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table of contents how to use this catalog this catalog is primarily for and directed at students however it serves many audiences such as high school counselors academic advisors and the public in this catalog you will find an overview of boise state university and information on admission registration grades tuition and fees financial aid housing student services and other important policies and procedures however most of this catalog is devoted to describing the various programs and courses offered at boise state choosing an academic program of study that fits your interests is likely one of your primary concerns to be successful you will need to understand the requirements for the degree or certificate you decide to pursue chapter 10 is a good place to start this chapter explains the various types of degrees and certificates the general requirements associated with each type and other policies and procedures applicable to all degrees this chapter also describes how to read the table of requirements for your chosen program next chapter 11 will help you find information about specific programs and course offerings it lists every undergraduate program of study offered at boise state which unit administers the program and on what page its specific requirements are listed this chapter also lists the course prefixes and their meanings table of contents academic calendar — 2017-2018 2 chapter 1 — an introduction to boise state university 7 chapter 2 — general policies 22 chapter 3 — admissions 25 chapter 4 — registration policies and procedures 31 chapter 5 — grades 34 chapter 6 — tuition and fees 36 chapter 7 — financial aid 39 chapter 8 — on-campus student housing 42 chapter 9 — student services 44 chapter 10 — obtaining a degree at boise state university 48 general degree requirements 48 college first-year writing requirement 48 mathematics requirement 49 finally chapter 12 describes all the undergraduate academic programs and course offerings within the chapter programs are listed alphabetically and are appropriately cross-referenced foundational studies program 49 even though we attempted to make this catalog as comprehensive as possible you still might have questions for inquiries regarding your academic program contact your advisor or the office of advising and academic enhancement if you have not chosen a major for other questions contact the offices listed in the appropriate chapters catalog policy 52 the following reference materials are available on the boise state website transferring credits to boise state 55 • graduate catalog • policy manual • student code of conduct • student handbook disciplinary lens courses 50 credit for prior learning 53 credit limitations 54 how to apply for graduation 54 how to read a degree requirements table 56 chapter 11 — summary of programs and courses 57 how to read a typical course description 63 university-wide course numbers 64 course prefixes 64 chapter 12 — academic programs and courses 66 administration faculty and emeriti 295 index 306 campus map inside back cover boise state university 2017–2018 undergraduate catalog 1