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the powerful allure of the engine start button the all-new series convertible begs to be driven so if you must get out every now and then to eat sleep or merely stretch your legs don t be surprised to fi nd yourself looking back at the all-new series its powerfully sculpted lines and surfaces attract the eye ­ but its engine start button is irresistible to the driver the all-new bmw series convertible evokes soulstirring modern art in which every line and shape contributes to the beautiful effect 06 07

on this stage the car supports the star ­ you bmw connecteddrive makes everyday driving easier in the all-new bmw series convertible innovative assist systems are focused on you the driver a full-color head-up display streams relevant data such as road speed and navigation system instructions directly onto the windshield helping you keep your eyes on the road when you arrive not only can the parking assistant feature tell whether you ll fit into a parking spot ­ it can even do the parking for you enjoy the road ahead with the full-color head-up display that projects vital driving data into clear view for details on the availability of standard and optional features please refer to the equipment charts at the back of this brochure 12 13 driver assistance

here driver and passengers become host and guests even after parking with the top down in the sun the interior is the ultimate in comfort thanks to leather seats with sun-refl ective technology and the ventilated front seats cooling airfl ow this is one in which everyone enjoys the ride a welcoming environment is one in which extraordinary care is lavished on craftsmanship and detail in the all-new series convertible natural wood trim surrounds -way power multi-contour front seats available with ventilation with the top down even the darkest-colored nappa leather seats stay cooler thanks to sun-reflective technology further enhancing your comfort is a climate control system that adapts to the individual needs of driver and passengers for details on the availability of standard and optional features please refer to the equipment charts at the back of this brochure 24 25 interior

it all revolves around you several thousand times per minute engines that power innovation year after year bmw engines have garnered accolades for their output refinement and high-revving ability beneath the long hood of the all-new series convertible is one of the world s most sophisticated engines it is designed to deliver on bmw s efficientdynamics philosophy increased power with decreased fuel consumption and emissions you ll enjoy the thrill of bmw performance while helping to protect the environment every day the best foundation for dynamic performance a superior chassis the all-new bmw series convertible can be equipped with a whole host of innovative technologies to help you get the most out of each drive many of these systems are intelligently networked with each other maximizing your active safety quotient ­ and your driving pleasure torque lb-ft power horsepower engine speed rpm impressive with lb-ft of maximum torque the twinpower turbo v engine in the all-new bmw i

stay totally in touch wherever you go ­ with bmw connected drive whether you re far from home or just in the next town bmw assisttm offers convenience and peace of mind there are new connecteddrive features that extend bmw s leadership in wireless communications marvel at an extensive array of new mobile office functions get a visual image of your callers with bmw assist you enjoy all this ­ and more bmw assist gives you peace of mind knowing that a friendly response specialist is there to help you at the touch of a button the safety plan includes automatic collision notifi cation emergency request sos teleservice enhanced roadside assistance door unlock stolen vehicle recovery customer relations and myinfo the convenience plan adds personalized directions traffi c and weather reports bmw online and concierge services for restaurant and hotel recommendations with the destination address and phone number sent to your bmw make up to four operator-assisted calls per year with

combination examples colors equipment equipment charts technical data bmw services exterior colors upholstery colors jet black non-metallic alpine white non-metallic nasw black nappa leather naex ivory white nappa leather black sapphire metallic titanium silver metallic naez cinnamon brown nappa leather naby vermilion red nappa leather a space gray metallic a orion silver metallic contrast stitching a vermilion red metallic a deep sea blue metallic vermilion red contrast stitching ivory white contrast stitching a mojave metallic cinnamon brown contrast stitching gray contrast stitching requires black nappa leather upholstery nappa leather with sun-re ective technology includes seat and backrest panels of front and rear seats headrests seat and backrest sides door trims door armrests and rear side trims with armrests included with leather-covered instrument panel option contrast stitching matches seat color except for gray contrast stitching with black nappa leather upholstery the

combination examples colors equipment equipment charts technical data bmw services standard/optional equipment ceramic controls present a deep black glazed fi nish to various controls such as the idrive controller bezel front and rear ventilation controls and audio controls the black ceramic provides a rich custom look and unusually unique feel to the interior black nappa leather with contrast stitching covers the series convertible s instrument panel upper door side trims and center console extending the rich look and feel of the interior the contrast stitching matches the nappa leather seat upholstery color black nappa leather seats come with gray contrast stitching side-view cameras positioned in the front bumpers show on the control display video images of traffic approaching the front of the vehicle from the sides such as when exiting a garage or parking space the top-view camera provides video images of the road alongside the doors taken by cameras positioned in the exterior

combination examples colors equipment equipment charts technical data bmw services standard/optional equipment original bmw accessories door entry sills include metal inserts fi nished in high-gloss chrome with a fi ne-brushed aluminum surround for durability when the doors are opened the bmw logo and adjacent strips in each door sill illuminate ­ a practical and elegant design feature ski bag accommodates up to two pairs of skis or other long objects for practical transport inside the vehicle even when rear seats are occupied the bag protects transported items as well as the vehicle interior from damage and can be tucked away out of sight in the backrest when not in use leave a sporty impression with carbon fiber exterior mirror caps and -inch multi spoke style bi-color/black burnished light alloy wheels snap-in adapter with usb interface plays stored music through your vehicle speakers charges the phone and accesses the car antenna for better reception bmw s selection of trunk

equipment combinations colors equipment equipment charts technical data bmw services weight unladen weight manual transmission automatic transmission weight distribution front/rear manual transmission automatic transmission lbs lbs 650i convertible wheels tire dimensions 650i convertible 19 x 8.5 light alloy wheel dimensions material electrical system battery capacity ah a w engine type/valves per cylinders displacement bore/stroke nominal output rpm maximum torque rpm compression ratio cu cm inch hp lb ft twinpower turbo v ­ ­ alternator output 1365 transmission manual gear ratios reverse gear ratio final drive ratio automatic gear ratios reverse gear ratio final drive ratio i ii iii iv v vi i ii iii iv v vi vii viii performance top speed1 acceleration ­ 2 mph sec 130 fuel consumption manual transmission city highway automatic transmission city highway fuel tank capacity approx mpg gal mpg

more about bmw bmwusa.com bmw the ultimate driving machine® bmw and the environment bmw is a strong proponent of the environment and social responsibility we launched bmw effi cientdynamics back in 2000 ­ the philosophy of providing greater power with increased effi ciency and fewer emissions this has resulted in signifi cant benefi ts today ­ for our customers the climate and the environment that year ecological sustainability was also declared one of bmw s core strategic principles it is now fi rmly anchored in our entire production chain it starts with the development of fuel-saving and alternative vehicle concepts continues with environmentally friendly production processes and ends with innovative recycling methods this effort has been recognized worldwide in 1999 bmw ag ­ the parent company of bmw of north america and bmw manufacturing co in spartanburg sc ­ was the fi rst automotive company to be represented on the dow jones sustainability group index it has remained on