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the bmw z roadster technology equipment developed and driven to inspire defining emotion in motion as individual as your dreams  design engineering marvel emotional wonder  bmw connecteddrive® so connected you’re free  bmw z sdriveis   bmw efficientdynamics technology that increases excitement and reduces fuel consumption and emissions driving dynamics born to compete destined for glory  interior environment catering to your every whim  personalizable retractable hardtop freedom – a top priority  performance technologies driving technology that springs to life  hyper orange package bring out the beauty in this high-performance beast  motorsport heritage bmw z gte to race in alms 04 05 contents  bmw engine technology a heritage of innovation  chassis and performance technology

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high-tech bodyguards active and passive safety the z roadster is designed with bmw’s full range of state-of-the-art active and passive safety technologies active safety features such as xenon adaptive headlights powerful engines and large brakes help you see and respond to potentially dangerous situations should an accident prove unavoidable passive safety features such as the z roadster rollover protection system and airbags are designed to help protect you and your passenger after a severe impact a host of features spring into action the doors automatically unlock headlights and taillights flash the starter cable is disconnected from the battery and the fuel supply is cut off should any airbags deploy response specialists are automatically alerted via bmw assist ecall™ and notified of your location dynamic stability control dsc is a braking control system that when it senses an impending skid helps to stabilize the vehicle in just milliseconds if

combination examples colors and materials equipment features and options bmw z m sport package instantly up your game give your z sdrivei or z sdrivei roadster the competitive edge with the m sport package an aerodynamic kit with specially shaped front and rear aprons sharpens its ability to cut through wind the -inch star spoke light alloy wheels style m with mixed-size run-flat performance tires show your sporting intentions in the z sdrivei you can also specify -inch v spoke light alloy wheels style  a leather-wrapped multi-function m sport steering wheel ensures a firm grip – as does the adaptive m suspension which delivers impressively agile road handling inside specially bolstered sport seats hold you tight in curves and when you’re not admiring the drive feast your eyes on exclusive interior touches including aluminum

combination examples colors and materials equipment features and options equipment features and options exterior side-view mirrors can be folded in automatically such as at a car wash via the integrated electric fold-in function then returned into position at the touch of a button includes auto-dimming feature memory function heated nozzles and tilt-down passenger-side exterior mirror for parking ease interior rear-view mirror automatically dims to reduce headlight glare from following cars xenon adaptive headlights for high and low beams provide brilliant clarity of the road ahead and to the side at night and in conditions with poor visibility the dynamic auto-leveling feature adjusts for varying passenger and cargo loads helping to keep headlight glare out of the eyes of oncoming drivers adaptive headlights provide optimum road illumination around corners thanks to an electromechanical control system that directs the headlights into and around the bend as soon as the vehicle begins

combination examples colors and materials equipment features and options original bmw accessories -inch star spoke light alloy wheels style  and foldable rear bicycle carrier this highquality bicycle carrier can hold up to three bikes the lightweight compact design allows for the carrier to be folded and stored when not in use it secures to the z roadster using an integrated click-on attachment for a clean look and easy removal european model shown illuminated door sills light up each time the door is opened – like the face of a z driver z embroidered floor mats made of thick pile carpet are embossed with the z logo bmw performance high-gloss black kidney grille underscores the aggressive look of your bmw z roadster driving a bmw is always a special experience – but it can be enhanced even further with original bmw accessories these innovative products combine unique ideas stunning design and easy