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academic calendar — 2016-2017 summer session 2016 deadlines by session – summer 2016 session fee payment deadline start date last date to waitlist or add without permission number drop fee begins last date for refund last date to register add or drop without a w last date to drop or completely withdraw with a w no refund last date of classroom instruction grades due 1st 3 week may 5 may 9 may 9 may 13 may 10 may 20 may 29 may 31 2nd 3 week july 21 july 25 july 25 july 29 july 26 august 5 august 14 august 16 1st 5 week may 26 may 31 june 1 june 4 june 2 june 22 july 3 july 5 2nd 5 week june 30 july 5 july 6 july 9 july 7 july 27 august 7 august 9 1st 7 week may 5 may 9 may 11 may 13 may 12 june 8 june 26 june 28 2nd 7 week june 23 june 27 june 29 july 1 june 30 july 27 august 14 august 16 10 week may 26 may 31 june 2 june 5 june 8 july 15 august 7 august 9 14 week may 5 may 9 may 13 may 15 may 19 july 12 august 14 august 16 special session 1 and special

chapter 5 — grades boise state university’s grading system boise state university uses a 4.0 grading scale table 5.1 lists the letter grades that instructors use to document their evaluation of your work and to document your academic status in the class in addition table 5.1 defnes the meaning of each letter grade and specifes the number of quality points that correspond to each grade quality points are used to determine your gradepoint average gpa te procedure for calculating your gpa is described in “how to calculate your grade-point average gpa ” table 5.1 letter grades letter grade meaning quality points per credit hour used to calculate gpa 4 yes a through f in those transferred courses during any semester you can be enrolled in one of two possible careers — undergraduate or graduate in calculating semester gpa the formula uses only the quality points earned and gpa credits attempted that semester for boise state gpa the formula

chapter 11 — summary of programs and courses table 11.1 degrees majors minors certifcates and transfer programs ofered continued program degree refugee studies respiratory care minor bs romance languages social science minor aa bs social work ba sociology bs sociology social science secondary education ba spanish ba supply chain management department/school page history 163 respiratory care 248 world languages 272 sociology 255 social work 252 sociology 255 258 sociology 256 certifcate minor world languages 270 272 274 minor world languages 272 ba world languages 270 bba minor information technology supply chain management 170 171 spanish for business spanish secondary education certificate minor or transfer program sustainability technical communication theatre arts ba theatre arts secondary education ba visual art ba visual art art metals emphasis ceramics emphasis drawing and painting emphasis interdisciplinary art studio emphasis photography emphasis

civil engineering chem 386 directed reading in chemistry 1-0-1 f,s an individual study of a topic in chemistry arranged by the student in conjunction with a supervising member of the chemistry faculty may be repeated for credit chem 396 research in chemistry variable credit f,s an individual laboratory research project in chemistry arranged by the student in conjunction with a supervising member of the chemistry faculty may be repeated for credit chem 401 advanced inorganic chemistry 3-0-3 f atomic structure molecular structure using valence bond and molecular orbital theories solid state chemistry elementary group theory transition metal coordination chemistry and spectroscopy organometallic chemistry acid/base theory and redox chemistry prereq chem 322 or perm/inst chem 411 analytical chemistry ii 3-0-3 f advanced analytical methodology with a focus on modern chemical instrumentation signal processing and error analysis prereq chem 212 and chem 322 chem 412 analytical chemistry

criminal justice criminal justice bs continued dls soc 101 introduction to sociology 3 cj 101 introduction to criminal justice 3 cj 102 introduction to police 3 cj 104 introduction to corrections 3 cj 315 theories of crime 3 cj 317 juvenile justice 3 cj 321 criminal law 3 cid cj 425 research methods 3 cj 426 statistics 3 ff cj 498 senior seminar 3 upper-division criminal justice electives a maximum of 3 credits of cj 493 internship may be used 9 upper-division electives to total 40 credits electives to total 120 credits 13 34-37 total 120 course oferings see page 63 for a defnition of the course-numbering system cj – criminal justice lower division cj 101 introduction to criminal justice 3-0-3 f,s philosophy history objectives and functions of the criminal justice system as a social institution te relationship of this system to society and a general overview of the administration of justice cj 102 introduction to police 3-0-3 f,s a study of police behavior in urban and rural

