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november 2016 paperback viii 237 pp isbn 9789004332171 price € 70 us 84 e-isbn 9789004334908 e-price € 70 us 84 african social studies series 36 august 2017 paperback approx 200 pp isbn 9789004347960 price € 69 us 80 e-isbn 9789004349339 e-price € 69 us 80 african sources for african history 15 february 2017 paperback xii 278 pp isbn 9789004336742 price € 67 us 78 e-isbn 9789004339040 e-price € 67 us 78 africa-europe group for interdisciplinary studies 18 april 2017 hardback xxxiv 202 pp isbn 9789004346475 price € 105 us 121 e-isbn 9789004346512 e-price € 105 us 121 cross/cultures 199 imprint brill rodopi producing stateness the making of the african road the epic of sumanguru kante the white spaces of kenyan settler writing jan beek goethe university frankfurt edited by kurt beck university of bayreuth gabriel klaeger goethe university frankfurt and michael stasik university of bayreuth edited by stephen p.d bulman independant researcher valentin f vydrine inalco paris terrence craig mount allison university the making of the african road offers anthropological accounts of the infrastructural economic political historical as well as experiential dimensions of the african long-distance road and explores its emerging orders the epic of sumanguru kante contains the bamana text and english translation of griot abdoulaye sako’s oral narrative about sumanguru recorded in koulikoro mali together with explanatory notes a scholarly introduction and sections on the bamana language and musical accompaniment police work in ghana jan beek’s book explores everyday police work in an african country and shows that police officers despite prevailing stereotypes about failed states and african police produce stateness march 2017 paperback xxiv 303 pp isbn 9789004325944 price € 79 us 92 e-isbn 9789004341685 e-price € 79 us 92 african sources for african history 14 les mémoires de maalaŋ galisa sur le royaume confédéré du kaabu un récit en langue mandinka de la guinée-bissau cornelia giesing independent researcher and denis creissels university of lyon the mémoires of maalaŋ galisa edited and commented by cornelia giesing et denis creissels offer a south-eastern and often matrifocal viewpoint on the state of kaabu 16th 19th centuries a.d as a counterpart to other versions moulded after the sunjata epic november 2016 paperback xx 182 pp isbn 9789004335509 price € 69 us 83 e-isbn 9789004335547 e-price € 69 us 83 african sources for african history 13 february 2017 paperback xii 100 pp isbn 9789004339934 price € 70 us 84 e-isbn 9789004339941 e-price € 70 us 84 brill research perspectives guidance uwongozi by philanthropy in sheikh al-amin mazrui contemporary africa a review selections from the first swahili islamic newspaper jacob mwathi mati university of the a swahili-english edition south pacific kai kresse columbia university translated by hassan mwakimako and kai kresse and with a foreword by alamin mazrui and hammad m.k mazrui guidance uwongozi is a bi-lingual edition of a collection of essays from the first swahili islamic newspaper sahifa written by sheikh al-amin mazrui d 1947 in mombasa between 1930 and 1932 the collection was first printed locally in 1944 this review contributes to a growing body of literature on conceptions and manifestations of african philanthropy the review illustrates a complex plurality of actions that fall under cultures and practices of giving in africa a polemical bibliography may 2017 hardback xxxviii 204 pp isbn 9789004346437 price € 105 us 121 e-isbn 9789004346444 e-price € 105 us 121 cross/cultures 198 imprint brill rodopi black south african autobiography after deleuze belonging and becoming in selftestimony kgomotso michael masemola university of south africa the white spaces of kenyan settler writing lists and places in their historical contexts over 900 texts written by whites in and about colonial kenya february 2017 hardback xxx 376 pp isbn 9789004335035 price € 126 us 151 e-isbn 9789004335196 e-price € 126 us 151 cross/cultures 191 imprint brill rodopi postcolonial justice edited by anke bartels university of potsdam lars eckstein university of potsdam nicole waller university of potsdam and dirk wiemann university of potsdam postcolonial justice addresses a crucial issue in current postcolonial theory the question of how to reconcile an ethics of diversity and difference with the normative if not universal thrust that appears to energize any notion of justice in black south african autobiography after deleuze belonging and becoming selftestimony kgomotso michael masemola uses gilles deleuze’s theories of immanence and deterritorialization to explore south african autobiography as both the site and limit of intertextual cultural memory december 2016 hardback xii 151 pp isbn 9789004324893 price € 99 us 119 e-isbn 9789004324909 e-price € 99 us 119 european expansion