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dialite ® diamonds • three-phase multi-layered technology • hybrid fine particle sizes • uniform particle dispersion • designed for adjusting and finishing of zirconia and lithium disilicate • endo access through zirconia and lithium disilicate crowns • recommended with light pressure and a copious amount of water • recommended speed removal 100,000-120,000 rpm adjusting 40,000-60,000 rpm order no 369d 801ld 856d head size 1/10 mm 025 014 016 cutting length mm 5.5 8.0 fine 8369df 8801ldf 8856df extra-fine 369def 801ldef 856def friction grip 31 fg 19 mm 4

visionflex â„¢ visionflex â„¢ diamond/serrated saw combo diamond strips in addition to our extensive interproximal strip line brasseler usa is introducing a new combination diamond and saw blade strip this versatile strip will help meet all of your interproximal finishing and stripping needs by allowing you to move quickly from one application to the next eliminating the need for two different strips the serrated saw blade is ideal for opening tight interproximal contacts or cement removal while the perforated diamond portion quickly strips enamel during orthodontics or finishes composite and porcelain restorations available in three grits extra-fine fine and medium these strips will help you save time and money order no thickness mm width mm length mm saw area mm diamond area mm grit single/double sided qty/pack ws37efcombo 0.08 3.75 147 40 53.5 53.5 extra-fine single 10 ws37fcombo 0.10 3.75 147 40 53.5 53.5 fine single 10 ws37combo 0.13 3.75 147 40 53.5 53.5 medium single

“super premium” multi-purpose carbides alloy amalgam removal cavity preparation • multi-purpose ideal for cavity preparation and alloy amalgam removal •q  uality manufactured single piece construction carbide • available in clinic pack smooth the unique blade configuration with fine cross-cuts will generate less vibration chatter and leave a smoother finish aggressive the unique blade configuration and fine cross-cuts make sabrecut carbides extremely efficient at cutting amalgam metal enamel and dentin rugged single-piece vs two-piece construction carbide • minimizes separation • minimizes wear and tear on handpiece turbines • reduces chair time note two-piece conventional operative carbides are not recommended to remove old alloy restorations due to the high risk of separation end-cutting with sharp deeply ground transversing blades at the tip sabrecut™ carbides exhibit rapid end-cutting making them ideal for restoration removal

et ® provipro ™ polishers materials acrylic bis-acryl polishing provisionals with pumice and paste is messy and time consuming brasseler usa’s new et® provipro™ allows you to polish at chairside saving both polishing and clean-up time this easy-to-use two-step system will quickly allow you to achieve a high-gloss shine and an ultra-smooth surface on composite and acrylic based provisionals et® provipro™ polishers will eliminate the need for a bench lathe and rag wheel and are ideal for polishing crevices grooves contact areas and textured surfaces available in medium and fine grits these buffs available exclusively from brasseler usa will minimize polishing time and save you money • aluminum oxide impregnated cotton buff for polishing acrylic and composite based provisional material • recommended speed 10,000-15,000 rpm • sterilization single use order no swr22m swr22f head size mm 220 220 cutting length mm 3.0 3.0 medium fine

dialite ® feather lite ™ “ the brasseler dialite feather lite is by far the best polisher system i have ever used to give a natural finish to developmental and fine grooves on anterior teeth and occlusal anatomy on posterior teeth “ materials ceramic edward a mclaren dds brasseler usa introduces a revolutionary addition to the dialite family of porcelain polishers feather lite feather lite’s flexible spirals are designed to separate and “feather” out this feathering helps maintain surface differentiation when polishing porcelain restorations helping the polisher quickly adapt to any surface including occlusal interproximal and contact areas available in a 26mm head size and in coarse medium and fine grits the new dialite feather lite polisher will help save chair time as you quickly polish your porcelain restorations extra-orally use dialite feather lite as the final polish for all your crown and bridge restorations fl26chp coarse diameter 26mm

