and they are field bus controllable trd nfpa cylinders precision machined for consistent performance and long life trd s industry-leading line of nfpa tie rod cylinders deliver durability with quality and service that is unparalleled for air cylinders alternate materials such as the all stainless steel design and optional designs such as the triple rod or the micro adjust make trd the nfpa cylinder of choice for the packaging industry turn-key filling valve for bottom filling or simple fluid dispensing bimba has a standard turn-key solution a filling