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with amusement like this you ll never want to park joy wants to play the bmw series convertible offers roadholding thrills that rival a roller coaster on a summer day near-perfect weight distribution front to rear provides exceptional balance its taut suspension inspires cornering confidence blended with a ride that is smooth while providing the road feel required for precise driving active steering makes it easier to carve tight turns or park in tight spaces while providing greater stability at higher speeds you can even add steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters to pop off gear changes just like a racecar driver all the while dynamic stability control and dynamic traction control help you take performance to the max without breaking the envelope please keep hands inside the cockpit until car comes to a complete stop for details on the availability of standard and optional features please refer to the equipment charts section at the back of this brochure 12 13

a galaxy of fresh lighting ideas joy is brilliant consider the new lighting for the series convertible at the front circling the daylight-bright xenon headlights are four corona headlight-rings now powered by bright led lights also used as daytime running lights the headlight-rings distinctive look announces your presence to other drivers the far edge of each headlight fixture is illuminated with a daring led string array above a new light trim bar gives the series convertible a focused look moving to the rear new long-lasting led tail and brakelights are arrayed in horizontal tubes that illuminate simultaneously creating a unique eye-catching design with depth and dimension and inside the cabin the drama of warm ambiance interior lighting streaming down from under the ledge on the door and side panels puts you and your passengers at ease it s easy to see your bmw series convertible will own the night 18 19

joy delights to the touch when that touch happens to be on a hot sunny day with your top down you ll feel the comfort of cooler seats thanks to innovative sun-reflective technology the dakota leather-upholstered seats stay up to cooler in direct sunlight than conventional leather if you think that s cool add the sport package and enjoy -way power front sport seats with adjustable side bolsters and thigh support to hold you and your passenger firmly in place while cornering all the while you re surrounded by quality materials crafted with skill and care all controls are designed and precisely positioned for intuitive ergonomics so you concentrate on the road ahead not knobs below come sit buckle up and wrap your fingers around the leather-wrapped sport steering wheel in an instant you ll know you re about to experience something special the joy of the ultimate driving machine.® for details on the availability of standard and optional features please refer to the equipment charts

everything revolves around joy several thousand times per minute lb-ft of torque ­ rpm torque lb-ft power output horsepower engine speed rpm the new bmw convertible i with twinpower turbo technology maximum output combined with minimum fuel consumption engines that power innovation year after year numerous bmw engines have garnered accolades for their output refinement and high-revving ability among this pantheon of powerplants the most frequently honored has been the inline six-cylinder it is only natural then that bmw has poured its expertise into providing three exceptional inline sixcylinder engines for the new series convertible all are designed to deliver on bmw s efficientdynamics philosophy increased power with decreased fuel consumption and emissions whichever engine you select you ll enjoy the thrill of bmw performance while helping to protect the environment every day bmw i twinpower turbo this unique new engine combines a twin-scroll twinpower turbo high precision direct

bmw assisttm ­ information with bmw searchtm i get online directions and maps can check the weather and even see how my stocks are doing bmw assist ­ safety whenever i m far from home i have peace of mind knowing that bmw assist is right there ready to help me should i need it bmw search allows online access to up-to-date fuel prices and gas station locations the latest weather forecasts advisories and warnings dow jones s&p and nasdaq indices updated by bloomberg and the powerful reach of the google mapstm database ­ all delivered on the control display inside your vehicle two for the road bmw assist safety plan and bmw assist convenience plan bmw assist safety plan gives you peace of mind knowing that a friendly response specialist is there to help you at the touch of a button series convertibles equipped with bmw assist provide four years of a wide range of services at no additional charge the safety plan includes automatic collision notification emergency request sos

combination examples colors equipment equipment charts technical data bmw services exterior colors upholstery materials and colors alpine white non-metallic a crimson red non-metallic jet black non-metallic kage cream beige leatherette kasw black leatherette a mineral white metallic titanium silver metallic a platinum bronze metallic lcsw black dakota leather lcad gray dakota leather lccx oyster/black dakota leather blue water metallic a deep sea blue metallic a montego blue metallic lcge cream beige dakota leather please refer to the recommended color combinations chart on page for details on limitations and exclusivity when selecting series convertible exterior paint colors and upholstery materials and colors lcd coral red/black dakota leather lcd saddle brown dakota leather le mans blue metallic a vermilion red metallic a space gray metallic a mojave metallic a tasman green metallic black sapphire metallic not available with m sport package available in is requires m sport

combination examples colors equipment equipment charts technical data bmw services standard/optional equipment v spoke style x light alloy wheels with run-flat allseason tires standard on i star spoke style x light alloy wheels with run-flat all-season tires standard on i -speed steptronic automatic transmission provides a choice of three modes drive with adaptive transmission control sport and steptronic automatic for manual control without a clutch steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters are automatically added when ordered with sport or m sport package -speed manual transmission delivers a precise athletic feel its responsiveness is due in part to the enhanced synchronization of shifts from neutral to each gear a shortened shift lever and throw add to the sporty feel of the gearbox the sixth gear drops revs at highway speeds for smooth cruising star spoke style light alloy wheels with run-flat performance tires in front x wheels with tires in back x wheels with

combination examples colors equipment equipment charts technical data bmw services 335is high performance model new for the is ­ a high performance convertible with performance features as impressive as its looks the is starts with the m sport package features then kicks performance up a notch by increasing horsepower to and torque to lb-ft ­ with a boost to lb-ft with all this power on tap oil and water coolers have been added to provide increased cooling capacity those who demand hands-on control will delight in the -speed manual transmission s m sport short gearshift knob a lightning-quick -speed sport automatic double clutch transmission with paddle shifters is also available additional interior features include high-quality steel pedal pads dark glacier aluminum trim an instrument cluster with a colored dial and special is badging a sport exhaust system with black chrome-plated tailpipes finishes the rear diffuser of the m sport rear bumper three-spoke leather-wrapped

combination examples colors equipment equipment charts technical data bmw services sport package not available with m sport package steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters included with -speed double clutch transmission require and are automatically added with sport package and steptronic transmission star spoke style light alloy wheels x front x rear front rear run-flat performance tires v spoke style light alloy wheels x front x rear front rear run-flat performance tires star spoke style light alloy wheels x front x rear front rear run-flat performance tires requires sport package -way power front sport seats with adjustable side bolsters -way manual headrests with active head restraints feature and thigh support driver memory for exterior mirror and seat positions sport suspension calibration increased top-speed limiter i i is stand-alone optional equipment -speed steptronic automatic transmission with adaptive transmission control -speed sport automatic double clutch

more about bmw bmwusa.com bmw the ultimate driving machine® bmw and the environment bmw is a strong proponent of the environment and social responsibility it is important to manage the earth s resources responsibly and not jeopardize the needs of future generations that is why bmw makes vehicles that minimize adverse environmental impact from production pollution prevention and waste minimization at the plant through owner use low emissions to eventual disposal easy drainability of all fluidrelated components and easy neutralization of all pyrotechnic devices this effort has been recognized worldwide and as a result we are pleased to have received numerous environmental honors in the u.s for example the environmental protection agency accepted bmw s spartanburg sc production and manufacturing facility as a charter member of the agency s national environmental performance track internationally bmw ag ­ the parent company of both bmw of north america and bmw manufacturing co