dialite ® intra-oral extra-oral polishers materials ceramic the l20 dialite ultra-thin discs or “skinnys” are much thinner and smaller than anything in our current offering just 20 mm in diameter and 1 mm thick this thin but sturdy disc is available in coarse medium and fine grits and mounted on a straight handpiece mandrel these discs are ideal for incisal cut back and polishing tight interproximal spaces 7.5mm w11 lithium disilicate polishers intra-oral mini points zirconia polishers order no w11dchp.21 w11dmhp.21 w11dfhp.21 head size mm 030 030 030 cutting length mm 7.5 7.5 7.5 coarse medium fine w11dmhp.21 w11dfhp.21 1 10 grit 21 ra right-angle latch 22 mm w11dchp.21 5/pack extra-oral skinny discs feather lite order no 14 w16 the w11 small or “mini” intra-oral dialite points are smaller than our w16 point making polishing occlusal surfaces that much easier the size of a brownie/greenie point they are 3 mm in diameter and 7.5 mm in length these

hand instruments new brasseler usa® hand instruments hollow lightweight stainless steel for enhanced tactile sensitivity handle finishing enhances slip-free grip in gloved hands extended handle neck assists in correct finger placement and adaptation proprietary tempering and finishing process to ensure a long lasting razor-sharp edge matte finish reduces glare from enhanced lighting maintains clean aseptic appearance through repeated sterilization cycles hygiene sv3 savannah-3 scaler • thin contra-angle for better adaptation and enhanced posterior access • also recommended as instrument of choice for cement removal by leading clinician dr john kois • available in handles #6 #8 6 shown sbh5/6 barnhart 5-6 curette • universal curette for medium calculus removal also available in rigid and thin versions • available in #2 #4 #6 and #8 cushion grip 6 shown sg11/12 gracey 11-12 curette 16 • gracey curettes are available in a variety of designs such

bc sealer bc points endosequence bc obturation ™ bc sealer bckitpoints™ the state-of-the-art in endodontic obturation has changed unlike conventional base/catalyst sealers bc sealer utilizes the moisture naturally present in the dentinal tubules to initiate its setting reaction this highly radiopaque and hydrophilic sealer forms hydroxyapatite upon setting and chemically bonds to both dentin and to our bioceramic points endosequence® bc points™ bc sealer is anti-bacterial during setting due to its highly alkaline ph and unlike traditional sealers bc sealer exhibits absolutely zero shrinkage how does your current obturation system compare your current system highly biocompatible and osteogenic  user friendly premixed syringe delivery  absolutely zero shrinkage  sealer chemically bonds to both dentin and to obturation material  cost effective considerably less expensive than thermoplastic carriers  highly antibacterial 12 ph

fast set putty endosequence bc obturation kit bc rrm-fast set putty™ tired of hassling with conventional root repair and “dentin replacement” materials premixed with superior handling and healing properties endosequence® bc rrm-fast set putty™ is ideal for all your pulp capping and root repair needs bc rrm-fast set putty™ contains the same characteristics as our tried-and-true bc rrm-paste™ and bc rrm-putty™ but with a new fast set chemistry and an improved sanidose™ syringe delivery no mixing no waste no cross-contamination and best of all you get a consistently perfect unit dose of putty plug with every application our new bc rrm-fast set putty™ is even more resistant to washout than our marketleading bc rrm-putty™ superior handling excellent healing ✓ moldable/condensable putty consistency ✓ premixed sanidose™ syringe delivery ✓ extremely resistant to washout ✓ shortened set time 20 min

mini handpiece when “open wide” isn’t enough small in size but big in performance the brasseler mini high speed air handpiece offers a super miniature head size that provides maximum access and visibility a revolution in handpiece design the brasseler mini is a necessity for your limited access cases • lightweight • fiber optic light • easy to replace turbine • ceramic ball bearings • clean head system • single port water spray • quick disconnect swivel • push button 5021970u0 brasseler mini actual size 4.25 in .705 in 9.5 mm 8.6 mm 14.0 mm 11.2 mm mini head 13.6 mm 9.0 mm standard mini standard head 7.6 mm 31 fg standard 22 33 fg short shank 14.5 mm 16.0 mm 19.0 mm recommended with brasseler mini burs 32 fg mini 12.7

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