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bmw of north america variable ratio rack and pinion speed limiter the rpm limit of the engine bmw group north america rack and pinion steering part of the tire wheel design of this vehicle part of the tire front of the hotels part of the wheel 2005 bmw m6 final drive ratio rear view camera bmw m6 series black sapphire metallic carbon fiber roof dynamic stability control build your own gear shift lever gear shift levers head up display gear shift lever adjustment adjusting gear shift lever gear shift lever chrome create your own instrument cluster display wheels tire and brakes gear shift lever design 6 inch wheels and tires 8 inch wheels and tires side view mirror side view mirrors intake valve control tires and wheels tire and wheels side view mirror rings tire and wheel packages tire and wheel packages in nj side view mirror parts location and phone number phone number to call steering rack and pinion racing rack and pinion chassis and brake systems rack and pinion rear brake lights subject to change examples rack and pinion design getting back to you into the night what in the world is going on bmw north america bmw north america customer relations bmw navigation bmw individual

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you only need one look a profile in sport the m’s singular stretched silhouette is eye-catching even in the dark its lines are the stuff of racetracks the low roof flows easily into the rear forming a line that amplifies its contours you can almost feel the ultra-lightweight high-tech 12 13 dynamics carbon-fiber roof with your eyes at high speeds the -inch m double spoke light alloy wheels hypnotize it’s a good thing that one look is enough to appreciate the bmw m gran coupe – because as it shoots past one look is all the human eye can

beyond smart the interior of the m gran coupe establishes intelligent control at every moment the center console inclined slightly towards you and the .-inch control display provide an overview of all relevant information the on-board navigation system is stacked with new processing power m-specific views 16 17 interior on the full-color head-up display serve you with vital information without calling your attention away from the road rear and topview cameras bmw night vision with pedestrian detection and other innovations place you in control of the road effortless smartphone integration places you in control of your

a drive you can feel with your whole body an all-pervading thrill stepping on the accelerator of the bmw m gran coupe sends a wave of acceleration surging through its frame – and yours the finely tuned kinematics of the double-wishbone front axle and the m dynamic damper control unite the m gran coupe with the road racing beneath hydraulic variable-ratio rack-and-pinion steering with m servotronic function 20 21 driving experience and configurable powertrain functions on the center console respond precisely and instantly to your impulses and when needed matte gold m carbon ceramic brakes bring the dynamic momentum to a gripping stop our engineers and designers are relentless so is the m gran

one moment decides everything 24 25 driving

absolute power m twinpower turbocharged for faster throttle response turbocharging is an effective and efficient technology with one drawback it takes time under acceleration to build exhaust pressure to spin the turbo bmw m twinscroll turbo technology slashes “turbo lag” by timing the exhaust pulses exhaust flows into the turbos from each of two cylinder paths with a -degree firing interval this minimizes interference between exhaust pulses optimizing energy transfer what you feel is incredibly crisp throttle response the bmw m gran coupe this high-revving m twinpower turbo v- makes a singularly forceful statement when it comes to performance and acceleration the numbers speak for themselves  horsepower a -rpm redline . seconds from -. the m gran coupe fully leverages innovative bmw technology – double-vanos continuously variable

bmw connected drive® services and apps everything you need intelligently networked driver assistance features designed to enhance your bmw driving experience want to find the quickest route around a traffic jam not a problem – if you have the bmw navigation system with advanced real time traffic information need to send a note to your client message dictation lets you compose and send an email or text message while you concentrate on the road tired of the same old playlist let the aupeo personal radio app introduce you to a new world of music how about finding a french restaurant in a strange city let concierge services locate it make a reservation for you and send the address and phone number directly to your bmw’s navigation system bmw connecteddrive services and apps bring a whole new level of convenience and pleasure to your drive wherever you are driving a bmw isn’t always the thrill of taking tight corners and accelerating onto a highway there are the

combination examples colors and materials equipment features and options exterior colors build your own technical data bmw services upholstery colors  alpine white non-metallic  black sapphire metallic a mojave metallic lksw black extended merino leather lka silverstone extended merino leather lkda sakhir orange extended merino leather a silverstone metallic a space gray metallic a imperial blue metallic xsw black full merino leather xa silverstone full merino leather xda sakhir orange full merino leather b san marino blue metallic b sakhir orange metallic b singapore gray metallic xdz zandvoort beige full merino leather x citrin black metallic x ruby black metallic zbow opal white full merino leather zbc platinum full merino leather x moonstone metallic x frozen

combination examples colors and materials equipment features and options build your own technical data bmw services equipment features and options adaptive led headlights for both high and low beams project an intense white light that simulates daylight for excellent visibility convenient features that improve visibility include automatic headlights adaptive turning cornering lights four corona headlight-rings and automatic high beams front m kidney grille clearly identifies the m with unique double vertical slats in chrome and signature m logo carbon-fiber roof of the m gran coupe is made of carbonfiber-reinforced plastic cfrp very light and extremely stiff it lowers the vehicle’s center of gravity for enhanced handling especially when cornering m carbon ceramic brakes are designed to perform well at higher temperatures such as at the track lightweight construction provides better stopping performance while shaving  lbs of unsprung

combination examples colors and materials equipment features and options weight m gran coupe unladen weight lbs   weight distribution front rear . . . . build your own technical data bmw services bmw m gran coupe engine m twinpower turbo v-  displacement cc bore stroke inch nominal output rpm maximum torque rpm hp  [ - lb-ft  - : . . . compression ratio  . . . type cylinders valves per cylinder transmission gear ratios – -speed manual i ii iii : . .

bmw m bmw and the environment bmw is a strong proponent of the environment and social responsibility we launched bmw efficientdynamics back in 2000 – the philosophy of providing greater power with increased efficiency and fewer emissions this has resulted in significant benefits today – for our customers the climate and the environment that year ecological sustainability was also declared one of bmw’s core strategic principles it is now firmly anchored in our entire production chain it starts with the development of fuel-saving and alternative vehicle concepts continues with environmentally friendly production processes and ends with innovative recycling methods this effort has been recognized worldwide in 1999 bmw ag – the parent company of bmw of north america and bmw manufacturing co in spartanburg sc – was the first automotive company to be represented on the dow jones sustainability group index it has remained on the