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4 plywood boxes box trailers twin axle models kt series simply practical whether you choose a single axle or twin axle model original böckmann van trailers will always provide reliable transport the van trailer models from the kt series in particular are characterised by a robust frame made of double-web aluminium profiles and multi-bonded white or grey plastic-lined plywood body models with an internal height above 2000 mm are only available with a white body the plywood sidewalls are ideal for mounting equipment or fitting shelves simply eye-catching all plywood van trailers are fitted with a high-quality polyester roof with spoiler [11 choice of 1820 mm or 2020 mm internal height van trailer with internal height of 1820 mm also available with grey body [17 [5 illustration kt series plywood van trailer twin axle model braked [8 [1 [3 [6 [9 [12 internal height 1520 mm internal width 1300 mm opening width 1245 mm opening height

6 plywood boxes kt 2513/135k box trailers single axle models with loading ramp and aluminium cover that can be raised [8 simply inviting the compact single axle plywood van trailer with non-slip loading ramp and aluminium cover that can be raised enable convenient loading and unloading at all times without having to bend over this model is ideal for transporting different kinds of vehicles such as motorbikes quad bikes and ride-on lawnmowers the proven frame construction manufactured from stable double-web aluminium profiles and multi-bonded white or grey plastic laminated plywood body also offer you maximum stability and an extended durability opening height 2480 mm internal height 1690 mm [8 illustration kt 2513/135 k plywood van trailer with loading ramp and raised aluminium cover single axle model braked [12 internal width 1240 mm [11 [9 [7 [10 raising the roof the raised aluminium cover can increase the opening area for loading and unloading from

7 plywood boxes box trailers twin axle models with an internal length of 4000 mm kt series [10 perfection on wheels everything fits together the plywood van trailer from the kt series with white or grey body models with an internal height of 2020 mm are only available with a white body incorporates outstanding basic features the structure is manufactured from robust double-web aluminium profiles and provides excellent stability the internal dimensions are also excellent the internal length of 4000 mm provides plenty of space for large payloads allowing you to perform every heavy-duty transport task practically and safely internal height 1820 mm or 2020 mm opening height 1745 mm or 1945 mm [11 internal width 1850 mm opening width 1795 mm [9 illustration plywood van trailer twin axle model braked extremely spacious the series offers large inner body dimensions length of 4000 mm width of 1850 mm and height of

9 become a market leader the models from the kh and kh-f series are ideal trailer stalls see page 14 for more top sellers that can help you with your business opening height 1940 mm internal height 1970 mm [9 [10 internal width 1760 or 2060 mm opening width 1680 or 1980 mm basic equipment for plywood boxes platform trailers twin axle models and platform trailer boxes with reduced loading height chassis construction [8 [4 illustration kh series plywood van trailer twin axle model braked the twin axle models from the kh series are available with a white body [2 [11 the platform trailer construction consisting of robust crossbeams and a solid profiled steel bridge meets the most demanding professional requirements the internal and external rubber seals on the wing doors provide a watertight seal – ideal protection against moisture • multi-bonded laminated white plywood box – robust weatherproof and colour-fast with an internal height of

10 refrigerated trailers box trailers single axle and twin axle models kk series keeping things cool the kk series the universal trailer is constantly cool in use – as a mobile chill room for markets or events of any kind the solid workmanship of the double-web aluminium profiles forms the ideal basis for guaranteeing a high degree of stability the new metal-clad sandwich construction ensures that no energy is wasted while efficient insulation in both the compact single axle trailer and large twin axle refrigerated trailer always maintains the correct chilling temperature and the good price/performance ratio is also a real benefit [15 illustration kk series refrigerated trailer twin axle model braked illustration with telescopic crank support at front accessory [10 [4 [8 [5 [1 [3 [6 [9 [12 internal height 1500 mm [11 [13 [11 approx 250 mm internal width 1270 mm opening width 1245 mm [7 opening height 1945 mm internal height 2000 mm

12 range of accessories wcfplus chassis original böckmann accessories driving comfort of automotive standards discover the options by popular request a selected range of böckmann van trailers with white or grey body is now available for fans of driving comfort of automotive standards for the first time the trailers combine the qualities of a genuine böckmann professional trailer with driving comfort of automotive standards – ideal for the gentle transport of fragile items such as glass or electronic components the coil spring chassis constructioned by the westphalian works of franz knoebel und söhne kg was further developed under the supervision of böckmann fahrzeugwerke to create a world-class chassis of automotive standards as a result quality “made in germany” will in future continue to meet the high expectations of many users who appreciate a driving comfort of automotive standards what transforms a chassis into a world-class chassis of automotive

