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exterior 06 07 merging time-honored design values with forwardlooking ideas the bmw series is instantly recognizable its sweeping profi le with set-back passenger cabin reveals artful sculpted details with every glance while conveying its confi dent muscular power in front the signature twin-kidney grille is rendered higher and wider channeling more air to bmw s powerful engines so they can breathe more deeply distinctive corona headlightrings in the familiar four-headlight bmw visage serve as daytime running lights a unique roofl ine and longer rear doors distinguish the long-wheelbase models hinting at the greater room to stretch out in the rear

interior 16 17 a cockpit to make a private jet pilot envious an instrument panel that comes to life from behind a black panel display is the fi rst sign of the series remarkable blend of advanced technology and innovative luxury in true bmw fashion controls are driver-oriented and easy to reach driving controls are to the left comfort controls are to the right and using them becomes second nature the head-up display projects vehicle speed and driving information on the windshield directly in the driver s line of sight bmw s redesigned idrive controller is more intuitive than ever to use and presents more options at eye level on a -inch lcd screen it includes eight programmable memory buttons that let you store your most frequently accessed functions and like idrive the standard navigation and audio systems also respond to your voice commands for details on the availability of standard and optional features please refer to the standard equipment optional equipment charts at the

exterior long-wheelbase version 24

bmw efficient dynamics ­ vehicles that require little and give a lot bmw was one of the fi rst automotive manufacturers to pursue effi cient driving technologies ­ one part of our award-winning sustainability strategy our commitment to effi cientdynamics means we are continuously developing innovative systems that bring us closer to our long-term goal of emissions-free mobility however we remain equally committed to driving pleasure which is being pursued in different ways first there is the continuing optimization of conventional diesel and gasoline-powered models second bmw hybrid vehicles are already on the road third the fi rst electrically powered bmw ­ the bmw activee ­ is being distributed in a fi eld trial to customers and fourth the fl eet of bmw hydrogen vehicles impressively demonstrated the potential for combining hydrogen drive with a combustion engine since bmw has been able to reduce the co emissions of its entire fl eet by approximately percent bmw has rolled out

40 41 driving dynamics control xdrive an ideal balance dynamic handling and a comfortable ride bmw engineers are not magicians but they do have a way of transforming inert materials into vehicles that come alive on the road as no others do it starts with the series aluminum suspension components that reduce unsprung weight you feel the benefi t in the way the series so adroitly tames curves and absorbs bumps but no two curves bumps or dips in the road are alike that s why with dynamic damping control the series responds to each individually controlled by a super-fast computer dynamic damping control adjusts suspension damping ­ the shock absorbers ­ nearly instantaneously as you drive sensors read the road and convey data to the control unit every milliseconds that s times per second or about times quicker than the blink of an eye suspension adjustments occur far too quickly for you to feel them what you do feel is the result when dynamic damping control is combined with

headlights bmw night vision head-up display 48 49 the night vision with pedestrian detection feature identifi es people and determines their position and distance from the car depending on the vehicle s speed a warning is triggered if necessary when night vision is combined with the head-up display the pedestrian warning is also projected directly into the driver s fi eld of vision the warning is activated when the car is approximately feet from the pedestrian the head-up display shows important driving information directly in front of the driver so concentration remains focused on the road this increases driver comfort and the safety margin for other road users the driver selects the information to be shown on the head-up display such as vehicle speed it can also display navigation system arrows check control information and alerts from the lane departure warning system the bmw series the ability to see ­ and be seen the headlight clusters in the series are strikingly designed

selection examples 56 57 white knight the choice of modern heroes a li in mineral white metallic paint mounted on gleaming multi spoke alloy wheels and run-fl at all-season tires the interior is clad in classic saddle brown and black nappa leather and trimmed in fine line matte wood comfort pleasures such as ventilated front seats and a heated steering wheel come to your rescue on the hottest and coldest days run-flat tires do not come equipped with a spare tire and wheel dressed to thrill make a dramatic entrance in a i sedan bathed in deep rich black sapphire metallic paint and accented by radial spoke alloy wheels inside elegant oyster nappa leather upholstery is set off by dark ash grain wood trim this series is available with intelligence features to make a secret agent envious night vision with pedestrian detection can not only identify people and animals up to feet away in the dark it shows the direction of their movements on the idrive screen and head-up display later when it

standard equipment optional equipment standard optional equipment 64 65 rear-seat entertainment includes two -inch color screens integrated into the back of the front seats the tilt-adjustable monitors can be operated independently all audio and video sources in the vehicle can be operated from the rear using an additional controller european screens shown bmw ambiance lighting located in the door sills door handles map pockets storage compartments and the back of the front seats creates a warm red illumination when the exterior door handles are opened both the handles and ground below are illuminated for an added margin of safety and convenience vanity mirrors which automatically illuminate when accessed are integrated into the li li li xdrive activehybrid li and li rear rooflining and positioned directly forward of the two outer seats power two-way glass moonroof with remote expanded one-touch operation slides back or tilts up to let in as much fresh air and sky as you like while

bmw individual bmw accessories 72 73 make it uniquely yours ­ with original bmw accessories create a special vehicle that s a reflection of you the bmw individual 7 series if you have ever wanted to drive a bmw as unique as it is elegant the bmw individual composition 7 series package can turn this dream into vibrant reality in addition to regular 7 series colors a choice of four distinctive paints offer greater color intensity and more dramatic effects than traditional metallic paints an innovative five-coat paint process generates a two-tone iridescence that creates ever-changing nuances in sun and shadow in the sunlight moonstone metallic and citrin black metallic paint finishes shown below shimmer with extraordinarily intense color and millions of tiny sparkling crystals inside a selection of three upholstery colors and three wood trims are transformed by master craftsmen into a truly stunning customized vehicle fine-grain merino leather goes through an extremely mild treatment

standard optional equipment 80 81 model year activehybrid and li content shown in brochure model year will be available september activehybrid 750i activehybrid 750li activehybrid 750i activehybrid 750li 750li xdrive 750li xdrive 750i xdrive 750i xdrive 760li instrumentation and controls power tilt/telescopic leather-wrapped multi-function steering wheel with audio and phone controls auto tilt-away for entry and exit power tilt/telescopic leather-wrapped multi-function sport steering wheel with audio and phone control power tilt/telescopic leather-wrapped multi-function m sport steering wheel with audio and phone control power tilt/telescopic wood inlay steering wheel with audio and phone control not available with m sport package requires bmw individual composition package electronic analog speedometer and tachometer black panel display with lcd main and trip odometer displays and warning indicators in dial faces activehybrid display showing the electric drive mode in the

more about bmw bmwusa.com 1-800-334-4bmw the ultimate driving machine® bmw and the environment bmw is a strong proponent of the environment and social responsibility we launched bmw effi cientdynamics back in 2000 ­ the philosophy of providing greater power with increased effi ciency and fewer emissions this has resulted in signifi cant benefi ts today ­ for our customers the climate and the environment that year ecological sustainability was also declared one of bmw s core strategic principles it is now fi rmly anchored in our entire production chain it starts with the development of fuel-saving and alternative vehicle concepts continues with environmentally friendly production processes and ends with innovative recycling methods this effort has been recognized worldwide in 1999 bmw ag ­ the parent company of bmw of north america and bmw manufacturing co in spartanburg sc ­ was the fi rst automotive company to be represented on the dow jones sustainability group index it has