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fall semester 2014 for registration information see the boise state registration guide deadlines by session – fall 2014 session fee payment deadline start date last date to add without permission number drop fee begins last date for refund last date to register/add or drop without a w last date to drop or completely withdraw with a w no refund last date of classroom instruction grades due regular august 21 august 25 august 29 august 31 september 8 october 3 december 12 december 29 1 5 week 2nd 5 week 3rd 5 week august 21 august 21 august 21 august 25 september 29 november 3 august 26 september 30 november 4 august 29 october 3 november 7 august 27 october 1 november 5 september 5 october 10 november 14 september 26 october 31 december 12 september 30 november 4 december 29 1st 8 week 2nd 8 week august 21 august 21 august 25 october 20 august 27 october 22 august 30 october 25 august 29 october 24 september 15 november 10 october 17 december 12 october 21 december 29 1st 10

chapter 6 — tuition and fees this chapter defnes the current tuition and fees for attending boise state university and provides other information about tuition and fees including deadlines deferred payment the senior-citizen rate and insurance coverage for full-time students also included in this chapter are some of the more commonly asked questions about idaho residency requirements deadlines for paying tuition fees and other charges you are expected to pay all tuition fees and other charges by the deadline specifed in the current academic calendar if you register after the deadline you will be expected to pay all tuition fees and other charges when you register you may pay with cash check visa mastercard or discover access your student account on myboisestate to fnd out deadlines for paying tuition fees and other changes boise state does not mail out paper statements login to http my.boisestate.edu once you are in select student center under the finances section then select

chapter 12 — academic programs and courses department of accountancy college of business and economics micron business and economics building room 3130 phone 208 426-3461 chair and associate professor troy hyatt professors bahnson cowan d english t english koeppen lathen associate professor novak assistant professors baxter lee lecturers christensen fox degrees offered • b.b.a and minor in accountancy • b.b.a accountancy internal audit option • internal auditing minor • see the bsu graduate catalog for the following • m.s in accountancy • m.s in accountancy taxation emphasis department statement the undergraduate degree programs are designed to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills required for entry-level positions in the accounting profession broadly defned they also provide the knowledge and skills required for entry into graduate business programs these skills include written and oral communication analytical reasoning

civil engineering engineering problems in-depth treatment of fnite difference and integrated fnite difference brief introduction to fnite element methods and programming using matlab prereq ce 360 math 333 knowledge of programming or perm/inst ce 437 gis in water resources 3-0-3 f/s odd years applications of geographic information systems gis in pre and post-processing of model inputs and outputs digital elevation models fow direction and fow accumulation spatial analysis and interpretation model builder data model tools functionality and examples of real-world water and natural resource problems and integration of external models e.g swat prereq ce 416 geog 360 or perm/inst ce 410 engineering hydrology 3-0-3 f integrated approach to hydrology using the hydrologic/system or control volume as a mechanism for analyzing hydrologic problems and hydrologic processes – water cycle atmospheric water surface and subsurface water hydrologic analysis and design design storms and peak

curriculum instruction and foundational studies admission to the professional year elementary education certifcation requirements the following requirements apply to all students seeking certifcation as elementary education k-8 teachers student teaching is scheduled through the offce of teacher education education building room 722 students from boise state are recommended to the state department of education for an idaho teaching credential after meeting the following requirements 1 application package • a completed application form http education.boisestate.edu teachered • a hard copy of the application delivered to the offce of teacher education in the education building room 722 • a transcript indicating academic requirements have been met 2 deadlines • first friday in february for students desiring to enter the professional year fall semester • third friday in september for students desiring to enter the professional year spring semester 3 academic

