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cover available soon engaging banality mutual perceptions and images in japanesegerman relations 1860-2010 parody irony and ideology in the fiction of ihara saikaku engaging banality presents three stories that earned japanese writer kuroi senji critical acclaim trenchant critiques of corporate japan “hole and sky” time and running family are preceded by a critical introduction that explicates their relevance to japan’s high-speed growth period this volume examines the mutual images formed between japan and germany from the midnineteenth to early twenty-first centuries exploring previously untapped historical sources the contributions by seventeen leading scholars create a more nuanced picture of japanesegerman relations the first monograph published in english on ihara saikaku’s fiction gundry’s lucid compelling study examines works by edo-period japan’s leading writer of ‘floating world’ literature both in their local context and as part of transnational trends in early bourgeois narrative r e a de r ship an annotated re a dershi p all interested in the re adersh i p anyone interested • june 2017 • hardback approx 160 pp • isbn 978 90 04 33960 6 list price eur 79 us 94 • e-isbn 978 90 04 34468 6 e-price eur 79 us 94 • june 2017 • hardback approx.300 pp • isbn 978 90 04 34541 6 list price eur 109 us 126 • e-isbn 978 90 04 34542 3 e-price eur 98 us 113 • brill’s japanese studies library 59 • june 2017 • hardback approx.250 pp • isbn 978 90 04 34305 4 list price eur 99 us 114 • e-isbn 978 90 04 34431 0 e-price eur 89 us 103 • brill’s japanese studies library 58 stories of the salaried life by kuroi senji asian studies 12 kuori senji translated by peter tillack forthcoming publ icat ions translation of notable works by a revered japanese author it will be of interest to scholars and teachers of japanese and world literature as well as general readers edited by sven saaler sophia university,tōkyō kudō akira university of tokyo and tajima nobuo seijō university tokyo history of international relations and japanese-german relations in particular as well as anyone interested in the role of national images and stereotypes david j gundry university of california davis in japanese cultural history the tokugawa edo period samurai comparative and japanese literature parody bourgeois fiction early modern studies buddhist studies or the history of sexuality.