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44 20 elite textured stone new colour moorland gold new porcelain in 5 colours driftwood shown new additions for this year 4 gardens and drives 55 canterbury new colour pale

aura silver fleck and rustic kerb charcoal smart limestone mystic sky shown wet alpha antique silver haze with style limestone mystic sky elite textured rustic pearl with beta burnt oak edging creative sandstone modak the images on these pages are from two of our award winners in 2015 however the scheme isn’t just about winners – it’s about delivering consistently high levels of quality and service to the home owner beta silver haze with drivestyle kerb and beta charcoal edging most of the images in this brochure are from bais many haven’t won an award but all are of the same high standard every bai member is regularly assessed to ensure an exceptional level of workmanship providing you with a great reason to choose a bai for your project gardens and drives

style granite 26 natural stone style granite silver

creative sandstone a rich palette of beautiful texture and colour from the warm robust autumnal colours of modak sunrise and raveena shown on this page through to the cooler and more delicate tones of fossil mint forest glen and mountain mist shown on pages 34 and 35 our creative sandstone portfolio offers a wide variety or rich characterful colours to suit every sensibility and garden type find out more about natural stone colours on page 93  see page 95 for all product information creative sandstone sunrise modak sunrise raveena natural stone

bronte 50 garden paving bronte acorn brown with matching garden

decorative aggregates garden and driveway aggregates all decorative aggregates are available in maxi bags and bulk bags for a handy aggregate usage calculator tool visit or use the qr code below to see how many bags you require dry natural slate grade 40 plum slate grade 40 green slate grade 40 red granite grade 14 green granite grade 14 pearl spar grade 11 cotswold stone grade 20 canterbury spar grade 11 find out more about decorative aggregates havana gold grade 20 beach pebbles grade 40 honey gold grade 10 wet pictures show dry top left and wet bottom right the most widely used aggregates are illustrated here please enquire if you require products not shown suitable for use in garden ponds wash thoroughly before use product natural slate plum slate green slate red granite green granite pearl spar grade 40 40 40 14 14 11 coverage kg/m2 62.5 62.5 62.5 75 75 70 suitable for driveways product cotswold stone canterbury spar havana gold beach

alpha trio alpha beta trio rustic look paving in multi-size packs alpha trio offers a classic multi-size block paving with an aged look that blends well with almost any surroundings each pack contains three sizes of block to maximise design flexibility and reduce the number of packs required helping to minimise waste on smaller paving projects alpha trio is available in a choice of four colours and two thicknesses a wide range of matching products and accessories is available  50mm or 60mm thickness  matching kerbs  circle pack  distinctive look and feel for your driveway  see page100 for all product information autumn gold 72 drives brindle silver haze rustic bronze n e 20 w fo 16 r alpha trio autumn gold with aura bronze fleck

alpha flow alpha flow the popularity of our alpha antique rustic multi sized paving now combined with permeability benefits  paving  permeable chippings  see page 100 for all product information alpha flow charcoal brindle charcoal autumn gold drives

size mm 900 x 600 600 x 600 600 x 300 300 x 300 area m2 no 13 13 13 9 available in elite tumbled only 6.15m2 per pack ddfaffakadddkfd 15.37 dfkakffkddaakffaaffkdadaaaddfafddkfadak 2.48ma dadf 1xd and 1xk flag not used ststqstsqqqtttt flag type size no.t r r r mm rrrrrrrrr tx150 t t plank t 900 64 polished sststsstqrrrrsstttqqr 210 x 140 t 160t sqqqqqttttrrr tumbled setts 140 x r140 160 rrrrrrrttttssssrq105 xqqr 160 q r r 140 tttt product information area m2 9.32 11.64 fkfdfdkddkdfdkkkddkffkffaddkdfakf other elite stone products graphite grey silver grey burnt glow available in limestone and brazilian slate 6.15m2 per pack area m2 no 13 13 13 9 15.37 6.1m 6.1m k size mm 900 x 600 600 x 600 600 x 300 300 x 300 fkdkafdaadfakakfdkfdkfkkff df dk ffkakdafaafaaaafakdkdadaa 1xd and 1xk flag not used dkfaf ad fkddfafdststsqqtt size mm flag type rrrrrrrtqstst600 s t x 400 strrrstttqrx 400 r s 400 qqqtrsrr rt 400 x r200 rtttssst 200 xq200 rrqrtttdkffdqstaatt area r 2

kerbs drivestyle kerb no 270 high kerb lin m 27 no per lin m 10 no 168 mobility kerb lin m 16.8 no per lin m 10 corners and radials are sold individually in both splay and bullnose designs corners and radials are sold individually in both half batter and bullnose designs lower profile design kerb system high profile design kerb systemradius  non-tumbled finish for clean lines  non-tumbled finish for clean lines  multi profile options using the same unit  multi profile options using the same unit  full set of corners and radials available  full set of corners and radials available100  droppers and transitions available  droppers and transitions available colours autumn gold brindle charcoal red radius 30mm 30 95 30 125 colours autumn gold brindle charcoal red 95 30 30mm 30 125 100 125 100 125 colours available in brindle and charcoal 25 100 22.5 106.8 175 144.3 100 145 200 100 125 100 radius 50mm the brett mobility

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