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the art of the fine line t ext â–¶ matthi as me derer p hoto â–¶ dani e l cramer all of the products in the style kit collection on the following pages are available from 01/2017 to 08/2017 what do you do when you lose your inspiration sometimes all it takes is one good line and following it through the curve on your bike

a few friends drop by and keep chris from working after all they do have a good sales pitch miguel â–¶ logo t-shirt $35.00 c h ris â–¶ bmw motorrad polo shirt $60.00 ch ri s â–¶ logo sweatshirt unisex $95.00 l i v â–¶ logo t-shirt $35.00 logo easytube $21.00 when i was a kid i always wanted to be james cook c hris m i g uel â–¶ logo windbreaker unisex $110.00 liv â–¶ logo softshell jacket also available in men s $145.00

the rush of air 31 the venting suit left and airflow suit right t ext ▶ e ckhard g rauer p hoto ▶ dani e l cramer light breezy highly efficient – the venting and airflow suits demonstrate their status as true athletic wear when put to the test of midsummer heat both fabric both with mesh inserts both full-fledged motorcycle suits feels like you re wearing a t-shirt – but you re still protected venting airflow when it s hot proper ventilation takes top priority for a motorcyclist sitting in city traffic the name says it all — it s what the venting suit was made for woven from wear-resistant cordura denim and lots of mesh with light removable protectors in the right places back shoulders elbows knees and hips the mesh in the venting suit allows a cooling breeze to blow through your body stays at a comfortable temperature even when the air in the city is over 40 degrees celsius lightweight and comfortable the venting suit is perfectly designed for the

n i c k â–¶ doubler jacket in brown $599.00 nick â–¶ doubler jacket in brown $599.00 fill it up and keep going nick k at e â–¶ make life a ride easytube $21.00

t the dedicated bmw motorrad product managers don t just sit around every day in the comfort of their climate-controlled offices they frequently travel the world to accompany experts when testing prototypes – under the toughest conditions we met up with julia lein head of product development for motorcycle clothing and the style collections during the final testing phases of the new enduroguard suit instead of munich they took place way up north— in iceland setting standards as a clothing specialist in the late 1970s before the legendary r 80 g/s turned the industry upside down motorcycle clothing—from helmet to boots—was already an established part of the bmw motorrad product line functional clothing for long rides way off the paved roads followed in 1989 with the first enduro collection today almost 30 years later bmw motorrad riders have an extremely wide range to choose from the wide variety of special equipment for people and bikes has grown by leaps

ready to board t e xt â–¶ m at t h i as m e d erer p h oto â–¶ d an ielc ram er whatever chris does wherever he rides he always ends up back at the port at day s end

63 c hris â–¶ airshell jacket

play it again nick t e xt â–¶ matthi as me derer p h oto â–¶ dani e l cramer all of the products in the style kit collection on the following pages are available from 09/2017 it is said that without music life wouldn t be worth living there s no question that a good song is like a journey ideal for a rainy day

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