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online resources art sales catalogues online online access to complete sales catalogues from 1600-1900 art his tory the art sales catalogues online asco publication offers easy access to complete historical art sales catalogues for the period 1600 to 1900 lugt’s répertoire online database has been included in this publication and serves as the “entrance gate” to the catalogues b ri ll catalog 2017 2 the earliest art sales catalogues also known as auction catalogues appeared in the early 17th century as simple leaflets over time the catalogues grew into extensive richly-illustrated publications the catalogues are intriguing not only from the point of view of art history but also provide glimpses into the economic and sociological climate of the time more information on lugt’s répertoire online edited by frits lugt arkyves online reference tool for the history of culture hans brandhorst and etienne posthumus frits lugt’s répertoire is

online resources more information on history of modern russian and ukrainian art online monographs and serials 1907-1930 advisor: charlotte douglas, new york university art his tory the collection documents the history of modern russian and ukrainian art it encompasses critical literature illustrated books and art periodicals the collection contains texts by such artists as wassily kandinsky pavel filonov kazimir malevich and anatolii petrytskyi publications of art groups such as the jack of diamonds bubnovyi valet and màkovets theoretical tracts by nikolai tarabukin and boris kushner and books by well-known critics such as iakov tugendkhol’d erikh gollerbakh and nikolai punin the collection also offers a selection of early 20th century art-related serials these historical sources of pre and post-revolutionary art reflect the diversity of artistic thought in the first thirty years of the 20th century the intense discussions about the nature of the new art its

asian art more information on se ries photography in asia edited by claire roberts university of melbourne and karen fraser university of san fransisco art his tory photography in asia is a peer reviewed book series dedicated to original scholarship on the history of photography in asia ranging from the appearance of the first daguerrotypes in the 19th century to contemporary photography call for manuscripts you may send your proposals for the photography in asia book series to inge klompmakers acquisitions editor asian art and visual culture at issn 2405-7800 b ri ll catalog 2017 10 winner of the 2nd professor josef kreiner hosei university award · december 2015 · hardback 384 pp 165 illus · isbn 9789004289321 · price eur 103 us 128 · e-isbn 9789004300804 · e-price eur 103 us 128 · photography in asia 1 a career of japan baron raimund von stillfried and early yokohama photography luke gartlan a career of japan is

european art more information on se rie s series netherlands yearbook for history of art nederlands kunsthistorisch jaarboek h perry chapman eric jorink eveline koolhaas-grosfeld ann-sophie lehmann dulcia meijers bart ramakers frits scholten thijs weststeijn joanna woodall the netherlands yearbook for history of art/nederlands kunsthistorisch jaarboek nkj is a publication of the foundation for dutch art historical publications stichting nederlandse kunsthistorische publicaties and brill founded in 1947 the nkj is a peer-reviewed annual which has established an international reputation for publishing outstanding articles that reflect the variety and diversity of approaches to the study of netherlandish art and culture the nkj aims to foster traditional art historical scholarship and to open up the field to innovative cross disciplinary developments the nkj is ranked in the european reference index for the humanities erih as an international 1 int1 journal and is listed in

european art more information on · november 2016 · hardback 244 pages full  color 32 images · isbn 9789004332140 · price eur 118 us 142 · e-isbn 9789004332157 · e-price eur 104 us 125 · brill’s studies in intellectual   history brill’s studies   on art art history and   intellectual history 261/16 the sibyl series of the fifteenth century robin raybould · march 2016 · hardback xx 244 pp · isbn 9789004313620 · price eur 110 us 142 · e-isbn 9789004313637 · e-price eur 110 us 142 · brill’s studies in intellectual   history brill’s studies   on art art history and   intellectual history 254/14 exuberant apotheoses michelangelo in the new italian frescoes in the holy millennium conversations about artistic roman empire visual culture and princely power in the age of enlightenment practice patronage and christianity daniel fulco tamara smithers in exuberant

