Performance Horse Trucks 2017 by Boeckmann Trailers

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colours decors ideas for inscriptions more colours more decors more wow royal blue elegant black or rather classic white you choose the performance is available in many different colours those wishing to make their vehicle truly unique can choose from a wide range of exclusive decors by jan künster best come to the böckmann truck center in lastrup to see with your own eyes the effect of the different colours and decors come and pay us a visit a real eye-catcher the performance with colourful decor “gallop multi-colour” colours 14 decors white standard configuration blue special colour mother-of-pearl special colour decor “horse head” decor “jumper” decor “western” grey metallic special colour silver metallic special colour burgundy red and silver special colour decor “gaited horse” decor “dressage” decor “riding event multi-colour” dark green metallic special colour black metallic special colour multi-colour special paints decor “piaffe multi-colour” decor “jumper multi-colour” decor “fast trot multi-colour” other colours available on request the above decors in different colours or a selection of more decors are available on request.