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academic calendar!—!2015-2016 summer session 2015 deadlines by session – summer 2015 session fee payment deadline start date last date to waitlist or add without permission number drop fee begins last date for refund last date to register add or drop without a w last date to drop or completely withdraw with a w no refund last date of classroom instruction grades due 1st 3 week may 7 may 11 may 11 may 15 may 12 may 22 may 31 june 2 1st 5 week may 28 june 1 june 2 june 5 june 3 june 23 july 5 july 7 july 2 july 6 july 7 july 10 july 8 july 28 august 9 august 11 2nd 5 week 1st 7 week may 7 may 11 may 13 may 15 may 14 june 10 june 28 june 30 2nd 7 week june 25 june 29 july 1 july 3 july 2 july 29 august 16 august 18 10 week may 28 june 1 june 3 june 6 june 9 july 16 august 9 august 11 14 week may 7 may 11 may 15 may 17 may 21 july 14 august 16 august 18 special session 1 and special session 2 deadlines are available on the registrar’s office website complete

chapter 5!—!grades boise state university’s grading system boise state university uses a 4.0 grading scale table 5.1 lists the letter grades that instructors use to document their evaluation of your work and to document your academic status in the class in addition table 5.1 defines the meaning of each letter grade and specifies the number of quality points that correspond to each grade quality points are used to determine your gradepoint average gpa the procedure for calculating your gpa is described in “how to calculate your grade-point average gpa ” meaning quality points per credit hour used to calculate gpa 4 yes a distinguished work a distinguished work 4 yes a distinguished work 3.7 yes b superior work 3.3 yes b superior work 3 yes b superior work 2.7 yes c average work 2.3 yes c average work 2 yes c average work 1.7 yes d below-average work 1.3 yes d below-average work 1 yes d below-average work .7 yes f failure 0 yes p pass satisfactory work

chapter 11!—!summary of programs and courses table 11.1 degrees majors minors certificates and transfer programs offered continued program social science social work degree department/school page a.a b.s sociology 255 256 b.a social work 252 sociology b.s sociology social science secondary education b.a spanish b.a spanish secondary education supply chain management sociology 255 sociology 258 certificate minor world languages 269 271 272 b.a world languages 269 b.b.a minor information technology supply chain management 172 sustainability technical communication theatre arts dance option design option directing option dramatic writing option performance option stage management option b.a theatre arts secondary education b.a visual art b.a visual art art metals emphasis ceramics emphasis drawing and painting emphasis interdisciplinary art studio emphasis photography emphasis printmaking emphasis sculpture emphasis certificate minor or transfer program b.f.a minor minor

civil engineering department of civil engineering college of engineering environmental research building room 1134 http coen.boisestate.edu/ce phone 208 426-3743 fax 208 426-2351 • ce 282 engineering practice • chem 112 general chemistry ii • ce/engr/me 350 engineering mechanics of materials • math 275 multivariable and vector calculus • math 333 differential equations with matrix theory • filed an application letter consisting of two to three paragraphs expressing why you wish to take upper-division courses • included a copy of your boise state transcript either unofficial or official with the application chair and associate professor mandar khanal associate professors farid hamilton miller murgel assistant professors chittoori hernandez lu mishra you may apply in the semester you are finishing the above requirements if you do your application will be reviewed at the end of that semester degrees offered program educational objectives •

criminal justice department of criminal justice nonmajor students school of public service degree requirements library building room 166 http sspa.boisestate.edu/criminaljustice e-mail crimjust@boisestate.edu upper-division nonmajors will be permitted to enroll in specific upper-division courses see department website for a list of these courses phone 208 426-3407 fax 208 334-2359 chair and associate professor lisa growette bostaph professors giacomazzi marsh walsh associate professor ball assistant professors gillespie jorgensen king murdoch taylor instructors hatch hudson degrees offered t bachelor of science in criminal justice t associate of science in criminal justice department statement the department of criminal justice is central to the mandate by the state board of education that boise state university be idaho’s lead institution in social sciences and public affairs our central role in this mandate is reflected in the dedication of the faculty to the creation

