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summary of programs and courses university-wide course numbers course prefixes some course numbers have been made standard throughout the university indicating a particular type of course each standard course number is defined below table 11.4 below lists all the course prefixes used at boise state a course prefix is the two or more letter code preceding a course number it indicates the subject area of the course 97 197 297 397 and 497 special topics 0 to 4 credits special topics courses address special or unusual material not covered by the regular course offerings special topics courses may be offered no more than three times after that the course must be approved by the university curriculum committee before it can be offered again credits earned in courses numbered 197 297 397 or 497 count toward the total credits required for graduation 239 439 foreign study number of credits varies foreign study credits are granted by academic departments that participate in academic programs abroad 283 479 undergraduate research experience 1 to 3 credits provides insight into research or creative work through inquiry investigation discovery and application there is a possibility of collaborating with graduate students who are performing graduate-level research all research is supervised by a faculty member 293 493 internship number of credits varies internship credits are earned in supervised fieldwork specifically related to a student’s major to enroll in courses numbered 293 or 493 a student must have attained a cumulative gradepoint average of 2.00 or higher no more than 12 internship credits may be used to meet degree requirements or university graduation requirements 294 494 conference or workshop 0 to 4 credits conferences and workshops are short courses conducted by qualified faculty or another expert in a particular field no more than a total of 9 credits may be used to meet degree requirements or university graduation requirements 453 professional education number of credits varies available at special fee rate approximately one-third of part-time education fee student must be an idaho public school teacher or professional employee of an idaho school district credit awarded is for professional development only and cannot be applied toward a degree program pass/fail 496 independent study 1 to 4 credits upper-division students may earn credits in independent study usually through directed reading or by completing a special project students may earn no more than 4 credits in a semester and no more than 6 credits during a single academic year and no more than a total of 9 credits may be used to meet degree requirements or university graduation requirements before enrolling for independent study a student must obtain the approval of the department chair acting on the recommendation of the instructor who will be supervising the independent study an independent study cannot be substituted for a course regularly offered at boise state nor can independent study credits be used to improve a grade in a course the student has already taken 498 499 seminar 1 to 4 credits a seminar is a small class that examines a particular topic seminars are typically discussion oriented and are most commonly offered at the junior senior or graduate level table 11.4 course prefixes prefix subject acad academic 66 acct accountancy 67 adst addiction studies 261 anth anthropology 70 arabic arabic 287 art art 77 arthist art history 80 artsci arts and sciences asl american sign language b2c bridge to career bas bachelor of applied science basque basque 288 basq-std basque studies 288 biol biology 86 bosnian bosnian 288 bot botany biological sciences 89 busbtc business bridge to career 91 boise state university 2017–2018 undergraduate catalog 81 288 83 buscom business communication marketing 205 busmgt business management 201 busstat business statistics information technology supply chain management 180 canstd canadian studies political science 242 ce civil engineering 96 chem chemistry chinese mandarin chinese 288 cj criminal justice 122 cmgt construction management 119 coid college of innovation design 182 comm communication 101 coun counseling 121 cs computer science 117 93 disput dispute resolution 130 ece electrical computer engineering 140 econ economics 137 continued 64 page