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academic calendar summer session 2012 for registration information see the boise state registration guide deadlines by session – summer 2012 session fee payment deadline start date last date to add without permission number drop fee begins last date for refund last date to register add or drop without a w last date to drop or completely withdraw with a w no refund last date of classroom instruction grades due week week week week may 10 may 31 june 21 june 12 may 14 june 4 june 25 july 16 may 14 june 4 june 25 july 16 may 18 june 8 june 29 july 20 may 15 june 5 june 26 july 17 may 21 june 11 july 2 july 23 june 3 june 24 july 15 august 5 june 5 june 26 july 17 august 7 1st 5 week 2nd 5 week may 31 july 5 june 4 july 9 june 5 july 10 june 8 july 13 june 6 july 11 june 15 july 20 july 8 august 12 july 10 august 14 1st 8 week 2nd 8 week may 10 may 31 may 14 june 4 may 16 june 6 may 19 june 9 may 18 june 8 june 4 june 25 july 8 july 29 july 10 july 31 10 week may 31 june 4 june 6

chapter 5 — grades repeating a course if you wish to improve your grade in a course to meet core or degree requirements you may register to repeat a course you may register only three times for any boise state university course courses dropped within the first ten days of the semester are excluded from the three registration maximum also excluded from this policy are courses that can be taken multiple times for additional credit such as kinesiology fitness activity courses private music lessons and art studio classes prior learning credits cannot be used to repeat a class already completed if you do repeat a course you may count toward your degree only the number of credits you would have received if you had taken the course only once when you repeat a course both grades appear on your transcript s courses repeated prior to fall 1995 use a grade replacement policy only the most recent grade was used in calculating the cumulative gpa s courses repeated fall 1995 through summer

chapter 11 — summary of programs and courses how to read a typical course description course description key each course at boise state university has a course description that consists of a prefix course number title credit code semester code additional information content description and list of requisites these elements of the course description are described below 1 course prefix/subject the prefix indicates the department or academic unit offering the course see table 11.2 for a complete list of course prefixes 2 course numbering system each course offered is assigned a unique number indicating what type of course it is and what sort of credits may be earned in the course throughout this catalog you will find courses numbered as follows 00 – 99 noncredit courses that do not count toward degree requirements 100 – 199 freshman-level courses lower-division courses 200 – 299 sophomore-level courses lower-division courses 300 – 499 junior and

chemistry and biochemistry cj 375 criminal procedure 3 chem 307 308-309 310 organic chemistry i ii with labs dls 3 chem 321 322 physical chemistry i ii lecture 10 6 electives to total 120 credits 5-6 cid chem 323 advanced synthesis laboratory 3 total 120 chem 431 biochemistry i 3 professional emphasis ff chem 498 seminar 2 chem 401 advanced inorganic chemistry 3 edtech 202 teaching and learning in a digital age 3 chem 411 analytical chemistry ii 3 ed-cifs 301 teaching experience i 1 chem 412 analytical chemistry laboratory ii 2 ed-cifs 302 learning and instruction 4 chem 431 biochemistry i 3 ed-cifs 401 professional year – teaching experience ii 2 ed-cifs 404 teaching secondary science 3 ed-ltcy 444 content literacy for secondary students 3 ed-sped 350 teaching students with exceptional needs at the secondary level 3 one or more additional courses chosen from the following for a minimum of 3 credits chem 422 advanced topics in chemistry 3-6 dls 3 dls 3 upper-division

counselor education department of counselor education college of education education building room 643 e-mail bbirdsa@boisestate.edu see page 61 for a definition of the course-numbering system coun – counseling phone 208 426-1219 chair and professor bobbie birdsall professor cutler doumas hutz schottelkorb degrees offered s see the bsu graduate catalog for the following s master of arts in counseling s graduate certificate in addiction studies s graduate certificate in gerontological studies department statement the department houses the graduate counseling programs offers a variety of undergraduate classes and provides course work suitable for practicing counselors’ continuing education units the master of arts in counseling program is designed to prepare professionals in education and related careers to become professional counselors included are extensive practica and internship opportunities to work with a wide variety of clients in schools and other work