and indigenous response 23 november 2016 hardback viii 428 pp isbn 9789004336421 price € 143 us 165 e-isbn 9789004338081 e-price € 143 us 165 cross/cultures 193 imprint brill rodopi the cross-cultural legacy critical and creative writings in memory of hena maes-jelinek edited by gordon collier geoffrey v davis marc delrez university of liège and bénédicte ledent university of liège contributions on various areas of postcolonial literature including the work of wilson harris the ground-breaking writer to whom the influential university teacher and literary critic hena maes– jelinek devoted much of her career april 2017 hardback approx 170 pp 24 illus 4 maps isbn 9789004339187 price € 88 us 102 e-isbn 9789004339194 e-price € 88 us 102 islamic literatures texts and studies 02 mythology and diplomacy in the age of exploration sheikh ahmadu bamba selected poems adam knobler ruhr university bochum edited with an introduction commentary and notes by sana camara truman state university in this work adam knobler demonstrates the intimate connection between medieval mythologies of the non-western world and early modern european imperial expansion to africa asia and the americas while in exile in gabon 1895–1902 sheikh ahmadu bamba marked a historic moment with his poetry of resilience pivotal to the cultural and religious transformation of the murīds of senegal the qaṣāʾid poems included in this annotated edition reveal a unifying poetic purpose and exemplify Ṣūfī literary traditions in subject matter form and versification july 2017 hardback 535 pp isbn 9789004282322 price € 165 us 190 e-isbn 9789004324695 e-price € 165 us 190 jesuit studies 10 october 2016 hardback xii 352 pp isbn 9789004319134 price € 139 us 167 e-isbn 9789004321199 e-price € 139 us 167 legal history library studies in the history of international law 20/8 imprint brill nijhoff the archaeology of the jesuit missions in ethiopia 1557–1632 the acquisition of africa 1870-1914 víctor m fernández jorge de torres andreu martínez d’alòsmoner and carlos cañete mieke van der linden max planck institute of comparative public law and international law this book presents an archaeological and architectonic study of the 17th century jesuit constructions in ethiopia which played an important role in the missionary activity its comprehensive study gathers and preserves the splendor of these endangered ruins for future generations in the ‘scramble for africa’ during the age of new imperialism 1870-1914 european states and non-state actors mainly used treaties to acquire territory the question is raised whether europeans did or did not on a systematic scale breach these treaties in their expansion of empire february 2017 hardback x 306 pp isbn 9789004341081 price € 124 us 143 e-isbn 9789004341258 e-price € 124 us 143 studies of religion in africa 46 an ethnography of a vodu shrine in southern togo of spirit slave and sea eric montgomery wayne state university and christian vannier university of michigan-flint this book offers an ethnography of the beliefs and practices of vodu as they relate to daily life in an ethnic ewe fishing community on the coast of southern togo the nature of international law july 2017 paperback isbn 9789004308381 price € 72 us 100 e-isbn 9789004332218 e-price € 72 us 100 value inquiry book series african american philosophy 300 imprint brill rodopi philosophy of religion and the african american experience conversations with my christian friends john h mcclendon iii michigan state university african american theologians tend not to find philosophy as a meaningful tool to advance their theological positions african americans and christianity offers an engaging and thorough bridge between african american theology and philosophy of religion may 2017 hardback xiv 304 pp isbn 9789004340169 price € 89 us 103 e-isbn 9789004341265 e-price € 89 us 103 studies in the history and society of the maghrib 9 droit musulman et société au sahara prémoderne la justice islamique dans les oasis du grand touat algérie aux xviie – xixe siècles ismail warscheid centre national de la recherche scientifique paris in droit musulman et société au sahara prémoderne ismail warscheid investigates the practice of islamic law in the oasis of tuwāt in southern algeria between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries march 2017 hardback approx 340 pp with 4 ills isbn 9789004306912 price € 129 us 149 e-price € 129 us 149 e-isbn 9789004342200 women and gender the middle east and the islamic world 15 women judges in the muslim world a comparative study of discourse and practice edited by nadia sonneveld radboud university and monika lindbekk university of oslo women judges in the muslim world a comparative study of discourse and practice offers a socio-legal account of public debates and judicial practices surrounding the performance of women as judges in eight muslim-majority countries.