english condition as it is revealed through the arts literature and philosophy may be repeated for credit prereq perm/inst hum 207 introduction to humanities 3-0-3 f/s dll an interdisciplinary exploration of human intellectual and creative heritage as expressed in literature music philosophy and/or the visual and performing arts emphasis on the intersection of liberal arts and critical thinking prereq engl 102 or perm/inst ling – linguistics ling 205 language in human life 3-0-3 f,s,su dls an overview of the complex nature of language its capacity for change its natural diversity and its fundamental role in our participation in social life students will refect on common beliefs about language and learn new ways to examine this uniquely and universally human activity tis course is designed as a cross-cultural course and welcomes students from u.s and international backgrounds upper division ling 301 history of the english language 3-0-3 f,s,su a study of the periods in the

kinesiology department of kinesiology k-12 physical education continued college of health sciences school of allied health sciences kinesiology building room 209 http kinesiology.boisestate.edu e-mail kinesinfo@boisestate.edu phone 208 426-4270 fax 208 426-1894 chair and associate professor john mcchesney professors shimon spear associate professors bell gao gibson johnson lucas petranek simonson assistant professors brown conger hammons clinical assistant professors ford hall kempf degrees ofered • bachelor of science in kinesiology • biomechanics emphasis • exercise science emphasis • pre-allied health emphasis • bachelor of science in k-12 physical education department statement te department of kinesiology provides comprehensive undergraduate and graduate degree programs that a incorporate scientifc and professional methods of inquiry to study physical activity exercise sport and health-related issues b advance the body of knowledge through scholarly

micron school of materials science and engineering micron school of materials science and engineering college of engineering engineering building room 338 http coen.boisestate.edu/mse phone 208 426-5600 fax 208 426-4466 chair and professor janet callahan professors butt knowlton moll müllner associate professors frary hughes lee ubic assistant professors estrada graugnard hurley jankowski li simmonds wharry xiong clinical assistant professor ackler distinguished research fellow yurke research associate professor wu lecturer watson degrees ofered • bachelor of science in materials science and engineering • secondary education emphasis • minor in materials science and engineering department statement a fundamental understanding of how properties structure processing and performance of materials are interrelated is an essential aspect of an engineering education understanding how these materials properties can be altered or how the properties change in diferent

psychology family studies minor psychology continued dls psyc 101 general psychology 3 course number and title dls social sciences course in a second feld 3 psyc 101 general psychology 3 biol 228 human anatomy and physiology 4 2 psyc 295 statistical methods or math 254 introduction to statistics 3 psyc 120 introduction to the psychology major psyc 295 statistical methods 3 psyc 309 child development 3 cid psyc 321 research methods 4 psyc 310 adolescent and adult development 3 ff psyc 487 capstone perspectives history and systems 3 psyc 438 community psychology or ed-esp 321 family and community relations ece/ecse 3 one 1 course chosen from the individual diferences cluster psyc 219 cross-cultural psychology psyc 229 psychology of gender psyc 261 human sexuality psyc 271 human relationships psyc 290 the psychology of eating 3 soc 101 introduction to sociology 3 soc 340 sociology of the family or psyc 419 children and families multicultural perspectives 3 3 one 1 course chosen from the

world languages department of world languages technology international trade and marketing te programs in world languages have the latitude and fexibility to ft nearly any career goal college of arts and sciences library room 140-b e-mail ldawkins@boisestate.edu http worldlang.boisestate.edu phone 208 426-3956 fax 208 426-5909 chair and professor adrian kane professors boucher devereux herbeck henderson herbeck associate professors garza lete norman assistant professor arispe clinical assistant professor leclercq spanish language coordinator cornwall american sign language coordinator snow lecturers carter-cram ehara gómez sibrian ugalde wei degrees ofered • bachelor of arts in • french • french secondary education • german • german secondary education • spanish • spanish secondary education • minor in • american sign language • arabic studies • basque studies • chinese studies • french • french for

index pre-optometry 107 pre-pharmacy 108 pre-physical terapy 108 pre-physician assistant 109 pre-speech-language pathology 109 prerequisite course 54 prerequisites not taken credit for 55 presidential and dean’s scholarships 38 pre-wildlife management 83 priority application dates 23 prior learning credit for 54 prior learning portfolio 55 privacy confdentiality and 20 privacy notice financial aid 40 probation and dismissal academic standing 33 programs and courses summary of 57 psyc/psychology 239 r radsci/radiologic sciences 245 recitals 220 records student 21 records transcript 22 refund policy tuition and fees 35 registration policies and procedures chapter 4 29 religion courses credit limitations 55 repeating a course 32 requirements and endorsements secondary education certifcation 125 requirements graduation 47 residency graduation requirement 47 idaho requirements 36 residential/nonresidential classifcation information 36 respcare/respiratory care 250 retention of