geosciences and implications of these conceptions for developing new understandings from the research in science learning attention given to evidence concerning how why and under what circumstances students develop new understandings of the phenomena prereq perm/inst involve a combination of computer exercises demonstrations and lab and feld experiments prereq math 147 or perm/inst geog – geography gravity magnetism electricity seismicity heat and radioactivity with a discussion of the signifcance of these properties to geological processes pre/coreq phys 212 lower division geog 100 introduction to geography 3-0-3 f,s dls a survey of earth environments basic concepts and techniques used in geography and the utilization of natural resources geog 102 cultural geography 3-0-3 f,s dls a study of the distribution and character of cultural activities throughout the world with emphasis on human landscapes geog 200 the global neighborhood 3-0-3 f,s geographic investigations of the

kinesiology kines 482 research methods in health 3-0-3 f/s cid design of kin-act 120 rock climbing 0-2-1 f/s learn the challenge of rock climbing basic knots repelling belaying and other climbing skills are taught no experience necessary special fee required pass/fail experiments methods of analysis interpretation of results and use of research to support evidence-based practice prereq math 254 or psyc 295 or soc 310 or kines 301 or perm/inst kin-act 121 rappelling 0-2-1 f/s basic skills of rappelling including setting anchors belaying communication and equipment care special fee required pass/fail kines 493 internship in kinesiology 1-6 credits f/s practical feld experience in emphasis areas of kinesiology opportunity to apply knowledge and theory learned in classroom to the practical setting required in some areas of emphasis areas of emphasis may maintain policies applicable to this internship prereq junior standing 2.5 gpa and perm/inst kin-act 122 folk dance i 0-2-1

music 3 receive the grade of c or better in mus 119 to have ed-ltcy 444 waived 4 pass the piano profciency examination before a faculty committee a grade of c or better in mus-apl 109 will also satisfy the piano profciency requirement 5 complete a technology requirement established by the college of education 6 successfully complete the praxis ii music examinations performance bachelor of music course number and title credits foundational studies program requirements indicated in bold see page 51 for details and lists of approved courses engl 101 introduction to college writing 3 engl 102 intro to college writing and research 3 uf 100 intellectual foundations 3 uf 200 civic and ethical foundations 3 3-4 dlm mathematics dln natural physical applied sciences course with lab dln natural physical and applied sciences course dlv mus 100 introduction to music 4 3-4 3 3-4 dll literature and humanities dls social sciences course in a first field 3 dls social sciences course in a second field

radiologic sciences depending upon patient characteristics and pathologic processes coreq radsci 455 utilizing the various doppler tools currently available prereq perm/inst coreq radsci 463l radsci 455 clinical experience in computed tomography 0-20-4 f/s supervised clinical experience in a computed tomography imaging radsci 463l doppler procedures lab 0-3-1 s laboratory demonstration facility requires performance and documentation of clinical competencies pre/coreq radsci 450 coreq radsci 451 radsci 460 sonographic physics and instrumentation 3-0-3 f provides the student with a thorough knowledge of basic acoustic physics and its application in the feld of diagnostic medical sonography content includes an examination of the different types of equipment available for medical ultrasonic procedures quality control and safety features prereq perm inst radsci 461 abdominal sonography 3-0-3 f provides descriptive information on the sonographic procedures of the abdomen to include

world languages french minor continued chinese studies minor course number and title credits french 203 intermediate french conversation 2 3 chinese 101 or chinese 111-112 elementary mandarin chinese i 4 french 303 advanced french conversation and composition chinese 102 elementary mandarin chinese ii 4 french 307 french for business 3 chinese 201-202 intermediate mandarin chinese i and ii 8 french 412 advanced french grammar and pronunciation 3 hist 121 eastern civilizations 3 3 electives chosen from the following arthist 103 survey of far eastern art chinese 301 advanced mandarin chinese i forlng 320 china today forlng 321 chinese culture through film hist 373 the history of modern china phil 321 eastern philosophy 6 french 376 french culture and civilization or french 475 france today or french 485 the francophone world today 3 total 23 french minor cultural literary emphasis total 25 foreign language teaching endorsement course number and title upper-division french courses

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