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Acoustic Wave® Music System

our award winning integrated music system salient features surprising sound is just the beginning at the first glance you might wonder how much sound could possibly come from a music system about the size of a briefcase and then you turn it on the acoustic wave® music system will thrill you with sound equal to that of a large stereo system the only differences are its compact size sleek design versatility portability and the innovative bose® technologies that have made this system a popular audio solution for many music lovers equipped with a cd player and high-performance stereo tuner the acoustic wave® music system gives you an opportunity to hear your favorite music again for the first time what s in a name bose technology all this is made possible by our patented acoustic waveguide speaker technology featuring an 80-inch waveguide chamber wrapped inside the enclosure the chamber amplifies sound just as a flute amplifies a small breath of air resulting in a stunning audio