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kinesiology kines 220 introduction to athletic injuries 3-0-3 f/s a survey course introducing the principles of care and prevention of sport induced injury emphasis will be on identification and differentiation of minor and major trauma related to sports participation a prerequisite for admission to the athletic training education program prereq biol 107 or biol 227 kines 221 athletic training clinical instruction i 0-8-2 f clinical instruction in first-aid/cpr procedures acute care regional assessment and documentation procedures for musculoskeletal injuries neurologic injuries diseases commonly incurred by athletes and supervised clinical experiences as delineated by the commission on accreditation of athletic training education caate prereq admission to the clinical instruction component of the athletic training education program coreq kines 324 kines 222 athletic training clinical instruction ii 0-8-2 s clinical instruction in acute-care procedures specialized taping and wrapping techniques splinting bracing and ambulatory techniques continuation of musculoskeletal assessment techniques environmental conditions head and neck injuries and supervised clinical experiences as delineated by caate prereq kines 221 kines 242 human sexuality 3-0-3 f the study of individual sexuality emphasizing both physiological and psychological aspects topics include sexual anatomy and physiology sexual response cycle childbirth contraception sexual dysfunction sex role development and sexual deviation cross-cultural values will be examined and a values clarification unit will be included kines 250 hlthst 250 residential college health professions 1-0-1 f,s required course for students residing in the university housing health professions residential college students learn about the campus and community resources explore various health-related professions are civically engaged and participate in service projects may be repeated for credit prereq perm/inst kines 251 introduction to teaching physical education 3-0-3 f/s foundations in the history and philosophy of physical education and fundamentals in pedagogical strategies and theory basic tenets of sound teaching will be discussed and applied prereq restricted to kinesiology majors kines 270 applied anatomy 3-0-3 f/s investigation of human osteology myology arthrology and neurology as they relate to movement emphasis is on application of the knowledge of human anatomy to the principles underlying human movement prereq biol 107 or biol 227 kines 293 internship 1-3 credits f/s practicum field experience in physical education-related areas practical experience utilizing theory and practice of the assigned activity in various settings required in some options upper division kines 301 statistics measurement and evaluation concepts 3-0-3 f/s scientific reasoning approaches will be presented that enable students to make reliable and valid judgments based on empirical data topics include basic descriptive correlational and inferential statistics basic measurement theory of reliability validity and objectivity with emphasis on these statistics and theories associated with the assessment of health and human performance prereq math 143 or math 170 kines 305 adapted physical education 3-0-3 f/s course is designed to acquaint physical educators with the unique needs of the disabled emphasis will be on planning activities games sports and exercise programs that will contribute to the special student’s developmental health and wellness prereq junior standing kines 321 athletic training clinical instruction iii 0-11-3 f clinical instruction involving indications contraindications and clinical application of therapeutic modalities utilized by athletic trainers basic rehabilitative protocols for commonly injured joints and supervised clinical experiences as delineated by caate prereq kines 222 coreq kines 326 188 boise state university 2017–2018 undergraduate catalog kines 322 athletic training clinical instruction iv 0-11-3 s clinical instruction in rehabilitative exercise techniques of reconditioning athletic injuries and supervised clinical experiences as delineated by caate prereq kines 321 coreq kines 424 kines 324 injury evaluation 4-0-4 f instruction in theory and application of basic physical examination techniques of traumatic conditions and illnesses resulting from sports participation prereq admission to the athletic training education program coreq kines 221 kines 326 modalities in athletic training 3-0-3 f instruction in theory and application through clinical observations of various therapeutic modalities for care and treatment of athletic injuries emphasizing cryotherapy thermal therapy manual therapy and electrical modalities prereq admission to the athletic training education program coreq kines 321 kines 330 exercise physiology 3-0-3 f/s instruction in the physiological and biochemical changes accompanying exercise and training with emphasis on bioenergetics metabolism and the muscular cardiovascular and pulmonary systems prereq kines 270 or perm/inst and 3.0 gpa coreq kines 331 kines 331 laboratory for exercise physiology 0-2-1 f/s the laboratory to accompany kines 330 coreq kines 330 kines 351 elementary school physical education methods 3-0-3 f/s instruction in methods of teaching elementary school physical education emphasizing movement needs analysis and development of skills and practical application must be completed with a c or higher prereq admission to k-12 physical education program kines 251 and admission to teacher education or professional year coreq kines 352 and ed-cifs 203 kines 352 field experience for elementary school physical education methods 0-4-1 f/s sixty-hour teaching experience at an elementary school observation of teaching/learning process and demonstration of teaching competence in a classroom setting pass/fail coreq kines 351 and ed-cifs 203 kines 355 elementary school health and physical education curriculum and instruction variable 2-3 f/s planning organization and management techniques for teaching elementary school health and physical education the health content focuses on issues trends practices individual/social health problems and topic sequencing while the physical education portion emphasizes movement needs skill analysis development and activity progressions two credits for those pursing a health endorsement three credits for elementary education majors prereq admission to teacher education kines 360 psychology of coaching 2-0-2 f/s an examination of different coaching styles and psychological aspects of the coaching profession students will learn how to communicate effectively establish discipline handle outside pressures and enhance team cohesion prereq junior standing kines 363 exercise psychology 3-0-3 s issues related to the differentiation between physical activity and exercise benefits and determinates of physical activity and models for involvement in physical activity as well as theories of change focus on cognitive and social psychological perspectives prereq junior standing kines 365 social psychology of sport and physical activity 3-0-3 f overview of fundamental concepts principles and theories related to the psychology of human behavior in sport and exercise settings emphasis on understanding how competition feedback and reinforcement personality motivation anxiety and sport injuries affect performance and psychological make-up of participants prereq junior standing kines 370 biomechanics 3-0-3 f/s anatomical and mechanical considerations applied to human motion in sport and exercise prereq math 143 math 144 or math 170 and 3.0 gpa coreq kines 371 kines 371 laboratory for biomechanics 0-2-1 f/s the laboratory to accompany kines 370 coreq kines 370.