13 you have the choice the models from the kt series are available with a white or grey body models with an inner height of 2020 mm only available with white body illustration plywood van trailer low-loader single axle model braked with world-class chassis watertight arguments no compromises overcoming every hurdle with ease the world-class chassis wcfplus offers a driving comfort of automotive standards – even the most fragile of transport goods will survive every journey undamaged when travelling over uneven surfaces conventional chassis are unable to absorb bumps properly – fragile transport goods may become damaged basic equipment of plywood van trailer refer to pages 4-5 to view the comprehensive range of basic equipment for the plywood van trailers [1 [2 [3 available for the following models plywood van trailers single axle box trailers lxwxh mm total weight kg 2515 x 1300 x 1520 2515 x 1300 x 2020 1350 1350 plywood van trailers twin axle models box

14 we create practical showcase models get in touch with us we can turn your your kind and competent local böckmann partner will gladly advise you trailer stalls good prospects for your point of sale stand and deliver our special solutions will make sure that you and your goods arrive safely we can provide the right solution for any additional requests and make sure you receive the finished product as soon as possible for when business is booming the flap design is ideal for presenting products or use as a mobile platform mobile solution for your sales ventures if your business has room to expand we can install additional flaps to add an extra dimension to your sales approach a step in the right direction the solid retractable step provides easy access only one way to individually adapt your van trailer become a market leader are you looking to make the most out of your van trailer we can develop your own personal point of sale in collaboration with you only on request and

16 small extras for enhanced comfort your kind and competentlocal böckmann partner will gladly advise you loading equipment transport safety swing-open flap greater safety with böckmann recessed lashing rings for securing your load safely corrugated aluminium panel anything but bulky rubber lining the locking bar engages quickly easily and precisely in the anchor rail – for maximum transport safety silicone coating loading has never been easier an optional loading ramp accessory that includes lifting device and compensation plate can be installed instead of a wing door choose from one of three available surface coverings to ensure convenient non-slip loading open for business apart from refrigerated trailers all van trailer models can be fitted with a swing-open flap with shock absorbers see pages 14-15 for more design solutions for all van trailers secure your steel or alu­minium loading rails e.g original böckmann aluminium loading rails to the inside of the

17 at a glance original böckmann accessories kk series kk 25 kk 13 3 kk 015 h 30 18 h kh series kh 32 kh 18 41 kh 21 512 1 kt 21 kt 13 25 kt 13 25 kt 13 k 30 kt 15 m 30 15 kt 40 kt 18 m 40 18 h kt series chassis wheel shock absorber drawbar extension on request spare wheels and holders world-class chassis details on page 12/13 box structure aluminium checker plate on floor galvanised steel panel on floor swing-open flap door on side or front 2-wing with espagnolette lock iso floor with aluminium checker plate transport safety anchor rail locking bar clothes hanger rod recessed lashing lugs loading rails steel loading rails insertable aluminium loading rails insertable steel or aluminium loading rails secured to interior of sidewall or unmounted loading ramp instead of wing door incl lifting device and compensation plate recommendation also ramp cover aluminium checker plate silicone or rubber lining motorbike rails standing cycle rail with bracket supports rear telescopic crank

18 by professionals for professionals van trailers by böckmann model inner body dimensions length width height mm mm mm opening height mm opening width mm total weight kg payload kg kt 2113/75 kt 2113/135 kt 2513/135 /15 kt 3015/135 /15 2100 2100 2515 3015 1300 1300 1300 1500 1520 1520 1520 1520 1445 1445 1445 1445 1245 1245 1245 1445 750 1350 1350/1500 1350/1500 486 1067 1004/1142 890/1020 kt 3015/135 m /15 m 3015 1500 1820 1745 1445 1350/1500 860/950 kt 2513/135 h kt 3015/135 h kt 3015/15 h 2515 3015 3015 1300 1500 1500 2020 2020 2020 1945 1945 1945 1245 1445 1445 1350 1350 1500 967 830 980 kt 2513/135 k 2515 1300 1690 2480 1240 1350 870 kt 2513/20 2515 1300 1520 1445 1245 2000 1515 kt 2513/20 h kt 3015/20 m /27 m kt 3015/20 h /27 h 2515 3015 3015 1300 1500 1500 2020 1820 2020 1945 1745 1945 1245 1445 1445 2000 2000/2700 2000/2700 1484 1437/2105 1394/2089 kt 4018/27 m /30 m kt 4018/27 h kt 4018/30 h 4000 4000 4000 1850 1850 1850 1800 2020 2000 1745 1945 1945 1795 1795 1795