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4 tpv vehicle transporters high-bed trailers tbh tpv models – exclusively from your böckmann partner a purchase that will always pay off no matter whether it’s a universal trans­porters motorcycle transporters or passenger vehicle transporters the inexpensive and robust tpv models have an impressively strong superstructure and a solid frame construction with a longitudinal beam chassis the galvanised v-drawbar ensures maximum comfort during daily use – even with large payloads with its practical range of accessories you can equip your tpv model exactly as you want your böckmann partner will gladly advise you [4 [8 [1 [2 illustration tbh 26-a dimensions 4070 x 2040 x 95 mm [5 a tough proposition the solid longitudinal beam chassis combined with the closed screen printed flooring and special tyres make the tbh vehicle transporter the ideal companion – even for heavy-duty transport the mechanical cable winch mounted as standard and surrounding gallery

6 universal transporters box trailers ut-st series [2 the all-rounder for professionals the low-bed version of the universal transporter from the ut-st series is the ideal professional vehicle for daily use characterised by solid materials and extreme versatility the trailer is ideal for transporting vehicles even three-wheelers or heavy construction equipment for a wide variety of applications two basic models with a total weight of 2.7 t and 3.5 t are available if you do not need to transport a vehicle this model series is ideal for transporting both standard and bulky goods discover it for yourself visit the nearest local böckmann sales partner in your area [5 [3 [4 [5 [11 [13 1 2 3 4 5 [1 [8 for tough industrial applications the robust construction manufactured from a torsionally rigid welded and hot-dip galvanised basic frame and a large profiled steel bridge with five longitudinal beams meets the most demanding professional requirements the rail cases with slots in the light

7 [5 [11 [4 [6 4030 mm [5 1900 mm [1 [10 [9 [7 [12 lots of space lots of options lots of fun with a length of 4030 mm and opening width of 1900 mm the universal transporter from böckmann offers plenty of space as well as a host of possible applications the ut-st models can transport construction machinery bulky transport goods and even 3-wheeled vehicles with ease [8 basic equipment of universal transporter low-loader load vehicles using rails with durable original böckmann steel loading rails accessory the rails are easy to move and can be adjusted perfectly to any track width refer to the accessories list on [4 the right for other rail types [6 [5 [13 • torsionally rigid welded and hot-dip galvanised basic frame with solid profiled steel bridge [1 and integrated rail depositories [2 • 5 longitudinal beams for maximum stability and heavy payloads [3 • practical low-bed version the loading platform is positioned between the wheels to achieve a low loading

8 vehicle transporters high-bed trailers ah series miles better calling all professionals the successful vehicle transporter concept has been further developed and enhanced as a result the loading platform length of 4300 mm means that you can comfortably and reliably transport vehicles even with a long wheelbase and that in the blink of an eye with the original böckmann quick-loading system combined with the excellent safety lifting system and a very low loading angle of only 10 degrees you have an excellent professional solution to hand that will impress you every day – and all this with an unsurpassed cost-benefit ratio a vehicle transporter that will continue to raise the bar in the future [10 [4 [15 [2 [5 [1 [7 [3 [14 [16 [8 [20 [6 [12 prevents injuries the solid tilting crossbeam construction not only withstands the toughest loads it features a maintenance-free hydraulic safety lifting system [5 as a result lowering the loading platform to driving position does not

9 it’s the length the width – and of course the angle that matter the new vehicle transporter from the ah series has three main benefits firstly the extended 4300 mm loading platform allows you to transport vehicles with a long wheelbase secondly the width of 2080 mm allows nifty manoeuvring even in narrow streets finally the optimum ramp angle of only 10 degrees enables you to load vehicles with a low ground clearance without causing damage [15 [14 [20 2080mm [4 [9 4300mm [18 [6 basic equipment for vehicle transporters high-bed trailers [8 [12 [10 [2 [15 [4 [5 [1 [20 [14 [6 [8 illustration vehicle transporters high-bed trailers dimensions 4300 x 2080mm [12 [14 [21 a safe choice solid safety brackets accessory can be adapted individually to the vehicle and fitted quickly and easily to the loading platform to prevent the load from rolling accessories [22 watertight a screen printed flooring that closes off the loading platform between the rails is ideal for transporting

10 vehicle transporters high-bed trailers at series the classic proven a thousand times over the legendary and compact vehicle transporter from the at series has proven its worth many times over in daily applications and shown that it is the right vehicle transporter for professionals with its robust design the unique self-supporting and galvanised special profile construction with a safety lifting system for fast and convenient loading as well as an unsurpassed cost-benefit ratio you will reap the benefits of this vehicle transporter for many years to come compare it yourself or even better visit your local böckmann partner he looks forward to advising you [2 [9 [5 [14 [13 [1 [17 [6 [18 [15 [16 [7 [3 prevents injuries the solid tilting crossbeam construction not only withstands the toughest loads it features a maintenance-free hydraulic safety lifting system [5 as a result the loading platform to driving position does not involve a time-consuming pumping-down process like on

