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rotary file systems endosequence® precision endodontic system rrrr endosequence is the first endodontic system to be fully synchronized from instrumentation through obturation and post placement the constant tapered endosequence rotary files contain many patented features which provide unparalleled efficiency and safety the endosequence bc points and fiber posts are laser verified to precisely match the shape tip/taper created by the files and the system utilizes the revolutionary award winning bc sealer join the thousands of others that have discovered the host of benefits that endosequence brings to their practice rrrrrr 2013 readers’ choice award the patented endosequence file design endosequence is the only file in the world that contains all of the following features available with calibration markings • visible on radiographs electropolished surface • eliminates surface imperfections that weaken other files • increases file

zones of contact canal depth numbers represent file diameter 1/100 mm bt1 #10 06 to wl bt2 #35 00 to wl bt3 #35 04 to wl 88 82 76 70 64 58 52 46 40 34 28 22 16 10 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 35 87 83 79 75 71 67 63 59 55 51 47 43 39 35 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 1 after coronal access is attained the working length wl should be obtained with small hand files iso 06 08 10 or 15 depending on the constriction of each canal 2 a glide path should be accomplished with small stainless steel or niti files to iso 15 before using bt race sequence 3 each file of the entire sequence should be used to full wl before moving to the next file in the sequence per file total working time in one canal should not exceed 10 seconds all files should be used at 600-800 rpms with 1.5ncm of torque 4 use the bt1 with a long and gentle pecking motion 3-4 back and forth strokes if bt1 does not reach wl clean the instrument irrigate and repeat until the wl is achieved 5

the race niti rotary file system utilizes a progressively smaller taper to ensure minimal file stress the file contains the same patented features as biorace and scoutrace total length l1 tip size working length l2 precision safety tip electropolishing taper triangular cross section alternating cutting edges centering mechanism individual packs file tip id white tip size 0.10 taper 0.08 taper 0.06 taper 0.04 taper 0.02 taper l1 19 mm l1 19 mm l1 19 mm l1 25 mm l1 25 mm l1 25 mm l1 25 mm l1 25 mm l1 25 mm l1 21 mm l2 8 mm l2 8 mm l2 9 mm l2 8 mm l2 16 mm l2 8 mm l2 16 mm l2 8 mm l2 16 mm l2 16 mm 5008667u0 5014972u0 5008771u0 5014973u0 15 yellow 20 red 25 5008665u0 5008664u0 5008663u0 5008781u0 5008662u0 5008782u0 5014974u0 blue 30 5008765u0 5008766u0 5008770u0 5014975u0 green 35 5008764u0 5008668u0 5014976u0 black 40 5008666u0 5008769u0 5014977u0 yellow 50 5008768u0 5014978u0 white 60 5008767u0

obturation materials activ gp™ sealer the unique benifits of a modified glass ionomer sealer • ideal for single visit rct and post and core 15 minute working time • excellent biocompatibility • bonded obturation • highly radiopaque liquid activ gp point powder canal wall activ gp sealer order no 5011494u0 order no 5011493u0 activ gp™ points activ gp points exhibit all of the same characteristics of our bc points but additionally they are coated and impregnated with glass ionomer particles for optimal bonding with activgp sealer another distinguishing feature is that activ gp points contain calibration depth markings individual packs 60/pack tip id calibrated depth markings at 17 19 20 21 23 and 25 mm stiffer than normal gutta percha laser verified for tip and taper accuracy iso tip size impregnated and coated with glass ionomer particles tip size .04 taper .06 taper white 15 5017993u0 5018005u0 yellow 20 5017994u0 5018006u0 red 25 5017995u0

root repair material endosequence® root repair material rrm tired of hassling with conventional root repair materials premixed with superior handling and healing properties endosequence root repair material is ideal for all of your root repair needs endosequence root repair material rrm is available in two specifically formulated consistencies syringable paste or condensable putty and contains many of the same characteristics as bc sealer the favorable handling properties increased strength and shortened set time make rrm highly resistant to washout and ideal for all root repair and pulp capping procedures research and countless cases confirm that rrm is highly biocompatible and osteogenic join the thousands of others that have set aside their spatulas and joined the rrm revolution 1 application uses • repair of root perforation • repair of root resorption • root end filling • apexification • pulp capping composition properties • calcium

ultrasonics varios 350™ a unique combination of portability and power the popular space-saving varios 350 ultrasonic system easily adapts to a variety of clinical application needs compact portable measuring only 1.25 inches tall by 3.25 inches wide and 5.5 inches deep the varios 350 fits virtually anywhere conserving valuable space in your operatory at just under 11 ounces it can be easily transported from one operatory or office to the next the varios 350 can also be easily mounted to any dental unit powerful versatile don’t be fooled by the varios 350’s profile this is a powerful piezo ultrasonic unit offering modes for general endodontic and periodontal applications that can be precisely set with the simple turn of a dial the periodontal mode guarantees absolute minimum stable power for delicate periodontal procedures the water spray for the varios 350 compact is also completely adjustable ergonomic ultrasonic handpieces for your varios unit

endosequence can be likened to a prefabricated cast post because the shape/preparation created by your endosequence file also serves as your post space there is no need to alter the shape of the canal with a post drill which can cause unwanted stress on the tooth post systems endosequence® post system elasticity modulus 250 200 gpa 200 endosquence posts are white and translucent making them ideal for highly esthetic restorations each post is factory silanated to facilitate optimal bonding and they are highly radiopaque 150 141 120 100 49 50 endosequence posts are extremely strong and have a modulus of elasticity similar to that of dentin which results in less stress on the tooth 25 0 steel titanium carbon endosequence dentin features • high zirconia content 68 gives increased strength • low modules of elasticity 49gpf promotes natural movement of surrounding tooth structure • factory silanation ensures proper chemical and micro-mechanical bonding for dual and

endosequence core build-up cartridge kits seq100 a2 cartridge kit 1 20 20 1 1 seq101 opaceous white cartridge kit 25 ml 48 gm a2 cartridge cartridge mixing tips cartridge delivery tips instructions for use ifu material safety data sheet msds order no 1 20 20 1 1 5013879u0 25 ml 48 gm opaceous white cartridge cartridge mixing tips cartridge delivery tips instructions for use ifu material safety data sheet msds order no 5013880u0 endosequence core build-up cartridge accessories seq108 cartridge gun 1 seq105 intra tips cartridge gun order no 48 5013659u0 seq106 cartridge mixing tips intra tips order no 48 5013881u0 cartridge mixing tips order no 5013882u0 endosequence core build-up syringe kits seq104 intro syringe kit 3 2 25 4 ml 8.6 gm a2 auto-mix syringes 4 ml 8.6 gm opaceous white auto-mix syringes syringe mixing tips order no 5013885u0 seq102 a2 syringe kit 4 25 seq103 opaceous white syringe kit 4 ml 8.6 gm a2 auto-mix syringes syringe mixing tips order no 4 25 5013883u0 4 ml