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combinations how to work out your size mix and match in general the following combinations of sizes are possible by using an adaptor newer designs with a 40 cm connector 15.7 zip with all around zips can also be combined with older garments where the connector zip women s us eu measures 30 cm 11.8 6/6p/6l adaptor part number jacket 40 cm 15.7 in pants 30 cm 11.8 in 72 60 7 653 963 jacket 30 cm 11.8 in pants 40 cm 15.7 in 72 60 7 653 964 36/18/72 8/10/8p/10p/10l 38/40/19/20/76/80 12/14/12p/14p/12l/14l 42/44/21/22/84/88 see your dealer for pricing men s us eu 38/40/40l/38s/40s 48/50/98/102/24/25 42/44/40s/42s/44l/46l 52/54/25/26/106/110 46/48/4s/46s/48l/50l 56/58/27/28/114/118 50/52/48s/50s 60/62/29/30 54/56/50s/52s 64/66/30/32 see how you measure up it s essential that a motorcycling suit should fit properly if it s uncomfortably tight it can affect concentration while riding and the same goes if its flapping loose either way it s an irritation that will take your mind off the road and so compromise your safety jackets and pants also have to sit right on the wearer sleeves and trouser legs should never ride up because if they do it s not just a saftey issue it also means you re not properly protected against the elements that s why the cut of all bmw motorrad suits is specially designed for motorcycling use and why they all feature a wealth of adjustments expandable sections and clever details however the most important factor in ensuring a glove-like fit is still making sure that you get the right size bmw motorrad knows that riders come in all different body shapes and so its suits are available in a choice of over 40 different sizes to find the one that s right for you grab your tape measure and follow these simple instructions important the following size tables are only for your guidance they serve as the cut basis for this bmw motorrad rider equipment collection and are based on body dimensions unless otherwise indicated please follow the standard size chart for new items beginning in 2014 the cuts are divided into comfort and regular fits the new cuts are based on the respective area of application of the rider equipment a reference to the corresponding measurement chart can be found under the respective piece of clothing how to work out your size a height stand barefoot with your back to a door frame place a book on your head and use it to make a mark on the door frame measure the height from the floor to this mark b chest take this measurement while wearing a shirt or lightweight pullover pass the tape measure under your arms and take the measurement around the broadest part of the chest and over the shoulder blades c waist measure around the shirt just above the top of your trousers please esnure you are in a relaxed and natural position and do not hold in your stomach that way you ll ensure the trousers later sit comfortably d hips measure the distance around the body over the hips and the fillest part of the backside e outside leg measure the distance down the outside if your leg from the waist of your trousers to the sole of your foot d inside leg inseam measure the distance down the inside of your leg from the crotch seam to the sole of your foot.