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bc sealer bc points endosequence bc obturation ™ bc sealer bckitpoints™ the state-of-the-art in endodontic obturation has changed unlike conventional base/catalyst sealers bc sealer utilizes the moisture naturally present in the dentinal tubules to initiate its setting reaction this highly radiopaque and hydrophilic sealer forms hydroxyapatite upon setting and chemically bonds to both dentin and to our bioceramic points endosequence® bc points™ bc sealer is anti-bacterial during setting due to its highly alkaline ph and unlike traditional sealers bc sealer exhibits absolutely zero shrinkage how does your current obturation system compare your current system highly biocompatible and osteogenic  user friendly premixed syringe delivery  absolutely zero shrinkage  sealer chemically bonds to both dentin and to obturation material  cost effective considerably less expensive than thermoplastic carriers  highly antibacterial 12 ph upon setting  100 hydrophilic  highly radiopaque  endosequence® bc obturation kit endosequence® bc sealer 5019504u0 04 5017560u0 “ 18 finally a sealer that is biocompatible hydrophilic and antibacterial with no post-operative complications dr richard herman diplomat of the american board of endodontics adjunct assistant clinical professor nova southeastern university post graduate endodontics composition calcium silicates calcium phosphate monobasic zirconium oxide tantalum oxide and thickening agents “ bc sealer and points