Compact Horse Trucks 2017 by Boeckmann Trailers

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accessories better dust protection maximum flexibility everything is safely stored away no access for strangers thanks to plexiglass protection and brush seal at the tack room door for stall models only thanks to horizontally moving divider wall thanks to the aluminium flap closing off the alcove thanks to the lock on the loading ramp perfect room climate floor protection from wear everything is clean thanks to temperature monitoring in the horse compartment thanks to rubber mats in the area of the front feet thanks to the faeces slide safe driving entertainment and information on the road stress-free travelling plenty of room for riding equipment thanks to tethers with panic hooks thanks to the shelves with storage boxes photo shows “stall” tack room thanks to video monitoring and rear view camera with monitor thanks to radio with cd player and navigation system illustrations and layouts may differ from the standard configuration changes to design and equipment reserved weights and dimensions may change as a result of additional equipment 23