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paperback african studies 4 land reform revisited democracy state making and agrarian transformation in post-apartheid south africa edited by femke brandt university of johannesburg and grasian mkodzongi sam moyo african institute for agrarian studies zimbabwe forthcoming publications land reform revisited engages with contemporary debates on land reform and agrarian transformation in south africa the volume offers insights into post-apartheid transformation dynamics through the lens of agency and state making the chapters written by emerging scholars are based on extensive qualitative research and their analysis highlights the ways in which people negotiate and contest land reform realities and politics by focusing on the diverse meanings of land and competing interpretations of what constitutes success and failure in land reform brandt and mkodzongi insist on looking beyond the productivity discourses guiding research and policy making in the field towards an informed view from

wolf totem and the post-mao utopian histoire multiple d’un lieu commun marc tiefenauer university of lausanne li xiaojiang shaanxi normal university translated by edward mansfield gunn jr columbia university violence periodization and definition of the cultural revolution a case study of two deaths by the red guards joshua zhang texas attorney general’s office and james d wright university of central florida in les enfers indiens marc tiefenauer explores the history of representations of hell in india from the first literary sources until today this book relates two incidents in a massive social injustice and attempts to understand the cultural revolution within the framework of modern social movement theory sources of violence what was it and when did it begin and end r e a de rship readers interested in modern chinese literature comparative literature maoist china and contemporary china readershi p all interested in the history of religions in south

book history and cartography 18 johann froben printer of basel a biographical profile and catalogue of his editions valentina sebastiani herzog august bibliothek forthcoming publications in johann froben printer of basel valentina sebastiani offers a comprehensive account of the life and printing production of froben a major representative of early modern europe’s most refined printing traditions some five centuries after they first appeared in print sebastiani provides a bibliography of the 329 froben editions published in basel between 1491 and 1527 including an analysis of some 2,500 copies held in more than twenty five libraries worldwide listing the paratextual and visual elements that distinguish froben’s books as well as economic technical and editorial details related to their production and distribution sebastiani’s study sheds new light on froben’s family and career his involvement in the editing and publication of erasmus’s works and the

bibliography of the exact sciences in the low countries from ca 1470 to the golden age 1700 k hoogendoorn hugo grotius a lifelong struggle for peace in church and state 1583 – 1645 henk nellen huygens institute acta conventus neo-latini vindobonensis proceedings of the sixteenth international congress of neolatin studies vienna 2015 general editors astrid steinerweber and franz römer history this biography offers a detailed portrait of the famous humanist scholar hugo grotius 1583-1645 jurist politician neo-latin poet and christian apologist on the basis of his voluminous correspondence r e ad ership scholars and researchers in the history of science antiquarian booksellers and auctioneers as well as all those interested in bibliography and book history and the history of the northern and southern netherlands readership all those interested in seventeenth-century history of politics religion and scholarly life january 2018 hardback l 1373 pp isbn 9789004297944 price

prince pen and sword eurasian perspectives maaike van berkel radboud university and jeroen duindam university of leiden labourers in the vineyard of the lord scholarship and the making of the king james version of the bible mordechai feingold california institute of technology sensibilities of the risorgimento reason and passions in political thought roberto romani university of teramo history 32 forthcoming publications a synoptic interpretation of the rulers and elites in eurasia from the fourteenth to the eighteenth century utilizing a wide range of sources the volume furnishes precious new information regarding the composition and early reception of the king james bible and situates the masterpiece within the broad context of early modern scholarship and polemics roberto romani tackles the moral and religious core of italian political culture in the years of patriotic struggle 1815-1861 r e ade r s hip all interested in the early modern global and comparative history of kingdoms

international l aw and human rights 38 legal education in asia from imitation to innovation andrew harding monash university jiaxiang hu edinburgh university maartje de visser tilburg university forthcoming publications legal education systems like legal systems themselves were framed across asia without exception according to foreign models these reflect the vestiges of colonialism and can be said to amount to imitating the style and purposes of legal education typical in western and relatively “pure” common law and civilian systems today however we see asian legal education coming into its own and be ginning to accept responsibility for designing curricula and approaches that fit the region’s particular needs this book explores how conventional “transplanted” approaches as regards program design as well as modes of teaching are or are on the cusp of being reimagined and discerns emerging homegrown traces of innovation replacing imitation in countries

paperback sean d murphy international investment law and arbitration history modern practice and future prospects ian a laird crowel moring llp borzu sabahi curtis mallet-prevost cols and mosle llp and giovanna e gismondi georgetown university international investment law and arbitration history modern practice and future prospects explores international law on foreign investment its creation functioning and evolution edited by the european centre for minority issues the european academy bozen/bolzano the european yearbook of minority issues provides a critical and timely review of contemporary developments in minoritymajority relations in europe it combines analysis commentary and documentation in relation to conflict management international legal developments and domestic legislation affecting minorities in europe readership all interested in the history evolution and current developments in international investment law law students post graduates institutes and specialists will

language and linguistics 52 creolization and pidginization in contexts of postcolonial diversity the semantics of verbal categories in nakhdaghestanian languages edited by jacqueline knörr max planck institute for social anthropology wilson trajano filho university of brasilia edited by diana forker university of jena timur maisak russian academy of sciences language culture identity tense aspect evidentiality mood and modality path and manner saliency in polish in contrast with russian a cognitive linguistic study joanna Łozińska university of warmia and mazury poland forthcoming publications creolization and pidginization are conceptualized and investigated as specific social processes in the course of which new common languages socio-cultural practices and identifications are developed in contexts of postcolonial diversity shaped by distinct social historical and local conditions this book explores the semantics of tense aspect modality and evidentiality in the north-east

paperback metaphysics or ontology physics it becomes something other than metaphysics—ontology or something beyond ontology however ontology cannot examine existence because it only investigates concepts and possibility only classical metaphysics investigates reality qua reality this book masterfully treats the history of this controversy and many other important metaphysical questions raised over the centuries readership all scholars or philosophers in metaphysics or ontology as well as thomism platonism neoplatonism or theology february 2018 paperback isbn 9789004358256 price € 85 us 99 e-isbn 9789004359871 e-price € 225 us 259 value inquiry book series gilson studies 311 imprint brill rodopi 59 forthcoming publications metaphysics or ontology treats the evolution of the object of metaphysics from being to the concept of being to finally the object thought possible being must be non-contradictory but an object of thought includes anything a human being can

religious studies 66 the secular religion of franklin merrell-wolff an intellectual history of anti-intellectualism in modern america dave vliegenthart tilburg university forthcoming publications in the secular religion of franklin merrell-wolff an intellectual history of anti-intellectualism in modern america dave vliegenthart offers an account of the life and teachings of the modern american mystic franklin merrell-wolff 1887–1985 who combined secular and religious sources from eastern and western traditions in order to elaborate and legitimate his metaphysical claim to the realization of a transcendental reality beyond reason using merrell-wolff as a typical example of a modern western guru vliegenthart investigates the larger sociological and historical context of the ongoing grand narrative that asserts a widespread anti-intellectualism in modern american culture exploring developments in religious philosophical and psychological discourses in north america from 1800

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