european art more information on se ries · august 2015 · hardback xxx 248   pp with 125 full colour   illustrations large format   215 x 289 mm quarto · isbn 9789004269682 · price eur 150 us 194 · e-isbn 9789004290112 · e-price eur 150 us 194 · library of the written word   library word the   handpress world 41 library of the written word the library of the written word is an international peer-reviewed book series that publishes monographs edited volumes source materials and bibliographies on a variety of subjects related to the history of the book magazines and newspapers the series consists of three subseries each one covering a particular period the manuscript world the handpress world and the industrial world issn 1874-4834 history techniques functions and receptions edited by ad stijnman and elizabeth savage art periodical culture in late imperial russia 18981917 print modernism in transition hanna chuchvaha

middle eastern art · july 2016 · hardback xviii 473 pp · isbn 9789004324008 · price eur 185 us 222 · e-isbn 9789004324015 · e-price eur 168 us 202 · culture and history of the   ancient near east 83 les représentations architecturales dans l’iconographie néoassyrienne · september 2016 · hardback v.1 x 224 pp   v.2 vi 212 pp · isbn 9789004325524 · price eur 185 us 222 · e-isbn 9789004325555 · e-price eur 168 us 202 · harvard egyptological   studies 2 nefertiti’s sun temple 2 vols a new cult complex at tell elamarna · november 2016 · hardback viii 532 pp · isbn 9789004329577 · price eur 180 us 210 · e-isbn 9789004334601 · e-price eur 175 us 210 · heritage and identity 5 syria’s monuments their survival and destruction michael greenhalgh jacquelyn williamson nicolas gillmann art his tory more information on in architectural representations in the neo assyrian

miscellaneous more information on new series · february 2016 · hardback approx 345   pp 40 ill · isbn 9789004302594 · price eur 126 us 163 · e-isbn 9789004312074 · e-price eur 126 us 163 · experimental practices 1 · imprint brill rodopi narrating life – experiments with human and animal bodies in literature science and art art his tory edited by stefan herbrechter coventry university and heidelberg university and elisabeth friis lund univers how is the relationship between literature science and the arts informed by the process of narrating life and how do literature science and the arts affect and are affected by the emergence of a critical culture of biopolitics and its rhetorical figurations · january 2017 · hardback approx 700 pp   with 820 illustrations · isbn 9789004338029 · price eur 175 us 201 · explokart studies in the   history of cartography 17 · imprint brill hes de   graaf ·

journals more information on new journal experiment a journal of russian culture editor-in-chief john e bowlt university of southern california images a journal of jewish art and visual culture editor-in-chief gabriel p weisberg university of minnesota edited by steven fine margaret olin and maya balakirsky katz selection of abstracting indexing emerging sources citation index web of science erih plus current abstracts toc premier selection of abstracting indexing art architecture index articlefirst current abstracts electronic collections online emerging sources citation index web of science erih plus scopus toc premier • • 2017 volume 23 in 1 issue • issn 1084-4945 e-issn 2211-730x • institutional subscription rates electronic only eur 194 us 245 print only eur 213 us 270 electronic print eur 233 us 294 • individual subscription rates print or electronic only eur 72 us 91 • • 2017 volume 10 in

authors index 9 20 27 in medieval culture 21 tramelli b giovanni paolo lomazzo’s trattato dell’arte della pittura color perspective and anatomy 11 uhlenbeck c newland a and de vries m waves of renewal modern japanese prints 1900 to 1960 selections from the nihon no hanga collection amsterdam 28 van duzer c and dines i apocalyptic cartography thematic maps and the end of the world in a fifteenthcentury manuscript 14 van ginhoven s connecting art markets guilliam forchondt’s dealership in antwerp c.1632–78 and the overseas paintings trade 19 verhoeven g webb d ed europe within reach netherlandish travellers on the grand tour and beyond 1585-1750 8 walley a constructing the dharma king the hōryūji shaka triad and the birth of the prince shōtoku cult 27 ward j.m the forgotten film adaptations of d.h lawrence’s short stories 13 weststeijn t jorink e and scholten f eds netherlands yearbook for history of art nederlands kunsthistorisch