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registration policies and procedures faculty-initiated withdrawals an instructor has the option of withdrawing you from a course if any of the following conditions are present • you fail to attend one of the first two meetings of a class that meets more than once each week • you fail to attend the first meeting of a class that meets once each week • you have not satisfied the requisites for the class you should not expect that an instructor will withdraw you for nonattendance the primary responsibility for course withdrawal rests with you to withdraw a student for failing to attend one of the first two meetings of a class that meets more than once each week or the first meeting of a class that meets once each week the instructor has the option to submit a facultyinitiated withdrawal form to the registrar’s office administration building room 110 208 426-4249 if you are withdrawn from a course for failing to attend these specified class meetings you may re-enroll in the course with the instructor’s permission through the 10th day of the semester see the academic calendar deadlines by session table in this catalog for the exact deadline of the various sessions to be withdrawn for failing to satisfy entrance requirements the instructor or the department must notify you of the impending withdrawal and then request the withdrawal through the registrar’s office all facultyinitiated withdrawals will be removed from your record and will not appear on your transcript attendance policy you are responsible for attending courses for which you are enrolled you are also responsible for making up any work you may have missed by failing to attend class even if the absence was approved by boise state university necessitated by illness or necessitated by a personal emergency in this sense then there are no “excused” absences please note you should consult your course syllabus for instructor’s class attendance policy complete withdrawal from boise state if you wish to leave the university in good standing you must drop all your current semester classes and remove yourself from any waitlists by logging in to your student center on myboisestate https my.boisestate.edu see the academic calendar deadlines by session table in the front of this catalog for specific deadlines for the various sessions if the complete withdrawal for regular session is made after the 10th day of classes and you have not paid your fees you are still responsible for the entire amount of fees incurred plus a $40.00 administrative processing fee if you do not cancel your registration or completely withdraw by the appropriate deadline for the session you will be awarded a final grade of f of the dean of students an online form instructions and faqs are found at https deanofstudents.boisestate.edu 208 426-1527 norco building suite 116 for information on refunds of tuition and fees following a complete withdrawal see chapter 6 — tuition and fees financial aid and withdrawals if you withdraw from the university you need to be aware of federal regulations impacting your financial aid eligibility withdrawals will impact your compliance with satisfactory academic progress please see the policy at https financialaid.boisestate.edu/sapdocuments complete withdrawals may also result in a financial obligation by you to return the unearned portion of any federal aid disbursed to you or to your student account you must repay boise state for any unearned aid which had applied toward tuition and fee charges a repayment may also be required for unearned aid disbursed directly to you a full explanation of this policy including examples is available at https deanofstudents.boisestate.edu/studentwithdrawal if you are considering withdrawing from boise state we strongly recommend that you review this information if you still have questions please contact the financial aid office call 208 426-1664 for more information administrative withdrawal from boise state an administrative withdrawal is the process by which boise state formally withdraws you from the university usually without your consent or cooperation you may be administratively withdrawn for a variety of reasons including the following • failing to pay library fines overdue loans deferred fee payments housing accounts or other such charges • falsifying information on an admissions application or other university record or document • failing to respond to an official summons issued by the university • exhibiting behavior that constitutes a clear and present danger to yourself or to others administrative withdrawals due to nonpayment of financial obligations library fines overdue loans deferred fees housing accounts etc are recorded with a grade of w and appear on your transcript if processed after the 10th day of the semester administrative withdrawals due to ineligibility to be in a course or continue in school for reasons other than nonpayment of financial obligations may or may not appear on your transcript notification of administrative withdrawals are sent to your broncomail account questions about these policies if you have questions about these policies contact the registrar’s office administration building room 110 208 426-4249 a complete withdrawal after the published deadline will only be granted by special appeal and because of extraordinary circumstances through the office boise state university 2017–2018 undergraduate catalog 33