english engl 267 survey of british literature to 1790 3-0-3 f,s,su examines the dominant cultural movements and literary forms in england from the middle ages through the 18th century prereq engl 102 or engl 112 engl 268 survey of british literature 1790 to present 3-0-3 f,s,su the reflection of social and cultural changes in the poetry and prose of romantic victorian and modern england prereq engl 102 or engl 112 engl 275 methods of literary studies 3-0-3 f,s,su cid preparation for upper-division literature courses engagement with principal types of literature central questions in literary studies and ways of conducting literary research emphasis on critical thinking and writing prereq engl 102 or engl 112 or perm/inst engl 277 survey of american literature beginnings to civil war 3-0-3 f,s,su survey of selected texts from the breadth of traditions in early american literature with its often contradictory competing ideals and identities emphasizing critical reading and written

kinesiology department of kinesiology k-12 physical education continued college of health sciences school of allied health sciences dls ed-cifs 201 foundations of education 3 kinesiology building room 209 http kinesiology.boisestate.edu e-mail kinesinfo@boisestate.edu dls psyc 101 general psychology 3 ed-cifs 203 child and educational psychology 3 phone 208 426-4270 fax 208 426-1894 completion of all requirements for graduation with a secondary education option may require more than 120 credit hours chair and associate professor john mcchesney professors shimon spear associate professors bell gao gibson johnson lucas petranek simonson assistant professors brown conger hammons clinical assistant professors ford hall kempf degrees offered • bachelor of science in athletic training • bachelor of science in kinesiology • biomechanics emphasis • exercise science emphasis • pre-allied health emphasis • bachelor of science in health education and

mathematics math 387 discrete and foundational mathematics ii 4-0-4 s odd years a continuation of math 187 exploring more advanced topics in logic set theory and discrete mathematics proof techniques in predicate logic diagonalization arguments in logic set theory and computer science ordered sets mathematical methods in cryptography advanced techniques of combinatorial enumeration selected topics in graph theory prereq math 187 or math 189 wave equation heat equation poisson equation analytic functions and contour integration prereq math 275 and math 333 math 401 senior thesis in the mathematical sciences 1-0-1 f/s ff independent mathematical work in an active and modern subject area of the mathematical sciences guided by an official research faculty member in the department of mathematics and culminating in a written thesis presented in an appropriate public forum prereq one of math 403 405 411 414 426 433 436 456 462 465 471 or 480 math 436 partial differential equations 3-0-3

pre-law advising revolutionary era which may include german idealism historicism existentialism nihilism and marxism may be taken for either pols or phil credit but not both prereq pols 315 and pols 300 or pols 305 or pols 306 pols 445 intbus 445 international trade and investment law 3-0-3 s the law and policy of international economic institutions e.g world trade organization nafta national government regulation and private law affecting international transactions in trade in goods services technology and investment also selected issues in u.s foreign/trade policy and ethical/social responsibility may be taken for either intbus or pols credit but not both prereq admission to cobe senior/graduate standing or pols 305 and pols 306 or perm/inst pols 446 constitutional law 3-0-3 f/s examination of the constitution as interpreted by the supreme court through the case method powers and limitations of the judicial legislative and executive branches and legal significance of

world languages degree requirements 1 to begin the program for the b.a in french the student must demonstrate competency in french equivalent to the completion of elementary french 101 or french 111-112 and french 102 and intermediate french 201 202 203 french — 16 credit hours proficiency must be demonstrated by coursework or placement challenge procedures 2 the program must be developed in consultation with a major advisor in french 3 the student must demonstrate advanced levels of competency in french by means of an oral proficiency interview administered as part of the senior seminar french 498 4 secondary education majors should also consult with the department of curriculum instruction and foundational studies catalog listing for current education requirements french bachelor of arts course number and title credits foundational studies program requirements indicated in bold see page 50 for details and lists of approved courses engl 101 introduction to college writing 3

index spanish  special topics  state authorization and distance education beyond idaho 9 state of idaho scholarship awards  status your admission  strategic plan university’s vision and 7 student activities  student address/name changes 23 student classification 23 student health insurance plan ship  student housing 41 student involvement and leadership center  student records 22 student rights and responsibilities  student services chapter 9 43 student success courses 43 student success courses acad  student success program 43 study abroad financial aid  study of addiction the institute for the  study of aging center for the  summary of programs and courses chapter 11  summer programs 19 t table of contents 1 teacher certification program secondary  teaching endorsement american government/political science  art 72 biological science  chemistry  communication 97 drama  earth science  economics  engineering 142 english