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with amusement like this you ll never want to park you are invited to play the series convertible offers roadholding thrills that rival a roller coaster on a summer day near-perfect weight distribution front to rear provides exceptional balance its taut suspension inspires cornering confi dence blended with a ride that is smooth while providing the road-feel required for precise driving active steering makes it easier to carve tight turns or park in tight spaces while providing greater stability at higher speeds you can even add steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters to pop off gear changes just like a racecar driver all the while dynamic stability control and dynamic traction control help you take performance to the max without breaking the envelope please keep hands inside the cockpit until car comes to a complete stop get the latest information on bmw standard and optional features packages and technical specifi cations visit bmwusa.com select the bmw model of your choice and click

a galaxy of fresh lighting ideas consider this brilliant idea the lighting for the series convertible at the front circling the daylight-bright xenon headlights are four corona headlight-rings powered by bright led lights also used as daytime running lights the headlight-rings distinctive look announces your presence to other drivers the far edge of each headlight fi xture is illuminated with a daring led string array above a light trim bar gives the series convertible a focused look moving to the rear long-lasting led tail and brakelights are arrayed in horizontal tubes that illuminate simultaneously creating a unique eye-catching design with depth and dimension and inside the cabin the drama of warm ambiance interior lighting streaming down from under the ledge on the door and side panels puts you and your passengers at ease it s easy to see your series convertible will own the night 18 19

a bmw s interior delights the sense of touch and when that touch happens to be on a hot sunny day with your top down you ll feel the comfort of cooler seats thanks to innovative sun-refl ective technology the dakota leather-upholstered seats stay up to percent cooler in direct sunlight than conventional leather if you think that s cool the m sport package adds -way power front sport seats with adjustable side bolsters and thigh support to hold you and your passenger fi rmly in place while cornering all the while you re surrounded by quality materials crafted with skill and care all controls are designed and precisely positioned for intuitive ergonomics so you can concentrate on the road ahead not knobs below come sit buckle up and wrap your fi ngers around the leather-wrapped m sport steering wheel in an instant you ll know you re about to experience something special the pleasure of the ultimate driving machine.® get the latest information on bmw standard and optional features

satisfying power served up in three exciting flavors torque lb-ft lb-ft of torque ­ rpm power output horsepower power output horsepower torque lb-ft engine speed rpm the bmw convertible fi fi i with twinpower turbo technology maximum output combined with minimum fuel consumption engines that power innovation year after year numerous bmw engines have garnered accolades for their output refinement and high-revving ability among this pantheon of powerplants the most frequently honored has been the inline six-cylinder it is only natural then that bmw has poured its expertise into providing three exceptional inline six-cylinder engines for the series convertible all are designed to deliver on bmw s efficientdynamics philosophy increased power with decreased fuel consumption and emissions whichever engine you select you ll enjoy the thrill of bmw performance while helping to protect the environment every day bmw i twinpower turbo this unique engine combines a twin-scroll twinpower turbo

bmw connecteddrive in touch with your world connected drive bmw s intelligent network of driver car and environment today s technology allows greater interactivity between vehicles consumer electronics the internet and the driver in a bmw this is called connecteddrive bmw connecteddrive offers innovations in the areas of convenience safety and infotainment although these electronic systems will never replace the joy of driving they do enhance the driving experience take for example automatic high beams that optimize nighttime visibility while making sure oncoming traffi c isn t dazzled or bmw s on-board navigation system which helps you plan your route its hard drive even has room to store your favorite music the navigation system also includes real time traffi c information which helps you avoid traffi c jams no matter where you go in a bmw you re connected with the world bmwusa.com/connecteddrive in dark unlit areas automatic high beams give me all the light i need without dazzling

combination examples bmw 335is high performance colors and materials equipment features and options technical data bmw services serious performance spoken here elegance under the sun white-hot on the outside intense black on the inside and outfi tted with the m sport package this bmw i convertible means business if the look of no-nonsense performance is your style opt for the alpine white exterior paint and black dakota leather interior the m sport package is your ticket to a stiffer m sport suspension and -inch star spoke style m light alloy wheels with run-fl at performance tires as well as highly supportive front sport seats exclusive dark glacier aluminum trim and a multi-function m sport steering wheel that includes paddle-shifters when combined with the steptronic automatic transmission the fi i convertible interior makes a sophisticated statement in oyster/black dakota leather with elegant dark burl walnut wood trim outside the liquid blue metallic paint is set off by -inch v

combination examples bmw 335is high performance colors and materials equipment features and options technical data bmw services interior trims recommended color combinations bmw upholstery colors b aluminum wa dark glacier aluminum ab dark burl walnut wood upholstery materials leatherette1 dakota leather2 coral red/black black black please refer to the recommended color combinations chart on the facing page for details on limitations and exclusivity when selecting bmw series convertible interior trims bmw exterior colors 300 alpine white3 non-metallic a61 crimson red4 non-metallic 668 jet black4 7 non-metallic a96 mineral white metallic6 354 titanium silver metallic6 a92 orion silver metallic5 b40 liquid blue metallic5 a76 deep sea blue metallic5 381 le mans blue metallic8 a82 vermilion red metallic5 a52 space gray metallic6 475 black sapphire metallic6 bmw interior trims 4b9 aluminum trim7 4wa dark glacier aluminum9 4ab dark burl walnut wood3 7 4a3 light burl walnut wood7 4by bamboo

combination examples bmw 335is high performance colors and materials equipment features and options technical data bmw services equipment features and options three-spoke leather-wrapped multi-function sport steering wheel lets you keep both hands on the wheel while adjusting various comfort functions such as changing the radio cd selections and volume three-spoke leather-wrapped multi-function m sport steering wheel included in the m sport package and is provides excellent grip with its thicker leather-wrapped rim and pronounced thumb profile memory buttons provide access to the most frequently used functions of the idrive system the six convenient buttons allow the driver and front passenger to store and then easily access any functions of the navigation system the audio system ­ including specific radio stations or cd tracks and the bluetooth® enabled mobile phone if so equipped automatic climate control system allows occupants to select a specific cabin temperature and choice

combination examples bmw 335is high performance colors and materials equipment features and options technical data bmw services weight unladen weight distribution front/rear manual transmission automatic transmission lbs i i is tires and wheels tire dimensions wheel dimensions standard standard standard i x light alloy i x light alloy is front ­ rear x front ­ x rear light alloy material brakes engine liter/type/valves per cylinder bore/stroke nominal output/rpm maximum torque/rpm compression ratio fuel grade inch hp lb-ft /inline unleaded premium twinpower turbo /inline unleaded premium twinpower turbo /inline unleaded premium front ­ diameter rear ­ diameter inch inch transmission manual gear ratios i/ii iii/iv v /vi /r final drive ratio automatic gear ratios i/ii iii/iv v /vi /vi i/r final drive ratio performance drag

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