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paperback a decade of ethiopia a decade of nigeria jon abbink african studies centre leiden and vu university amsterdam heinrich bergstresser politics economy and society 2004-2016 african studies 4 paperback politics economy and society 2004-2015 droit musulman et société au sahara prémoderne la justice islamique dans les oasis du grand touat algérie aux xviie – xixe siècles ismail warscheid centre national de la recherche scientifique paris forthcoming publ icat ions this chronology for 2006 to 2015 compiles the chapters on ethiopia previously published in the africa yearbook politics economy and society south of the sahara this chronology for 2004 to 2015 compiles the chapters on nigeria previously published in the africa yearbook politics economy and society south of the sahara dans droit musulman et société au sahara prémoderne ismail warscheid reconstitue la pratique du droit musulman dans les oasis du grand touat en algérie entre le xviie et le

cover available soon engaging banality mutual perceptions and images in japanesegerman relations 1860-2010 parody irony and ideology in the fiction of ihara saikaku engaging banality presents three stories that earned japanese writer kuroi senji critical acclaim trenchant critiques of corporate japan “hole and sky” time and running family are preceded by a critical introduction that explicates their relevance to japan’s high-speed growth period this volume examines the mutual images formed between japan and germany from the midnineteenth to early twenty-first centuries exploring previously untapped historical sources the contributions by seventeen leading scholars create a more nuanced picture of japanesegerman relations the first monograph published in english on ihara saikaku’s fiction gundry’s lucid compelling study examines works by edo-period japan’s leading writer of ‘floating world’ literature both in their local context and

bi bl ic al studi es and e arly chr ist i an i t y 20 the origin and meaning of ekklēsia in the early jesus movement forthcoming publ icat ions edited by elizabeth lapina university of wisconsin – madison and nicholas morton nottingham trent university the way of lovers the oxford anonymous commentary on the song of songs bodleian library ms opp 625 in the origin and meaning of ekklēsia in the early jesus movement ralph j korner examines the use of ekklēsia in the context of greco-roman and jewish associations greek imperial poleis roman imperial ideology and early jewish and christ-follower literary works the uses of the bible in crusader sources seeks to understand the ideology and spirituality of crusading by exploring the biblical imagery and exegetical interpretations that were woven together to form its philosophical basis this volume provides an edition translation and extensive study of a unique anonymous medieval peshat commentary on song of songs emanating

faith and fraternity london livery companies and the reformation 1510-1603 responses to religious division c 1580-1620 natasha constantinidou laura branch dutch and flemish newspapers of the seventeenth century 2 vols arthur der weduwens history in responses to religious division c 1580-1620 natasha constantinidou considers the views articulated by the scholars pierre charron justus lipsius paolo sarpi and james vi and i in reaction to the impact of the religious wars in dutch and flemish newspapers of the seventeenth century arthur der weduwen presents the first comprehensive account of the early newspaper in the low countries composed of detailed introductions and extensive bibliographical descriptions reader shi p all interested in the re a dershi p all interested in re adersh i p scholars students • june 2017 • hardback xii 270 pp • isbn 978 90 04 33069 6 list price eur 110 us 127 • e-isbn 978 90 04 33070 2 e-price eur 100 us 116 • catholic

a global history of consumer co-operation since 1850 movements and businesses reader shi p all interested in the co-operative movement both within education and the co-operative movement also all with an interest in global histories of consumption retailing trade and social movements • may 2017 • hardback • isbn 978 90 04 33654 4 list price eur 199 us 229 • e-isbn 978 90 04 33655 1 e-price eur 180 us 208 • studies in global social history 28 35 forthcoming publ icat ions with contributions from over 30 scholars a global history of consumer co-operation surveys the origins and development of the consumer co-operative movement throughout the world from the mid-nineteenth century until the present day history edited by mary hilson aarhus university silke neunsinger swedish labour movement archives and library and greg patmore the university of