12 small vehicle transporters box trailers ut-al series extremely versatile [10 bright prospects whether you want to transport a quad bike a smart car a ride-on lawnmower or a motorbike the small vehicle transporter from the ut-al series with anodised aluminium superstructure high-quality stainless steel screws and solid longitudinal beam construction except ut-al 2515/75 in original böckmann professional quality will always make a good impression with its comprehensive range of accessories you can equip your böckmann trailer exactly as you want [2 [15 [6 [10 [4 getting you mobile together with the solid sliding drop legs fitted as standard and optional insertable steel loading rails marked red transport small vehicles from a to b with ease [1 [13 [12 [11 [15 [16 illustration steel loading rails and cable winch accessory [8 [7 [14 [10 [5 [1 [2 [17 [11 [6 [15 [6 deliver what they promise solid sliding drop legs fitted as standard for maximum stability during loading and

13 [8 illustration small vehicle transporter box trailers steel loading rails accessory [1 [4 [11 [17 basic equipment for small vehicle transporter low-loader [6 • robust double-wall anodised aluminium sidewalls 150 mm high with integrated aluminium frame [1 • high-quality v2a stainless steel screws on body [2 • practical low-bed version the loading platform is positioned between the wheels to achieve a low loading angle and outstanding handling characteristics • 2 solid longitudinal beams from ut-al 2515/75 for maximum stability [3 • rear ramp [4 and front wall [5 can be folded down and removed to load bulky transport goods and prevent the load from rolling and protect against collisions • solid sliding drop legs provide extra stability during loading [6 • stable non-slip screen printed floor multi-bonded waterproof [7 • four fixed tethering rings for securing loads safely [8 • solid type-tested bolted v-drawbar with

14 tilting aluminium box trailer low-loader tl-alk series ideal for small vehicles the tilting aluminium box trailers from the tl-alk series offer four main benefits firstly the low-bed construction provides a low ramp height which is ideal for loading working equipment with a low ground clearance secondly you can benefit from many different application options for transporting ride-on lawnmowers or smaller machines thirdly proven professional quality with original böckmann ladder rack and sidewall gallery accessory enables the securing of loads with high precision to enhance transport safety and fourthly the anodised aluminium body guarantees a shiny appearance illustration tilting aluminium low-bed trailer single axle model braked with front and sidewall gallery accessory [3 [6 [7 [5 [4 [2 [5 [7 benefit of the tl-alk series safe loading safe travelling the tilting device is fitted with a gas pressure shock absorber – for quickly raising and gently lowering the loading

15 stable and non-slip the robust construction of the hot-dip galvanised loading ramp 500 mm long and max load capacity of 300 kg is characterised by the perforated holes designed to minimise the danger of small vehicles slipping during loading illustration with sidewall gallery accessory impressive down to the finest detail the excellent stability extended durability and shiny appearance of the anodised double-web aluminium profiles are impressive illustration mt series plant trailer with vertically folding loading rails twin axle model braked curious to know more read our latest böckmann brochure for more information on other machine transporters just call us to order your free copy +49 0 44 72 / 8 95-0 basic equipment for tilting aluminium box trailer low-loader • ideal ramp angle thanks to low loading height • gas pressure shock absorber for easily raising the platform when loading [2 • fixed front wall [3 •

16 by professionals for professionals vehicle transporters by böckmann model inner body dimensions length width height mm mm mm total weight kg payload kg longitudinal beam loading height mm tilt angle tbh series tbh 26-a 4070 2040 95 2600 2000 4 – – mu mb series mu 2 mb 2 2050 2020 1150 1150 – – 750 1000 595 794 3 4 – – – – mu-p2 mu-p3 mu-p4 mb-p4 2020 2435 2435 2435 1075 1235 1435 1435 100 95 95 95 750 750 750 1300 620 592 584 1014 3 3 3 4 – – – – – – – – ut-st series ut-st 4019/27 ut-st 4019/35 4030 4030 1900 1900 150 150 2700 3500 2033 2755 2 2 530 555 – – vehicle transporters high-bed trailers ah series ah 4320/27 ah 4320/30 ah 4320/35 4300 4300 4300 2080 2080 2080 – – – 2700 3000 3500 1866 2123 2565 – – – 598 598 598 10° 10° 10° at series at 4019/27 4000 1940 – 2700 2080 – 480 14°