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sporty responsive desirable a true bmw original again rediscover today s bmw series coupe 06 07

bmw connecteddrive in touch with your world classic driving thrills meet the st century get hooked up with bmw connecteddrive while its handling echoes bmw s high-performance heritage the series coupe is strictly futuredriven today drivers and passengers require advanced communication capabilities connecteddrive lets you stay in touch with your life and your music all with your safety and comfort in mind looking for the location of that hot new restaurant a quick google® search ­ done on your idrive display screen ­ not only fi nds the address but sends it to your navigation system to direct you there want to check your text messages a text-tospeech feature reads them aloud allowing you to keep your eyes on the road need to return a missed call advanced bluetooth® connectivity along with enhanced idrive functionality makes it easy to do so from your bmw you can even use your display screen to view your phonebook info at a glance another benefi t of bluetooth connectivity the

in the giant wind tunnel at the bmw group s aerodynamic test center in munich driving reality is turned inside out it s the vehicle that stays still while its environment moves around it a huge rotor that consumes megawatts of power drives cubic yards of air around an airfl ow ring before reaching the test track the air is forced through a duct to accelerate its speed six times road conditions are simulated using fi ve thin steel rolling tracks the wheels of the test vehicle are driven by four narrow belts while the long central belt under the car moves at exactly the same speed this complex arrangement ensures that the airfl ow at the car s undercarriage wheels and wheel arches is almost identical to that of a real driving situation it s as if the very road itself were being put to the test when it comes to aerodynamics a percent reduction in air resistance leads to a good percent reduction in fuel consumption although the series coupe body is already aerodynamically optimized it

a firmly held belief in comfort bmw seats are regarded as the gold standard of safety and sportiness even at high speeds sport seats let drivers enjoy complete control and outstanding comfort driving requires total concentration ­ and a steady secure seating position that allows you to interact intuitively with your vehicle s controls at all times from the steering wheel to the navigation system to the brake pedal no surprise then that the comfort and support of the series coupe s seats are an important part of the driving experience in fact bmw seats are regarded by experts as a gold standard in terms of comfort safety features and sportiness when designing seats equal importance is given to passive safety features including side airbags that are stowed in the seatbacks and by their headrests yet bmw seats are designed to accommodate occupants of all sizes with extensive levels of adjustment for even greater front-seat comfort the eight-way power front sport seats included in the is

the heart of the innovative series coupe times three as remarkable as it may seem the series coupe engine options are perfectly suited to the vehicle which model you choose is only a matter of personal preference the i offers exhilarating horsepower and torque in combination with compelling fuel effi ciency the i and is deliver even more power under the hood via bmw s twinpower turbo technology while maintaining excellent fuel economy whichever way you go the series coupe turns every drive into pure enjoyment 525 333 295.0 265.5 268 241 215 188 torque lb-ft 161 134 107 80 53 26 0 0 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000 engine speed rpm power output horsepower 450 285 236.0 375 torque lb-ft 300 237 206.5 177.0 190 147.5 118.0 power output horsepower 88.5 59.0 29.5 0 225 142 power output horsepower 150 power output horsepower torque lb-ft 75 95 47 0 0 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000 8000 0 engine speed rpm torque lb-ft the bmw twinpower turbo inline six-cylinder engine in the i delivers

bmw connecteddrive in touch with your world bmw connected drive driver vehicle and world intelligently networked today s technology allows greater interactivity between vehicles consumer electronics the internet and the driver in a bmw this is called connecteddrive bmw connecteddrive offers innovations in the areas of convenience safety and infotainment although these electronic systems will never replace the joy of driving they do enhance the driving experience take for example bmw s on-board navigation system which helps you plan your route and also helps you avoid traffi c jams by providing real time traffi c information its hard drive even has room to store your favorite music concerned about the weather you ll encounter on your trip with bmw online you can access current weather conditions as well as check the latest forecast and to help you back into that tight parking space utilize park distance control and view your progress on the display screen to make parking easier than it

combination examples is coupe features colors and materials equipment features and options m sport package features bmw accessories/build your own technical data/bmw services dramatic meets dynamic sporty by day elegant by night black sapphire metallic paint is a sophisticated offering in the series coupe palette chrome-line exterior trim and sculpted x style star spoke light alloy wheels add gleaming metallic accents when you enter the cabin of this i enchanting oyster boston leather upholstery and light burl walnut wood trim provide a striking counterpoint to the dark exterior offering a warm welcome wheel and tire specifi cations are subject to change get the latest information on bmw standard and optional features packages and technical specifi cations visit bmwusa.com select the bmw model of your choice and click on features specs the front apron of the i exhibits an innovative blend of form and function bmw s air curtain feature funnels airfl ow into narrow openings on the

combination examples is coupe features colors and materials equipment features and options m sport package features bmw accessories/build your own technical data/bmw services interior trims recommended color combinations materials leatherette boston leather at high-gloss black dh alpine white upholstery colors exterior colors b a alpine white non-metallic taupe black black oyster taupe savanna beige/black coral red terracotta black w/blue stitching jet black non-metallic mineral gray metallic carbon black metallic titanium silver metallic cashmere silver metallic black sapphire metallic space gray metallic blue water metallic deep sea blue metallic le mans blue metallic vermilion red metallic mg glacier silver aluminum a light burl walnut wood ce fineline anthracite wood a a a interior trims at high-gloss black dh alpine white mg glacier silver aluminum a light burl walnut wood ce fineline anthracite wood leather upholstery leather on all seating surfaces other components may be

combination examples is coupe features colors and materials equipment features and options m sport package features bmw accessories/build your own technical data/bmw services equipment features and options bmw anti-theft am/fm stereo cd/mp player audio system includes radio data system rds auto-store and -channel fm diversity antenna it also conveniently displays song titles and other information hd radiotm receives free digital am/fm broadcasts across the u.s in clear static-free quality sound ­ am sounds like fm fm sounds like cd also enjoy multicast fm stations as well as a variety of innovative data services for more information on hd radio receivers and to find hd radio am/fm stations near you visit hdradio.com cruise control lets you store and keep to a chosen speed above mph it is activated via the left-hand steering column switch and deactivated by applying the brakes or via the switch cruise control is not a substitute for the driver s own responsibility in adjusting

combination examples is coupe features colors and materials equipment features and options m sport package features bmw accessories/build your own technical data/bmw services original bmw accessories craft your own bmw ­ at bmwusa.com/byo adding black sport stripes underscores the series coupe s competitive heritage create an even bolder high-performance look with double spoke style light alloy wheels and run-fl at performance tires cupholder attaches neatly to the center console within instinctive reach so you can keep your eyes on the road while enjoying a beverage at bmw we want you to create your own ultimate driving machine.® that s why bmw offers one of the widest model ranges of any luxury automotive manufacturer and each bmw model offers its own universe of personalizing possibilities floormats are made of pure rubber and provide a custom-fi t they feature deep channels to trap water slush snow and dirt and will not crack curl or stiffen in any temperature apple iphone®