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military science army rotc department of military science army rotc school of public service taco bell arena next to entrance 3 https sps.boisestate.edu/militaryscience e-mail armyrotc@boisestate.edu facebook boise state university army rotc phone 208 426-3500 fax 208 343-0543 cadre — chair and professor ltc timothy slemp lecturers chandler manzo petzinger wilson degree offered • minor in military science uniforms basic and advanced course students will be provided uniforms and equipment for rotc classes all such items of clothing and equipment are the property of the u.s government and are provided solely for the purpose of providing military training of the student students are responsible for the safekeeping care and return of the property issued to them degree requirements military science minor course number and title credits hist 339 united states military history 1775-present 3 milsci 301 adaptive team leadership 3 milsci 302 leadership in changing environments 3 department statement milsci 390 military science practicum 6 the objective of senior army rotc is to provide world-class leadership training to transform scholar athlete leaders at boise state university into commissioned officers prepared to lead small units upon arrival to their first unit of assignment in the united states army army reserves and army national guard two-thirds of all u.s army officers commission through army rotc milsci 401 developing adaptive leaders 3 milsci 402 leadership in a complex world 3 course offerings scope of instruction milsci — military science no military obligation at lower-division level army rotc offers four years of military science courses at lower and upper division levels the 100 and 200-level courses are open to interested students with no military obligation or commitment to the army the 300 and 400-level courses are open to united states citizens who will contract into rotc and pursue a commission as officers in the united states army students wishing to attend the corresponding labs and physical fitness courses within the basic course must meet the eligibility requirements of an enrolled student in the rotc program students who wish to enroll in the upper-division curriculum in military science must apply and be accepted by the chair of the department of military science the requirements for the upper-division classes are to complete two additional years of military science and associated labs field training exercises physical training and a four-week cadet summer training cst cst provides practical application of the leadership principles and theories acquired in the classroom upon completion of upper-division requirements students are commissioned as second lieutenants in the u.s army army reserve or army national guard minor admission requirements boise state students enroll in military science courses by signing up during registration in the same manner as for other university classes there is not an advance application needed for the lower division courses students will need to contact the department of military science to receive information on lab participation physical requirements and administrative items needed to enroll in the physical fitness class and labs to receive the military science minor a student must be admitted into and complete the upper division rotc courses which requires a student commits to serve as a commissioned army officer must meet army physical and civil conduct requirements be accepted recommended by the department’s professor of military science and be a united states citizen scholarships two three and four year on-campus scholarship applications are available through the military science department scholarship pays full in or out of state tuition books and fees scholarship and contracted students receive a tiered educational stipend during the school year which pays monthly to facilitate our cadets’ focus on academic performance and graduation scholarship and contracted cadets will serve as a commissioned officer in the army national guard army reserves or active duty army students may contact local army national guard or army reserve units to inquire about educational benefits available through participating in the simultaneous membership program smp for more information contact the department of military science at 208 426-3500 total 21 lower division milsci 101 leadership and personal development 1-0-1 f cadets will focus on identifying leadership foundations that help overcome personal challenges and gain competencies that are critical for effective leadership how personal development of life skills such as goal setting time management physical fitness and stress management relate to leadership officership and the army profession milsci 101l leadership and personal development lab 0-1-1 f coreq rotc program status pass/fail milsci 102 foundations in leadership 1-0-1 s cadets will learn leadership fundamentals such as setting direction problem-solving listening presenting briefs providing feedback using effective writing skills as well as participate in practical hands-on and interactive exercises milsci 102l foundations in leadership lab 0-1-1 s coreq rotc program status pass/fail milsci 104 corps physical fitness 0-3-1 s this course is a requirement for all contracted cadets it is designed to help form the building blocks of fitness leadership and officership which is embedded in a valuesbased structure develop and implement a physical fitness plan using the u.s army prt physical readiness training program focusing on strength mobility and endurance addresses the importance of physical fitness as a “lifestyle” along with practical application of communication theory and interpersonal relationships may be repeated for credit prereq perm chair milsci 201 applied tactical leadership 2-0-2 f this course focuses on the dimensions of creative and innovative tactical leadership strategies and styles by studying historical case studies and engaging in interactive student exercises cadets will have the opportunity to practice personal motivation and team building in the context of planning executing and assessing team exercises milsci 201l applied tactical leadership lab 0-1-1 f coreq rotc program status pass/fail milsci 202 innovative tactical leadership 2-0-2 s this course is centered on navigating the challenges of leading teams in the complex contemporary operating environment coe dimensions of the cross-cultural challenges of leadership in a constantly changing world and applies these to practical army leadership tasks and situations boise state university 2017–2018 undergraduate catalog 219