internat ional l aw and human r ights 42 military ethics and leadership edited by peter olsthoorn netherlands defence academy promoting equity cooperation and innovation in the fields of transboundary waters and natural resources management the legacy of dr david j.h phillips international law of sharks obstacles options and opportunities erika techera university of western australia and natalie klein macquarie university edited by stephen c mccaffrey mcgeorge school of law et al forthcoming publ icat ions the edited volume military ethics and leadership explains how good leadership can keep soldiers from crossing the thin line between legitimate force and excessive violence promoting equity cooperation and innovation in the fields of transboundary waters and natural resources management offers publications and essays by colleagues around the world on the prolific work and scientific contribution of dr david j.h phillips giving insight into a remarkable and ingenious scientist who

language and linguistics 50 a grammar of nungon the semantics of glory hannah s sarvasy australian national university marilyn e burton a papuan language of northeast new guinea a cognitive corpus-based approach to hebrew word meaning die biblisch-hebräische partikel ָ ‫אנ‬ im lichte der antiken bibelübersetzungen unter besonderer berücksichtigung ihrer vermuteten höflichkeitsfunktion peter juhás forthcoming publ icat ions a grammar of nungon is the comprehensive reference grammar of nungon a previouslyundescribed papuan language of northeast papua new guinea hannah sarvasy provides a rich description of the language in its cultural context based on original immersion fieldwork in the semantics of glory marilyn burton offers a new model for a cognitive semantic approach to ancient languages and in particular classical hebrew demonstrating this model through its application to the semantic domain of the term “glory” in classical hebrew in

l i ter ature and cultur al studies 58 the fiction of robin jenkins forthcoming publ icat ions displacement memory and travel in contemporary migrant writing song acts the fiction of robin jenkins is the first ever study of jenkins described by andrew marr as ‘the best-kept secret in british literature’ it includes essays examining jenkins’s entire corpus by an established number of experts this book examines contemporary literary representations of global mobility it pays particular attention to refugee writing and displacement migration and memory and new european identities and revises the field of postcolonial studies this volume collects twenty of lawrence kramer’s seminal writings some significantly revised for republication on art song especially lieder opera and word-music relationships topics include text-setting subjectivity the sublime mourning sexuality decadence orientalism the body romanticism modernity and cultural change r e a de r ship all

interpreting the qurʾān in 17th century aceh peter g riddell melbourne school of theology and soas university of london universal science an introduction to islamic metaphysics mehdī Ḥāʾirī yazdī translated by john cooper edited and introduced by saiyad nizamuddin ahmad shi’ah institute london the universal science ilm-i kullī by mehdi Ḥaʾiri yazdī is a concise and authoritative introduction to the fundamental discussions in islamic metaphysics this short work offers an accessible lucid and deeply learned guide through the ‘living tradition’ of shīʿī philosophy reader shi p academic librar re a dershi p this volume will • may 2017 • hardback approx 269 pp 15 tables • isbn 9789004339491 price € 95 us 109 • e-isbn 9789004341326 • texts and studies on the qurʾān 12 • april 2017 • hardback xii 204 pp • isbn 9789004343023 price € 75 us 86 • e-isbn

mobilizing public sociology edited by victoria carty chapman university and rafael luévano chapman university marxism and criminology adrián sotelo valencia national autonomous university of mexico unam mexico city valeria vegh weis new york university dependency theory in the thought of ruy mauro marini a history of criminal selectivity sub-imperialism revisited is a theoretically rigorous study by the brilliant mexican analyst adrián sotelo valencia sotelo systematically explores the “subimperialism” thesis as advanced in the pioneering work of ruy mauro marini readers will appreciate why radical dependency theory remains more relevant today than ever in criminology and marxism a history of criminal selectivity valeria vegh weis rehabilitates the contributions and the methodology of marx and engels to analyse crime and punishment through capitalism 15th century to the present in europe and the united states reader shi p all interested in re a dershi p this book

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