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2017–2018 academic calendar summer session 2017 deadlines by session — summer 2017 session fee payment deadline start date last date to waitlist or add without permission number drop fee begins last date for refund last date to register/add or drop without a w last date to drop or completely withdraw with a w no refund last date of classroom instruction grades due 1st 3 week may 4 may 8 may 8 may 12 may 9 may 19 may 28 may 30 2nd 3 week july 20 july 24 july 24 july 28 july 25 august 4 august 13 aug 15 1st 5 week may 25 may 30 may 31 june 3 june 1 june 21 july 2 july 5 2nd 5 week june 29 july 3 july 5 july 8 july 6 july 25 august 6 august 8 1st 7 week may 4 may 8 may 10 may 12 may 11 june 7 june 25 june 27 2nd 7 week june 22 june 26 june 28 june 30 june 29 july 26 august 13 august 15 10 week may 25 may 30 june 1 june 4 june 7 july 14 august 6 august 8 14 week may 4 may 8 may 12 may 14 may 18 july 11 august 13 august 15 special session 1 and special session

registration policies and procedures faculty-initiated withdrawals an instructor has the option of withdrawing you from a course if any of the following conditions are present • you fail to attend one of the first two meetings of a class that meets more than once each week • you fail to attend the first meeting of a class that meets once each week • you have not satisfied the requisites for the class you should not expect that an instructor will withdraw you for nonattendance the primary responsibility for course withdrawal rests with you to withdraw a student for failing to attend one of the first two meetings of a class that meets more than once each week or the first meeting of a class that meets once each week the instructor has the option to submit a facultyinitiated withdrawal form to the registrar’s office administration building room 110 208 426-4249 if you are withdrawn from a course for failing to attend these specified class meetings you may

summary of programs and courses university-wide course numbers course prefixes some course numbers have been made standard throughout the university indicating a particular type of course each standard course number is defined below table 11.4 below lists all the course prefixes used at boise state a course prefix is the two or more letter code preceding a course number it indicates the subject area of the course 97 197 297 397 and 497 special topics 0 to 4 credits special topics courses address special or unusual material not covered by the regular course offerings special topics courses may be offered no more than three times after that the course must be approved by the university curriculum committee before it can be offered again credits earned in courses numbered 197 297 397 or 497 count toward the total credits required for graduation 239 439 foreign study number of credits varies foreign study credits are granted by academic departments that participate in academic programs

civil engineering admission to upper division the first two years of the curriculum are considered to be lower-division and the two remaining years upper-division students must apply for upperdivision status in civil engineering in order to be admitted to selected upperdivision civil engineering courses factors considered include overall gradepoint average performance in selected lower-division courses and a reflective statement of why you wish to be a civil engineer upper-division status is the only a prerequisite for ce 320 ce 352 ce 360 and ce 370 to gain upper-division status you must have • completed 45 semester credits • an overall gpa of at least 2.50 • passed the following courses with an average of 2.70 or better • ce 280 civil engineering case studies • ce 282 engineering practice • chem 112 general chemistry ii • ce/engr/me 350 engineering mechanics of materials • math 275 multivariable and vector calculus • math 333

curriculum instruction and foundational studies elementary education continued the idaho state teacher certification requires a minimum of 20 credits in one of the following fields american government/political science art bilingual education biological science chemistry communication communication/drama earth science economics english english as a new language/tesol foreign language geography geology gifted/talented health history literacy mathematics music natural science physical science physics psychology social studies technology education 10-20 limitations to admission electives to total 120 total 0-9 120-122 secondary education program in secondary teacher education courses candidates will examine theories of learning and human development course work and practicum experiences will acquaint candidates with the rich diversity they will find in their classrooms and provide opportunities to practice methods of teaching appropriate for the context course work emphasizes the

games interactive media and mobile games interactive media and mobile gimm 350 game development 3 gimm 370 advanced 3d animation 3 college of innovation and design gimm 400 advanced topics 3 micron business and economics building room 2108 https cid.boisestate.edu/gimm information anthonyellertson@boisestate.edu gimm 440 digital portfolio 3 ff gimm 480 senior capstone one 3 gimm 490 senior capstone two 3 games interactive media and mobile continued director anthony ellertson cobe computer placement exam or itm 104 operating systems word processing topics and itm 105 spreadsheet topics and itm 106 database topics program offered • bachelor of science in games interactive media and mobile program statement the bachelor of science in games interactive media and mobile gimm is a baccalaureate degree for students seeking to specialize in interface design and client-side application development students will be exposed to a variety of cutting-edge industry tools and practices

kinesiology kines 220 introduction to athletic injuries 3-0-3 f/s a survey course introducing the principles of care and prevention of sport induced injury emphasis will be on identification and differentiation of minor and major trauma related to sports participation a prerequisite for admission to the athletic training education program prereq biol 107 or biol 227 kines 221 athletic training clinical instruction i 0-8-2 f clinical instruction in first-aid/cpr procedures acute care regional assessment and documentation procedures for musculoskeletal injuries neurologic injuries diseases commonly incurred by athletes and supervised clinical experiences as delineated by the commission on accreditation of athletic training education caate prereq admission to the clinical instruction component of the athletic training education program coreq kines 324 kines 222 athletic training clinical instruction ii 0-8-2 s clinical instruction in acute-care procedures specialized taping and

military science army rotc department of military science army rotc school of public service taco bell arena next to entrance 3 https sps.boisestate.edu/militaryscience e-mail armyrotc@boisestate.edu facebook boise state university army rotc phone 208 426-3500 fax 208 343-0543 cadre — chair and professor ltc timothy slemp lecturers chandler manzo petzinger wilson degree offered • minor in military science uniforms basic and advanced course students will be provided uniforms and equipment for rotc classes all such items of clothing and equipment are the property of the u.s government and are provided solely for the purpose of providing military training of the student students are responsible for the safekeeping care and return of the property issued to them degree requirements military science minor course number and title credits hist 339 united states military history 1775-present 3 milsci 301 adaptive team leadership 3 milsci 302 leadership in changing

radiologic sciences admission criteria each emphasis program has a specific application and acceptance process that includes various academic/personal requirements it is highly recommended that all interested students seek advising prior to application submission because of the large number of students seeking admission into the various emphasis programs not all applicants can be admitted all applicants should have applied to and been accepted at boise state the following summarizes the admission requirements for acceptance into specific degree emphasis areas computed tomography emphasis 1.  arrt credentialed technologist rtr in good standing 2.  submit program application by march 1 to include an application fee three closed letters of reference copies of all transcripts and resume see department website for more details 3.  minimum cumulative gpa of 2.5 4.  completed or in process of completing pre-professional curriculum • engl 101 introduction to

world languages remain in the program and must successfully complete praxis ii examination in all endorsement areas in any language course students must earn a grade of c or higher to satisfy the prerequisite for subsequent courses or to be counted toward a language minor or major degree requirements 1.  to begin the program for the ba in french the student must demonstrate competency in french equivalent to the completion of elementary french 101 and french 102 and intermediate french 201 202 203 french — 16 credit hours proficiency must be demonstrated by coursework or placement/challenge procedures 2.  the program must be developed in consultation with a major advisor in french 3.  the student must demonstrate advanced levels of competency in french by means of an oral proficiency interview administered as part of the senior seminar french 498 4.  secondary education majors should also consult with the department of curriculum instruction and

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