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online resources vki e-book collection vols 1-100 as ian stud ies edited by rosemarijn höfte kitlv leiden and henk schulte nordholt kitlv leiden b ri ll catalog 2017 2 the vki e-book collection vols 1-100 offers the first 100 volumes of the renowned book series the “verhandelingen” or vki in open access vki is the longest running series of monographs and edited volumes on the humanities and social sciences of southeast asia to date almost 300 volumes have been published by internationally renowned scholars its publications include classics in the field as well as cutting-edge modern scholarship informed by theoretical debates the volumes have a strong empirical orientation thus providing the series with a lasting relevance the 100 volumes are available free of charge under a cc-by-nc license on the brillonline books and journals platform the titles are clustered as vki e-book collection vols 1-100 customers may purchase a personal paperback for 25 eur/25 usd via

online resources encyclopaedia of islam online encyclopaedia islamica online winner of the 2016 choice outstanding academic title award edited by wilferd madelung and farhad daftary as ian stud ies encyclopaedia of islam online ei online consists of both the second edition “ei2” and the third edition “ei3” the first edition “ei1” and the french edition encyclopédie de l’islam are separate products ei3 is a work in progress publication of which started in 2007 the search engine for ei online automatically searches all editions ei1 ei2 ei3 and ei-french and offers the most recent results first in the list of hits encyclopaedia of islam three 2007 edited by kate fleet gudrun krämer denis matringe john nawas and everett rowson the third edition of brill’s encyclopaedia of islam is an entirely new work with new articles reflecting the great diversity of current scholarship it will appear in four substantial segments each year both

china more information on se ries as ian stud ies chinese research perspectives b ri ll catalog 2017 14 chinese research perspectives are the new generation of the chinese academy of social sciences yearbooks as before the focus will be on the six research areas of the cass yearbooks economy education environment law population and labor and society the new volumes will no longer be strictly organized on an annual basis rather the selection of contributions will cover developments in china of particular interest to a western non-chinese speaking audience and will occasionally differ from the chineselanguage yearbooks the volumes will continue to provide western readers with firsthand insights into the discussions of china’s top scholars on contemporary issues in their country issn 2212-5876 · september 2016 · hardback xiv 302 pp · isbn 9789004324596 price € 165 us 190 · e-isbn 9789004324602 · chinese research   perspectives

china more information on · may 2017 · paperback · isbn 9789004336896 price € 68 us 103 · e-isbn 9789004342811 · global pentecostal and   charismatic studies 22 · june 2016 · hardback x 376 pp · isbn 9789004290181 price € 140 us 168 · e-isbn 9789004322493 · historical studies of   contemporary china 2 global chinese pentecostal agricultural reform and and charismatic rural transformation in christianity china since 1949 fenggang yang purdue university joy k c tong wheaton college and allan h anderson university of birmingham edited by thomas dubois australian national university and huaiyin li the university of texas at austin · march 2015 · isbn 978 90 04 29264 2 · hardback xiv 320 pp · list price eur 143   us 163.· sinica leidensia 120 memory fluid identity and the politics of remembering the representations of the chinese cultural revolution in englishspeaking countries as ian stud ies li

south asia more information on se ries brill’s indological library edited by johannes bronkhorst university of lausanne as ian stud ies brill’s indological library is concerned with the languages history and native cultures of south asia subjects include hinduism indian buddhism jainism sikhism political social and economic history philosophy literature languages native science performing art law the state foreign relations and manifestations of the indian radiance or presence abroad et cetera the series includes monographs on substantial subjects thematic collections of articles text editions and translations the volumes are in english issn 0925-2916 · april 2017 · hardback approx 220  pp · isbn 9789004251885 price € 99 us 115 · e-isbn 9789004341579 · brill’s indological library  51 urdu and indo-persian thought poetics and belles lettres edited by alireza korangy urdu and indo-persian thought poetics

inner asia more information on now in paperback · june 2016 · hardback xiii 368 pp · isbn 9789004319264 price € 135 us 175 · e-isbn 9789004319295 · islamic history and   civilization 130 the iranian reception of islam the nontraditionalist strands freethinkers of medieval islam patricia crone institute for advanced study princeton edited by hanna siurua sarah stroumsa patricia crone’s collected studies in three volumes brings together a number of her published unpublished and revised articles the present volume examines the reception of pre-islamic legacies in islam above all that of the iranians in this book the development of islamic freethinking is analyzed against the background of the significance of prophets in islam the author examines the image of freethinkers and the repercussions of freethinking on muslim jewish and christian medieval thought collected studies in three volumes volume 2 as ian stud ies · march 2016 ·

asia more information on · january 2017 · hardback x 443 · isbn 9789004322370 price € 165 us 198 · e-isbn 9789004337091 · studies in critical social   sciences 102 labour markets identities controversies reviews and essays 1982-2016 the reviews review essays and essays collected in this book examine the shift of development studies debate about labour markets and identity from the third world to how they affect metropolitan capitalist nations · may 2016 · paperback xiv 352 pp · isbn 9789004315440 price € 114 us 137 · e-isbn 9789004320239 · social sciences in asia 40 a global history of consumer co-operation since 1850 religion place and modernity edited by mary hilson aarhus university silke neunsinger swedish labour movement archives and library and greg patmore the university of sydney edited by michael dickhardt and andrea lauser georg-augustuniversity göttingen with contributions from over 30 scholars a global

journals more information on as ian stud ies new b ri ll catalog 2017 44 chinese journal of environmental law the chinese journal of global governance editors-in-chief qin tianbao wuhan university and ben boer wuhan university and university of sydney qingjiang kong china university of political science and law the chinese journal of environmental law cjel publishes international comparative and national research and reviews concerned with environmental law and policy while cjel presents leading work from or concerned with china other asian regions and the developing world at large the journal’s geographic coverage is unlimited and its scope is intentionally broad it encompasses diverse areas of international regional and national environmental law including biodiversity law climate change law energy law environmental assessment marine environmental law natural resources law planning law and pollution law as well as institutional developments such as environmental

journals journal of chinese overseas chief editors liu hong nanyang technological university and zhou min nanyang technological university more information on journal of the economic and social history of the orient journal d’histoire economique et sociale de l’orient as ian stud ies edited by paolo sartori austrian academy of sciences b ri ll catalog 2017 50 this cross-disciplinary journal publishes research articles reports and book reviews on chinese overseas throughout the world and the communities from which they trace their origins moving across regions and disciplines the journal will examine chineseness in its many diverse settings with a board of editors drawn from fields as diverse as history anthropology sociology geography cultural studies and political science the journal will contribute to transnational studies as well as the study of chinese communities in specific national settings jesho journal of the economic and social history of the orient

journals social sciences and missions sciences sociales et missions as ian stud ies edited by eric morier-genoud queen’s university belfast wendy urban-mead bard college and yannick fer cnrs b ri ll catalog 2017 56 more information on translocal chinese east asian perspectives editor-in-chief hsu jung-chung richard socs university of taipei executive editors douw leo university of amsterdam kuo huei-ying johns hopkins university and liang iping national taiwan normal university managing editor tsai charlene national taiwan normal university the peer-reviewed journal social sciences and missions sciences sociales et missions provides a forum for exploration of the social and political influence of christian missions worldwide the journal does not aim at studying missions for themselves but rather as “total social facts” an idiom which history anthropology sociology or political science can use to analyse reality and give it meaning christian missions

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