environmental studies environmental studies envstd 493 internship 2 geog 100 introduction to geography or geog 102 cultural geography or geog 200 world regional geography 3 director christopher hill faculty affiliates lisa brady marie-anne de graaff john fremuth john gardner samantha harvey tom hillard scott lowe george murgel steve novak martin schimpf david wilkins geog 360 introduction to geographic information systems 3 phil 103 moral problems 3 pols 101 american national government 3 degrees offered human behavior – social sciences choose 2 anth 314 environmental anthropology econ 322 urban economics econ 333 natural resource economics envhlth 450 environmental health law geog 321 conservation of natural resources pols 409 environmental politics soc 440 environmental sociology college of social sciences and public affairs hemingway western studies center room 51 http sspa.boisestate.edu/environmentalstudies phone 208 426-2625 fax 208 426-4329 sb.a and minor in

kinesiology 2 biol 228 human anatomy and physiology 4 mgmt 301 leadership skills 3 chem 111 111l-112 112l general chemistry i ii with labs 8 mktg 301 principles of marketing 3 hlthst 101 medical terminology 3 psyc 101 general psychology 3 hlthst 207 nutrition 3 three of the following hlthst 450 current issues in health policy psyc 261 human sexuality psyc 301 abnormal psychology psyc 331 the psychology of health psyc 357 introduction to counseling skills psyc 438 community psychology 9 hlthst 300 pathophysiology 4 hlthst 306 applied pharmacotherapeutics 3 kines 112 fitness foundations 1 kines 121 taping and wrapping techniques in athletic training 1 cid kines 201 foundations of kinesiology 3 kines 220 introduction to athletic injuries 3 kines 221 athletic training clinical instruction a 1 kines 222 athletic training clinical instruction b 1 kines 270 271 applied anatomy and lab 3 kines 301 evaluation in physical education 3 kines 321 athletic training clinical instruction i 1 kines

military science army rotc scholarships two three and four year on-campus scholarship applications are available through the military science department there is an additional stipend available for books and supplies students selected for a scholarship will serve as a commissioned officer in the national guard reserves or active duty army contracted students receive a tiered educational stipend during the school year which pays freshmen $300 per month sophomores $350 per month juniors $450 per month and seniors $500 per month students may contact local national guard or reserve units to inquire about educational benefits available for more information contact the department of military science at 208 426-3500 uniforms basic and advanced course students will be provided uniforms and equipment for rotc classes all such items of clothing and equipment are the property of the u.s government and are provided solely for the purpose of providing military training of the student students are

physics phys 309 introductory modern physics with applications 3 phys 309l introduction to modern physics lab 1 phys 311 modern physics or phys 432 thermal physics 3-4 phys 400 conceptions in physics for teachers total 3 23-24 course offerings see page 61 for a definition of the course-numbering system phys – physics physics laboratory fees a $40 laboratory fee is charged to all students enrolling in a physics course with an associated laboratory or a physics laboratory lower division phys 101 introduction to physics 3-2-4 f/s dln a broad survey ofbasic physics concepts and principles including motion energy electricity magnetism light relativity atoms fission and fusion some examples will be related to social applications a one-semester core course that uses some basic algebra phys 104 planets and astrobiology 3-2-4 f/s dln emphasis is on our solar system the origin of chemical abundances and astronomical requirements for the development of life extra-solar planetary systems

special education and early childhood studies department of special education and early childhood studies college of education education building room 218 http education.boisestate.edu/sped phone 208 426-2814 fax 208 426-4006 chair and associate professor keith allred associate chair and professor jack hourcade professor johnson associate professor carter humphrey pool assistant professor hampshire woods degrees offered sb.a in early childhood studies sb.a in special education ssee the bsu graduate catalog for the following sgraduate certificate in consulting teacher endorsement sm.a in early childhood special education sm.a in special education sm.ed in early childhood special education sm.ed in special education department statement boise state university strives to develop knowledgeable educators who integrate complex roles and dispositions in the service of diverse communities of learners believing that all children adolescents and adults can learn educators dedicate

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